Season 8 Episode 2

Hidden Jutsu! The Price of the Ninja Art: Kujaku

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 05, 2008 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • Note that Rock Lee can cling to the ceiling, but that can only be possible by using ninjutsu with chakra, but from previous episodes we know that Rock Lee cannot use any genjutsu or ninjutsu.

  • Quotes

    • Tenten: (Looking in a room at Akahoshi's complex) It's been set up like a hospital room. I can see that there is somebody in the bed.
      Lee: But, who is it?
      Tenten: Wait, is that...?
      (The light flickers and shows his face)
      Lee: It is Sumaru!

    • (Tenten and Lee are hanging upside down looking into Lord Akahoshi's complex)
      Lee: There is no one here.
      Tenten: Their presence is very faint. They must have gone out a while ago.
      Lee: It seems an ideal opportunity to poke around.
      Tenten: Right.
      Lee: Ninja Art: Phantom Jutsu! (Disappears)
      Tenten: Huh? Lee? Since when did you know ninjutsu?
      Lee: (Opens door inside) All clear. Come on in Tenten, there is no one here.
      Tenten: What the...? That's not ninjutsu! Whaaa! (Falls to the floor)

    • Neji: The shinobi that took the star had a very different chakra from the one that took Sumaru.
      Naruto, Lee, and Tenten: What?!
      Tenten: So you mean...
      Neji: Yes, they're two different shinobi.
      Naruto: But, what does that mean?
      Neji: That this mission is more complicated than we thought.

    • Hokuto: The Third Hoshikage stopped the star training because it was proving far too dangerous for our people.
      Neji: But you're doing it again.
      Hokuto: That's because of Lord Akahoshi, our current leader. He decided to resume the star training six months ago.
      Naruto: But that's crazy! Someone has to make him stop!
      Hokuto: We were born and raised here! We don't fear the star training, we under go it proudly.
      Naruto: But why?
      Hokuto: We've been raised to believe there is no greater honor than to serve the village as a Hidden Star shinobi. For that, we would sacrifice anything, even our own lives.

    • Neji: Naruto.
      Naruto: Yeah, what's up?
      Neji: At this rate, Mizura won't make it. I sensed a disturbance in his chakra, so I looked into it. Even as he rests, his chakra is working at an alarming unsustainable rate. It's too much for his body to take, his systems will soon fail.
      Naruto: Are you serious?! His own chakra is gonna kill him?
      Neji: Without a doubt.
      Naruto: But how?
      Hokuto: (Shows herself after eavesdropping) It's because of the star training.

    • (Sumaru has a vision while unconscious)
      Third Hoshikage: Look up, Sumaru. Look up at the sky. There is a treasure that can be seen only from the Village Hidden in the Stars. If you would claim your shinobi birthright, then the village and the star are yours to defend. Be strong, just as your parents were. Make them proud of you.

    • Lee: (Sees the Star Village children unconscious) What happened to them?
      Neji: Our shinobi friend struck again.
      Lee: What? He came back?
      Naruto: Yep. And this time they took Sumaru.

    • Tenten: It's somehow...
      Lee: Suspicious, isn't it?

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: If it were to protect my village or my comrades, I'd also be in a hurry to become stronger.
      Neji: Yeah, that's true.

      ~Japanese version

    • Neji: At this rate, he'll be killed by his own chakra.
      Naruto: That can't be!
      Neji: There's no mistaking it.

      ~Japanese version

    • Hokuto: Mizura, be careful!
      Mizura: I'm fine on my own.

      ~Japanese version

    • Mizura: I can't sleep at a time like this.
      Neji: I understand how you feel, but you shouldn't push yourself.

      ~Japanese version

    • Lee: Sumaru was...
      Naruto: Yeah.
      Neji: Either way, helping them comes first.

      ~Japanese version

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