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Season 8 Episode 3

Hoshikage: The Buried Truth

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 05, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Akahoshi says that the mission for the Konoha shinobi is over, but Neji won't stop there. Naruto gets saved by the thief, who is really Sumaru's mom trying to get the Star training stopped. Also, Lee and Tenten rescue Sumaru and take him back to the other Star ninjas. Akahoshi also finds the Star, but Naruto and Natsuhi won't give up anything without a fight.moreless

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  • Marred by a low budget, mediocre character development, but at least the story development has been pretty good.

    Although the idea seems like it was forged from a contest held for elementary school kids, the execution of it so far has been pretty decent; at least far better than most other Naruto arc fillers. We still have its fair share of terrible Naruto filler cliches--yes, there are so many damn Naruto fillers that it gets it own sub-genre of cliches--but for the most part, the story development has been pretty good. Although things were a bit too predictable; Akahoshi for example murdering the former third Hoshikage for his own ambition, but still, for a Naruto filler, two thumbs up.moreless
  • I still love the theme song!!! ^_^

    The theme song is so pretty, and it almost sounds like a Bleach one! I hated the last theme song, which made them all sound so gay Think about it. It was a song about friendship, and they were all giving each other high fives and sitting on the grass and watching stars! I don't know any 13 year old guys who do that, and them being ninjas, they definitely shouldn't do it! Anyway, I think Naruto is just getting too predictable, either that, or I've been watching too much Spiral and am beginning to grow a brain. :P I guessed from the first time they showed her eyes that the kunoichi (I forget her name) who stole the star was Sumaru's mom. I know her name was something like Natsuhi... Sure, let's go with that. Anyway, Natsuhi saves Naruto from dying in the Valley of Death, and she reveals herself as Sumaru's mom and tells the story of why she left the village. And then she came back to steal the star again, and she hid it in her husband's coffin!!! YUCK!!! That's about as bad as the Louisina Tigers smacking the Yankees with severed limbs!!! (PM me for details) Anyway, then that Mizora guy gets sicker. I would like to know who voices him, because he sounds EXACTLY like Takato from Digimon Tamers. I keep waiting for him to start shouting "Digivolution, Activate!" :P Anyway, I could probably tell you how this ends, but I won't.moreless
  • Akahoshi's intent is revealed.

    Akahoshi has knocked Naruto along with the star thief off of the cliff into the valley of death. Neji tries to find them with his Byakugan, but sees nothing. Akahoshi tells Neji that his mission there is over and to go home. Neji realizes that Naruto could still be alive and is intent on staying. Lee and Tenten make it back to Neji and the Star Village children and they have brought Sumaru with them. They found him at Akahoshi's place and rescued him. Now they all take off to find Naruto and Sumaru knows where they should look. Akahoshi has found...moreless
  • Not bad for a filler

    well it was a very good episode im my opinion it did a good job explaining on the who hoshikage isue. well i just wish i could see some over all improvement in naruto him self as a fighter. all he ever dose is use kage bushin and rush them sure the rock thing was clever this time but he has to get some new moves. i mean look at all the other genins andthe new moves they have made. even hinata made a new move , but the main charicter is still doing the move from episode 3. i would like to see a new move from naruto and maybe the continuation of the plot.moreless
  • Still great.

    This episode was a little worse than the last one, but that's because the last one had plot twists and I think this episode was meant to be a follow before for the next episode. So it will lead up to a good fight scene, you know? (Does follow before even make sense?) To me it was obvious that the bad guy (I just suddenly forgot his name lol) murdered the Third HoshiKage, I dunno, it just seemed completely obvious. What happened to the Fourth HoshiKage? Meh. Well this episode was great I think the next episode will be even better.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The dub erroneously refers to the opening theme as "Namikaze Satellite" in the credits, which was the previous opening theme.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Akahoshi's Henchman: I thought we lost this brat in the Valley of Death.
      Naruto and his clones: Ha! Takes more than that to get rid of me! Or should I say us?

    • Naruto: We've got to get back to the village and tell Akahoshi that this crazy training has got to stop.
      Natsuhi: Akahoshi's dream of making the village strong is more important to him than the safety of its people! To show you how little he cares about them, he took Sumaru hostage in order to trade his life to me for the star.

    • Naruto: Does this training really do that much damage?
      Natsuhi: Yes. It wasn't long after we left the village that my husband, Hotarubi, died from it's effects. The same thing could very well happen to me at any time. There's no way of knowing.
      Naruto: That's awful!

    • Naruto: (Eating a bowl of soup) Mmmm... Delicious! There's nothing like a mom's home cooking, even when it's in a cave.

    • Neji: Why did you hit Naruto too?
      (Akahoshi begins to act like he is going to attack Neji as well, but stops)
      Akahoshi: It was an accident, I had to strike when I had the chance. Sadly your friend got in the way. A tragic loss, I've never seen anyone defeat the Ninja Art Kujaku before. He will be missed. You have our thanks, Leaf Village shinobi. Your mission here is over now.
      Neji: But we haven't recovered the star.
      Akahoshi: We'll handle that ourselves. Farewell, my friend.

    • Naruto: My name's Naruto. I'm a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village who's here to...uh, well...I'm actually supposed to be protecting the star...from thieves like you, no offense.
      (Natsuhi and Naruto both laugh)
      Natsuhi: My name is Natsuhi.
      Naruto: Natsuhi? Wait a minute, haven't I heard that name somewhere before?

    • Naruto: Yeah, Natsuhiboshi, that's what Sumaru called it. He said it was the name of the star that watches over him and protects him.
      Natsuhi: Really? Sumaru told you that?
      Naruto: Yeah. Hey lady, do you know him or something?
      Natsuhi: (Pulls out charm just like Sumaru's) He is my son.

    • Lee:It means that the shinobi that took the star, and the one who kidnapped you are two different people.
      Tenten: Excellent, except that Neji already said that.
      Lee: Aww.

    • Naruto: What's wrong, Sumaru's mom?
      Natsuhi: Akahoshi has come.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: This food is good, I wonder if this is what you call a mother's touch.

      ~Japanese version

    • Natsuhi: Sumaru is my child.
      Naruto: What!? You're Sumaru's mom?

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Did you save me?
      Natsuhi: Yes.

      ~Japanese version

    • Natsuhi: Relax, I'm not your enemy.

      ~Japanese version

  • NOTES (7)