Episode 27

Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 04, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Naruto has to go!!!!!!!!!!!

    The village is holding a competition for all the genin. The winning team will get a week off from having to do missions. Sakura is excited, Sasuke is indifferent, and Naruto is excited too until his stomach starts to hurt. He runs to find the bathroom only to find a ridiculously long line waiting to get in. They announce the next event and Naruto has to go compete. As they are running, Naruto's stomach starts to hurt again. He runs and finishes first and keeps on going to go back to the bathroom only to find that it is closed for cleaning...
  • This episode was insanely funny with naruto chasing that bathroom dream

    there have been funny episodes but this one was insane I was laughing my head off! If they ever make it come in america that will make my day this is way boring so i'll just write random letters f f f f f f g h j j f d c g yh y g g g rf y g uj ym h g g g h j gb h f gs s t h h g h fg hg g f g f h g h g j g gh h h g f h f I'm out
  • Great Meaningless Episode.

    LOL This episode was quite a funny one, poor Naruto had to go to the bathroom so bad, but he kept running into a bunch of obstacles. Then once again Hinata tried to tell Naruto how she felt about him but of course he had to go to the bathroom so bad, he didn't even have time to listen, so he uses multi shadow clone jutsu, which was really no point in that but apparently he thought it would help, even though it just gave him more trouble. So they all make it in the bathroom. But he destroyed his clones while some where in the stalls and uh oh hes locked out.. Watch and find out more.
  • Poor Naruto if only they let him go to the bathroom in peace.

    Its an sport festival.The team that wins all the major events,will get an week vacation off from doing any missions.Before the festival started Naruto needed to go the bathroom.He begin to race toward the bathroom.However to find it that it was occupay and too many other people were waiting in line for it.He tried the other one however it was out of order.He was tempted to go to the women's bathroom.However Hinata,was trying to talked to him.He had to get involved with another race.Than he thought of the outhouse.However Chouji destoryed it.He got mad than Ino got mad.She dragged Naruto back to arena for the next event.Than Naruto got the idea to use his shadow clones,to race for him at the race.However that fails too.When they need to go after they disappear.Relizing that the door was locked freaking out he knocked the door only to find Shino there.Who isn't happy that he's ahead of everyone.After the final race,He won he wanted to go.But Shikamaru got him.In the end he just went.

    This was an funny episode! Poor Naruto,if they could let him go to the restroom.We get to see some other ninga's as well.If you looked carefully while waiting in line for the restroom we see I forgot his name and that bridge builder,Chouji,Ino,and Shikamaru parents,Gaara,and Konkoru,which remind me why weren't they involved in the sport festival?
  • LOL LOL LOL ~!!!!!@@@

    OOh my gosh this is the most funiest episodes out of all of them. I felt so bad for naruto because if that was me I would have died. It was a very funny episode and I enjoyed watching it. If I was naruto I would have like gone far away and well you know done my buisness (lol). I'm glad that team 7 won the vacation lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol.
  • fantastic

    i must say that i just recently had an experience similar to Naruto's in this episode. I really really had to take a crap and i didnt have a chance to be able to relieve my self. This episode as an overall whole is funny, exciting and interesting. It takes place in a Konoha stadium that just recently was built. The events that take place in this episode are similar to an olympic style game. The events are creative and funny as well as original. one of my favorite parts is when Hinata meets Naruto as naruto is freaking out because he has to crap so bad. the whole scene is funny.
    i highly recomend this episode.
  • A very Funny Episode!

    This is a special for the Naruto movie.In this 9-10 minute special Naruto and the rest of the teams try to win a week long vacation but before the rounds start Naruto suddenly has to go to the bathroom.He then runs to the bathroom but finds a huge line of villians and heros.Then he has to do the first round.Then he tries the contestant stalls(Outhouse) but Choji knocks them out.But he tried to use the restroom one more time but then had to do a race after that he couldn't wait anylonger then goes in his pants.
  • That was really funny.

