Season 8 Episode 18

Hot-Blooded Confrontation: Student vs. Sensei

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 13, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a memory of Gai's, and then it shows him trying to get out of the wooden dummy house keeping him trapped. Yagura shows up and Gai tell him to set him free but he quickly tells Gai that he is not Yagura but the oldest of the three Ryuudoin Brothers, Genshou. His brothers jump into the scene and introduce themselves as Rokkaku and Jako. Gai fells like he's heard the name Ryuudoin before and takes a moment to remember. The brothers talk about their father Agira and this instantly brings memories back to Gai's mind. He then remembers the final blow he gave to Agira during a mission where they were enemies, he also remembers it as his best battle. Genshou denies Gai's request to be set free and vows revenge. The next scene shows a slightly injured Rock Lee who is trying to train despite his injuries, meanwhile Sakura is watching him in stealth but she is finally called out by Lee who's known of her presence for some time now. He senses Sakura is hiding something and says that she's a bad liar and we're left with that. The next scene shows Genshou doing a technique which turns a few of the wooden dummy pieces into wooden pieces with swords sticking out one end that suddenly start attacking Gai. Naruto, Neji & Ten Ten show up to find Yagura and ask him his motives for sneaking into Konoha. With no Gai in sight, Neji uses *Byakugan* to see inside the woody dummy structure to find Gai dodging the wooden dummy pieces. Angered by this Ten Ten uses a scroll which releases multiple kunais but the three brothers dodge it easily. The team runs towards Gai's location but then they get surrounded by multiple wooden dummies. Simply attacking them doesn't seem to work so Neji uses *Byakugan* and finds that there are paper seals on the back of the dummies. The team manages to remove a few of them and take a few down with ease. Naruto even becomes confident to use *Naruto Rendan* but the move fails as the dummies knock the wind out of the team. Neji then notices that a few dummies are being controlled by Puppet Manipulation. Suddenly a shadow appears taking out dummies with speed. It's Lee! He found out where Gai was going from Sakura and figured he would take this route. The three brothers do a technique to take all the remaining dummy pieces to make a castle like structure. Lee decides to go save Gai and Naruto; Neji & Ten Ten decide to back him up. He assures them that he can do it by saying "Today, I'm different from the usual me." Lee speeds through the dummies into the castle into a big hall. Genshou and his brothers are in a separate room and there Genshou performs a technique. In the next room Lee confronts a dummy. Genshou uses a dummy to attack Lee. The dummy performs a Konoha Whirlwind. He can't believe it. Lee then does a Konoha Dai Senpuu (Konoha Giant Whirlwind) but the dummy counters it easily. We're then shown Gai who is also fighting a dummy. Genshou's technique makes Gai and Lee not see each other but just a dummy. Feeling he can't last any longer, Lee asks for Gai's forgiveness to use a certain move. Gai notices he's fighting Lee when the dummy looks like it's unwrapping something on its arm, like Lee's bandages. Lee attacks Gai and performs *Shadow Dance* but it fails and they both now realize their fighting each other. Gai then uses Morse code to tell Lee about the technique Genshou is using. Understanding what they have to do, Gai and Lee both open their Chakra Gates to Level 5! The power and speed they both disperse is too much for the wooden dummies to handle which breaks them free of Genshou's technique and destroys the wooden dummy structure. The 2 brothers are shown holding Genshou up as he's drained from using that technique. Gai then asks them why they didn't use Chinese martial arts to fight him since it's what their father used to fight him. The brothers then feel like they misunderstood what their father was trying to tell them. Gai then lets them know that those that work hard and keep going strong are the ones who stay happy. Sakura then shows up with medics and the episode ends.
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