Episode 27

Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 04, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Naruto and his friends enter a contest to win a 7-day paid vacation. Just as it started, Naruto gets indigestion and needs to find a bathroom really bad. The first bathroom he runs into has a really long line, causing him to have no choice but to hold it in.
First is the race. It starts out as a three-man race, which due to his digestion, he runs really fast and heads to the bathroom, just to discover it's closed for cleaning. That's when he spots the girl's restroom, which is empty. Before he can run in, Hinata appears and holds him up. She was trying to tell him she loves him, but ended up wishing him luck for the contest.
Next up in the races is the Obstacle course. You see Naruto running at top speed and is forced to drink milk, which worsens his condition.
After that, Naruto remembers that there were some private bathrooms for the contestants, but Choji runs over and knocks them all down on accident. Ino, Shikamaru and Choji then pull him back to the contest so he can participate.
The next race is the giant ball rolling, which Naruto accidently gets crushed by his team's ball.
One that's over, Naruto uses his Kage Bunshin and creates a whole bunch of Shadow Clones to take his place in the race. Unfortunately, all the clones get indigestion too, and instantly rush for the bathrooms. There, Naruto disbands his Jutsu, just to find out that the clones that were in the bathrooms had too disappeared, locking him out of a toilet. Shino then comes out from one, but before he can go, he gets his bugs to pick up Naruto and drag him out to the race.
The final race is the relay where you pass stick to each other, you know. Sakura is first, and she competes with Ino, before handing her stick to Sasuke. Sasuke runs and when he gets to Naruto, instead of handing it over to him, he accidently jabs it up his butt. Naruto collapses in pure pain. Sasuke then nags him to run, and Naruto manages to put up a burst of speed and outruns everyone else.
Once he wins, he head for the exit to the bathroom, but Shikamaru stops him. In pure desperation, Naruto lets it all out, and you hear everyone commenting on why he smells soo bad.