Season 8 Episode 3

Hoshikage: The Buried Truth

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 05, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

After Naruto and the mystery person falls from the cliff to Hell's Ravine, Neji asks, "Why did you get Naruto involved in that?" Akahoshi shows his mysterious Peacock Technique and said, "It was an accident. If I didn't attack then, we would've been in danger" Then he says, "Konoha shinobi, your mission is over."

In the mysterious person's hideout, Naruto is being healed using some star chakra jutsu. When Naruto wakes up he finds that the thief/the mystery person has saved his life from falling to Hell's Ravine. Naruto asks who she is, and she says she is Natsuhi. She shows a necklace like Sumaru's and says, "Sumaru is my child".

Same time in the village they find Sumaru missing from the Star Village medical place were Akahoshi locked him. Akahoshi doesn't care a lot that Sumaru is missing because he is going get the star back by following Natsuhi's residual chakra.

In the cabin where all the star ninjas live, Neji tells everything about how Akahoshi has attacked Naruto and Natsuhi, and they fell into Hell's Ravine. Hokuto told everyone to go and look for Naruto, but no one agrees, they think it wasn't worth it and some didn't believe it. Then Rock Lee and Tenten enter the cabin with Sumaru, He said, "I'll go." Then people get shocked that Sumaru came back. They also found out that the people who attacked them was their own village leader, Akahoshi. They also find out that Akahoshi is using them. Akahoshi is training them in using the Star, which making few people to advance and all other to collapse.

After that Akahoshi and his two people goes to find the Star, while Naruto is having a great meal. Then Natsuhi says the real story, that 10 years ago her husband and herself stole the Star so the Star training would stop. While they were escaping, Hoshikage caught them and made a promise that he will suspend the star training. Then he says, "Someday the Star's loyal group may try to revive that training, I want you two of you to protect the village from outside. And if the training begins again, please stop it." Then they handed over the Star and a necklace to Hoshikage and tell them, "Please give this necklace to Sumaru and tell him that we're dead."

After the story, Natsuhi finds out that Akahoshi has come to take the star. Naruto attacks them with Kage Bunshins (Shadow clones). It is a close fight but Natsuhi comes and take over the fight. Then Akahoshi tells that he asked Hoshikage to continue with the training. Hoshikage disagrees, and Akahoshi and his other 2 dudes instantly kill Hoshikage with kunais.

Natsuhi tells Naruto to step back, and then continues the fight. They both use Peacock Technique, but Akahoshi took his worker's chakra and made his chakra stronger. While they continue, the student ninjas and other Konoha ninjas make their way toward them.