    Naruto had to go to the bathroom but couldn't because someone always interrupt him everytime he goes to the bathroom. Until the ending when he "chased a bear"(pooped in his pants). And everyone smelled it. They said it was gross and stuff. And Naruto never went to the bathroom. The End.
  • There is a big festival but Naruto only wants to go to the bathroom

    This episode is hilarious. Well Technically it isn't a real episode but still it is funny. Man why didn't Naruto use the sexy jutsu and go into the girls bathroom. Hinata was so close why did that lady have to announce the next event. In the line for the bathroom you can see Haku, The bridge builder, The bridge builder's grandson, The obore guys, Gaara, Itachi, and a bunch of ANBU guys. A perfect ending with a relay race with Sasuke sticking the pole up Naruto's butt. And Naruto blasts by everybody in the end of the relay. Naruto keeps running only to get caught by Shikamaru's Shadow posseion Jutsu. Naruto can't hold it in any longer and wets himself in front of everybody. What is funny about the last part is Naruto is all happy and you can hear everybody off screen screaming and saying how much he stinks. I give it a 10 out of 10.
  • most of the genin teams compete in events for a week's paid vactaion. But Naruto has a bladder problem and cant make it to the bathroom inbetween the events, so he finishes quickly while running into all the characters in the series, and has an odd ending

    this is a detailed summary....this is a mini movie where most of the genin teams compete in a series of events for a paid vacation for a week. everyone is ready, even Naruto is, until he desperatly needs to use the bathroom (#2). so before they begin the first game, he runs to the bathroom, but there is a huuuuge line, including practically everyone ever metioned in the series. like Haku, Zabuza, Itachi, Gaara, the sound 5, parents, jounin, etc. and after the first event, he even runs into the Fourth hokage. but of course, the mens room is closed for cleaning. and as he tries to sneak into the womens room, Hinata stops him and tried to admit her feelings, but the P.A. interupts her anouncing the second round, so she changed her mind and said good luck. so he missed his chance to go again. after finishing the obstacle course, he is required to drink a liter of milk, which practically kills him with his bladder. as he makes his way to the portable bathrooms for the contestants, Chouji runs it over with his rolling jutsu for practice, like bowling. as his last resort after the rolling ball event, he uses his bushin jutsu to hold his spot in the bathroom, and with him contributing his bladder issue to them as well, they stampede to the bathrooms taking up all the stalls and lock them. but when he undoes his jutsu, all the doors are locked with no way in. only one door didnt have a naruto clone in it, it had Shino insode. but when Shino was done, he didnt let naruto in because his team was winning, and makes Naruto endure his wait even more, and leads him to the last event by carrying him away with his insects. then the last event was the relay race, with the girls running first, then passing the stick to their next teamate, but when Sasuke attempts to pass it into Naruto's hand as he begins to jog, he shoves it in his butt instead, and insists he runs even though Naruto collapses. then he puts on a serious face and runs as fast as possible leaving the others in the dust cloud meters away. after winning it, he keeps on going to the restrooms. but Shikamaru catches him with his shadow jutsu telling him there is still an awards ceremony. then everyone surrounds him giving him their congradulations, when he can no longer keep it in.... right then and there, he let it all out. all we can see is him smiling in a meadow, while we hear everyone else saying how he smells with eveyone complaining. and right before the screen closes, Naruto winks and says "this is heaven"
  • Naruto and his team are in a sporting event to win a weeks vacation

    WOW i this was funny! I really enjoyed it. The fact that Naruto was having some dijustive(sp) problems made it that much funnier. if you haven;t seen it you can see it at Anyway back to the review, this takes place after the chunin exame but before sasuke leaves the village. This vidio is one that will make a bad day a bit better. Wow there is so much to say about this min-movie but I can think of it right now.... .... .... Listen to the song at the end i think it\'s pretty fuuny and good. SO yeah this is a 10 for me :)
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