Season 3 Episode 2

Hate Among the Uchihas: The Last of the Clan!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 28, 2007 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Gai: There's nothing worse that seeing your student fall in battle. It's like losing little pieces of your soul. What we need is a supreme medical specialist, a master of healing arts, and soon.
      Jiraiya: You're right, and the woman that you're talking about is the one we've come to find.

    • Jiraiya: (Thinking) How did they do it? What did they use to escape? And these black flames, to burn through the Stone Toad when it has the ability to spit fire itself, that is strong jutsu indeed.

    • Sasuke: The only one that's going to eliminate me!

    • Itachi: Naruto is the prize that the Akatsuki are after, and we will have him.

    • Itachi: Go away. You do not interest me at the moment.
      Sasuke: Well, get interested!

    • Itachi: You're weak! You don't have enough hatred. And you know what else? You never will!

    • (During the preview for the next episode)
      Naruto: It's like hanging out with your mom!

    • Sasuke: Dont interfere...
      (Sasuke struggles to stand up)
      Sasuke: The one who's going to kill me!!!

      ~Japanese version

    • Kisame: Poor kid. You're not holding back on him at all are you?

      ~Japanese version

    • Itachi: You're weak! Why are you so weak? Perhaps, you lack hatred!

      ~Japanese version

  • Notes

    • YTV Airdate: June 15, 2007

    • Original Airdate: May 26, 2004

    • Original Episode Title: Foolish Little Brother: Despise Me, Hate Me!
      Romaji Episode Title: Orakanaru Ototo Yo Urame, Nikume!
      Kanji Episode Title: 愚かなる弟よ 恨め、憎め!

    • Jiraiya had to use "Fuuninjustsu Fuukahouin" meaning "Sealing Technique, Fire Suppressor"; to get rid of the black flames created by Itachi. This was after Itachi used "Amaterasu" to escape Jiraiya's Frog Stomach summoning technique.

    • First appearance of Shizune (though she isn't named in the Japanese version, but named in the English dub), Ton-Ton, and Tsunade, although Tsunade isn't fully shown.

  • Allusions

    • Itachi: I was forced to use both Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu.

      In the Shinto myth, there is a moon god named Tsukiyomi and a sun goddess by the name of Amaterasu. If you look at the background that Itachi created in Sasuke's mind, there is a large red moon, alluding to the technique bearing the name of the moon god.

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