Episode 27

Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 04, 2008 on TV Tokyo



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  • Quotes

    • Naruto: Well, that's it. I can't hold it anymore. (Naruto imagines being surrounded by flowers and petal-filled winds. In reality, he's let his bowels go, to the disgust of all eleven ninjas, which are heard outside Naruto's mind) It doesn't get any better than this!

    • (During the Bowling Round, Naruto runs from a giant ball while Sakura and Sasuke roll it.)
      Sakura: Naruto, move!
      Sasuke: What are you doing you loser!?
      Naruto: (A giant ball squishes Naruto and he's stuck in it) YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!

    • Naruto: (Thinking) If this goes on much longer, it's not going to be pretty. Okay, I better finish this thing if I want to go to the bathroom.

    • Naruto: No! My clone locked the door from the inside!

    • Shikamaru: Uh, you okay?
      Naruto: (Grabs and shakes Shikamaru) What did you do with my port-a-potties?!
      Choji: Ino told me I should be working on my bowling technique.
      Naruto: What are you guys, morons?!
      Ino: I'm sorry, who's a moron? (Cracking her knuckles) Are you telling me we can't practice, Naruto?!

    • Hinata: I... Uh... I have something... Uh... I was hoping to... Uh... To tell you.
      Naruto: (Stomach really hurting) I'm all ears, let's hear it already.
      Hinata: Well I...
      Anko: (Over the broadcast system) Next up is the obstacle course, all competitors report on the double.
      Hinata: Well it looks like you're up then, Naruto. Good luck to you!
      Naruto: That's all she had to tell me?!

    • Naruto: Why did they have to clean the stupid bathrooms at a time like this?!

    • Sakura: The winning team gets one whole week off from missions. Let's nail this one, Sasuke!
      Sasuke: Hmph.
      Naruto: All right! Let's do it! (Stomach starts to hurt) Oh man, my stomach's not feeling so hot. (Runs to find the bathroom)
      Sakura: Hey, Naruto, the opening ceremony is about to start.
      Naruto: Ah! It's gonna blow! Move-move-move!

    • Shino: It's occupied.
      (Naruto notices that Shino was in the the stall)
      Naruto: Ahh! Why'd it have to be Shino?!
      Shino: Now be quiet, wait your turn, and keep it clean. Those are the rules.
      Naruto: (Thinking) That's why I could never relate to this guy!

    • Ino: Come on, Naruto. (Ino grabs Naruto's collar and drags him toward the arena.) You're competing in this round too, aren't you? (Ino drags Naruto to the arena.)
      Naruto: Come on! Knock it off, will ya?! Let me go! Don't squish my BELLY!!

    • Naruto: Huh? What the...?
      (Naruto sees milk)
      Naruto: AAHHH!!! OH MAN! You have GOT to be kidding me! It just had to be milk now didn't it?! And a whole freakin' liter!

    • Naruto: Paradise is just beyond this door...

    • (Shino drags Naruto away with his bugs)
      Naruto: This is the reason why I never liked you!

    • Sakura: Naruto! It's a week's paid vacation! Drink it, and hurry to the goal!
      Naruto: This is painful...

      ~Japanese version

    • Various people: What is that? What is that smell?
      Hinata: Naruto-kun!
      Naruto: This is Heaven!

      ~Japanese version

    • (Naruto is about to go inside girls bathroom but...)
      Hinata: Naruto-kun?
      Naruto: AH! It's going to come out! It's going to...ah...Hinata. What is it, Hinata?
      Hinata: (Looks away while Naruto is squirming) Um, Naruto-kun,
      Naruto: N-ngg...Hurry up and say it!
      Hinata: Uh, mm! Ah! (Interrupted)
      P.A.: The next round is the obstacle course. All participants, please assemble.
      Hinata: Naruto-kun, you're going to be in the race, right? Good luck!
      Naruto: ...I waited just for that?!

      ~Japanese version

    • Sasuke: Hurry up and run, you clumsy idiot.

      ~Japanese version

    • Shikamaru: There's no chance of winning with Choji running.

      ~Japanese version

  • Notes

    • The song played at the end is "Gyu-Ru-Ru" by Junko Takeuchi (as Naruto Uzumaki). The song was left alone in the dub, not translated and sung by Maile Flanagan, making it the only time Naruto's original voice is heard in the dub.

    • Original Episode Title: Konoha Sports Festival

    • Naruto's team wins the paid vacation.

    • Hinata tried to tell her feelings to Naruto, but changed her mind and wished him good luck when the announcer called out the next event.

    • This episode features almost every character in the series at some point (even those that are dead) in the episode.

      -Gato's thugs, Tazuna, Tsunami, Inari, Team Oboro, Dosu Kinuta, Zaku Abumi, Gaara, Hayate Gekko, Kabuto, the Sound Four, Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki, the ANBU Black Ops, Choza Akimichi, Zabuza Mamochi, and Haku are seen standing in line at the bathroom.

      -Naruto passes by Inochi Yamanaka, Shikaku Nara, the Fourth Hokage, Shizune, Kakashi Hatake, Kurenai Yuuhi, and Asuma Sarutobi in the hallway.

      -Pakkun and Akamaru are seen near the portable stalls.

      -Ton Ton, Gamakichi, and Gamatatsu are seen near the bathroom outside.

      This was all done for fun.

    • This was a special 15 minute episode shown before the first movie in theaters. It is also featured on the DVD.

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