Season 3 Episode 2

Hate Among the Uchihas: The Last of the Clan!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 28, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • The battle between sasuke and itachi continues!

    The battle between brother versus brother continues.Sasuke continues fighting itachi,but every time he tried to hit him itachi reversed it.Naruto wanted to help sasuke but sasuke wanted to fight itachi himself so he can avenge his clan.But jaraiya came in and wanted sasuke to fight itachi so he let him.But itachi was still stronger than him,sasuke was still not strong enough for itachi yet.Itachi kept on beating sasuke.But naruto could'nt stand it no more so he ran to itachi.Kisame went after naruto,but jaraiya did some jutsu that trapped eveyone inside,but he found a way to get out of it.and ran.