Season 8 Episode 2

Hidden Jutsu! The Price of the Ninja Art: Kujaku

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 05, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode starts with a woman singing while watching the stolen star. It then switches to the mask ninja carrying Sumaru. Naruto and Neji are just standing at the edge of Hell Ravine when Lee and Tenten arrive. Neji and Naruto tell Rock Lee and Tenten what happened and Neji says that they should split up.

Meanwhile at the house Mizura is getting worse. Naruto and Neji come in and are carrying the other ninja that got knocked by the masked ninja. Mizura is now sleeping it then switches to the masked ninja he's with three other star ninja and is revealed to be the substitute Hoshikage. They say that they will leave it to Naruto and co to deal with the real mask ninja that took the star.

It's back to Neji and he uses his Byakugan to look inside of Mizura and sees something strange. Mizura then wakes up and tries to walk but needs a bit of help. While Sumaru sleeping is in a coma he has a dream about talking to the 3rd Hoshikage and how he tells them his parents died by guarding the star. Then the person with the star puts on their mask and leaves their hiding spot.

It's back to Naruto and he is carving a walking stick. He attaches bells to it and Neji arrives. Neji tells Naruto that at this rate Mizura will die, he says that even while resting Mizura's chakra is increased to its limit. They are being listened to by the girl. She comes out and tells them it's because of the star training, and that's why the 3rd Hoshikage stopped the training. Naruto gets upset.

Akahoshi the substitute Hoshikage sends a dove with a message using a bit of his chakra so that a person called Natsuhi would recognize it at Hell's Ravine. The real masked ninja is shown to be a women and she's at Hatarubi grave to hide the star. She leaves and closes the entrance with a rock she then sees a bird with a piece of paper on its leg and recognizes its Akahoshi chakra. She then catches the bird.

Everyone is asleep while Mizura is awake. He looks at the walking stick Naruto made and remembers the time Naruto gave it to him. Neji, Rock Lee, Tenten and Naruto are all together talking about the star and the village but Neji says that they should get the star as it's their mission. Neji sends Lee and Tenten to do some more spying while he says that the chakra of the ninja that took the star is different from the one that took Sumaru, and tells the others there were two different ninja. Akahoshi is waiting at Hell's Ravine and the masked ninja arrives.

Akahoshi says that the masked ninja is called Natsuhi. They start fighting each other and as soon as Akahoshi starts losing, two star ninja appear on his command. He then tells them to go get the Konoha ninja. Neji is watching this with his Byakugan and sees the fight. The two star ninja appear and Neji and Naruto follow them to go help Akahoshi.

It's to Tenten and Lee, and they enter the building, they do some searching and find Sumaru in a coma. It's back to Akahoshi and Natsuhi and she say that the star training causes too much pain. It's to Naruto and he says he has a plan to beat the masked ninja. Naruto uses his Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and transforms into a rock in front of the masked ninja. He then does a surprise attack when he transforms back to normal and hits the ninja in the chin knocking the mask off the ninja's face revealing a woman. Akahoshi then attacks Naruto and the ninja, and they fall into the Hell's Ravine.