Episode 27

Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 04, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Poor Naruto if only they let him go to the bathroom in peace.

    Its an sport festival.The team that wins all the major events,will get an week vacation off from doing any missions.Before the festival started Naruto needed to go the bathroom.He begin to race toward the bathroom.However to find it that it was occupay and too many other people were waiting in line for it.He tried the other one however it was out of order.He was tempted to go to the women's bathroom.However Hinata,was trying to talked to him.He had to get involved with another race.Than he thought of the outhouse.However Chouji destoryed it.He got mad than Ino got mad.She dragged Naruto back to arena for the next event.Than Naruto got the idea to use his shadow clones,to race for him at the race.However that fails too.When they need to go after they disappear.Relizing that the door was locked freaking out he knocked the door only to find Shino there.Who isn't happy that he's ahead of everyone.After the final race,He won he wanted to go.But Shikamaru got him.In the end he just went.

    This was an funny episode! Poor Naruto,if they could let him go to the restroom.We get to see some other ninga's as well.If you looked carefully while waiting in line for the restroom we see I forgot his name and that bridge builder,Chouji,Ino,and Shikamaru parents,Gaara,and Konkoru,which remind me why weren't they involved in the sport festival?
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