Season 8 Episode 18

Hot-Blooded Confrontation: Student vs. Sensei

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 13, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Double the Lotus, Double the Fun

    This was perhaps one of the best action-packed episodes for awhile. Lee and Gai are trapped inside a fortress made of wooden training dummies infused in chakra to become very hard and strong as long as Yagura was fueling it. Here we get to see Maito Gai unlock his inner gates for the first time as well as the second time Lee does up to the fifth gate. Luckily the two were ok after using it. This was great to see the bond of a student and teacher fighting together. These two hot-blooded souls are just awesome. Should watch this as I look forward to the Trap-Master Arc when all 11 of Konoha finally come together instead of a usual team of 3 or 5.
  • This had alot of action.

    Well in first words that was a pretty good episode and I liked it. My favorite part was when Rock Lee and Gai Sensei and they had a really good fight against each other until they found out which really kicked butt. Next Naruto had alot of cool moves and along with Neji and Ten Ten which was really awesome and at the end of this episode the guys learned something that it is not good to get revenge on someone else which was great and Lee and Gai had awesome moves. I rate and give this episode a perfect 10 out of 10.
  • Gai and Lee must fight.

    Gai has been trapped in a structure made of the wooden dummy logs. He attempts to punch his way out and find out that the walls are infused with chakra. He hears Yagura outside and calls to him, but it turns out that he is an imposter. He reveals himself and we learn his name is Genshou. He and his two brothers who show up have vowed revenge on Gai for defeating their father years ago. Just then Naruto, Neji and Tenten show up. Neji sees that Gai is inside the structure and they start to charge. The brothers summon a bunch of wooden dummies and...
  • That's a pretty sweet jutsu...

    Some guy named Yagura comes to the village... Pfft, YAGURA, what kind of name is that??? It's a sissy name! Well anyway, Lee gets critically injured again, big surprise. Oh how did Tenten put it... Oh yes, his situation is grim. Very grim. :P Well anywayGuy goes off somewhere with Yagura and it turns out that he's really not Yagura and the imposter shinobi makes them fight!!! :O And he does it by doing this really weird wood puppet jutsu thingy... IDK, you'd have to see it to really get it. But it's totally awesome!!! I wish I could learn to do it... :(
  • Action filled filler

    I think this is the best filler ever in the Naruto series. It shows the bond between Guy and lee. The bond between teacher and student. That fighting scene where Lee and Guy do Primary Lotus was a cla$$ic. Moving faster then the speed of sound. I wish all fillers were like this.
  • This episode talks about the bond that Gai and Lee have together.

    Even though this was a filler episode it was one of the most excitin ones i have seen up to date cause it showed how much gai and lee has grown together as a teacher and student with thier bond they have. I also shows how spectacular the primary lotus is for two people who can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu. No one should ever underestimate those two fuzzy eyebrow guys.
  • In this episode Naruto, Neigi and TenTen go to help Guy. When they arrived they had to battle puppets and later on Lee came and saved the day helping guy

    Yes it was a filler but by far one of the most superb ones in the series. The episode captivates the minds of viewers showing and expresing what true friendship is as you will see from watching the episode. Overall this episode was one of the best in the series despite the fact of it being a filler. I would say this episode will be great for any audience who want a good fight sequance but also some emotional qualities good job to all who made the episode.I truly hope for more episodes like these to come in the future. This episode was superb.
  • Help!

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  • Filler, but definitely one of the best fillers so far.

    In this episode, once again we witness the great student-teacher bond between Gai-sensei and Lee. The Yagura impersonator turns out to be Genshou, the eldest of the three Ryuudoin brothers, whose father Gai fought and beat sometime before. Now, his sons are out to get revenge from the man that inflicted the fatal injuries on their father.

    While Gai is trapped within the fortress of practice posts, Naruto, Ten-ten and Neji are outside battling countless other posts--that is, until Lee comes in. He enters the fortress and faces off with a practice post, whom, after a couple \"brilliant\" moves, he deduced was controlled by none other than his sensei. In another room, Gai also figures out that he had been fighting a post controlled by Lee after seeing a familiar move, the Lotus. They communicated using the Morse code and fought each otherso hard that the posts Genshou were controlling fell apart. Genshou falls down probably due to his using up all his chakra and the fortress and the other posts Naruto’s group were fighting fell as well. Outside, Gai explains to the Ryuudoin brothers that he and his group of Konoha ninja didn’t gang up on their father as they originally believed, rather Gai fought him squarely, one-on-one. Genshou realizes that he misunderstood his father—he now knows that he wanted his sons to fight the man that defeated him in a similar manner: fairly, using their own martial arts techniques, instead of those stolen from others. Gai then tells Genshou that those naturally talented aren’t as happy as those who had to work to get where they are.
  • The second (and final) part of the "Yugara strikes" anime filler arc, being particularly memorable for being centred on Maito Gai and Rock Lee. Who thought dolls were weak?

    Another episode of the "filler arc" which has done nothing but upset the fellow manga fans whom just want to hurry up and see some Part II action that was actually not irritating. Of course, I stress you to watch the previous one in order to understand this one better.

    Full of one of the three elements Naruto is loved for (action), while adding some funny bits now and then. There's something for everyone.

    Nobody can go without a laugh in this episode as Gai and Lee duke it our with wooden doll versions of each other. Of course, there is the very funny "Dynamic entry".
  • A filler with some pretty decent action sequences, this episode is fairly good. Naruto has very few lines, and this is the first episode to be predominately Gai-centered.

    The Lee/Gai storylines are not new to Naruto at all. This one, however, focuses more on them from Gai's perspective, when it is usually Lee who is more action-involved. The episode features some great action sequences, particuarly the return of releasing Chakra gates, which had not been seen in any detail since Seasson 2. The fighting sequence is not quite as good as Lee's fight with Gaara, but it is nice to see the fillers going this route. We also see some fairly decent Naruto/Tenten/Neji combat, though neither of them play a large role in this episode. Naruto barely has any lines at all.

    On a down note, the strong Neji/Tenten dialogue that was in the previous episode is missing from this one as they return to the mostly silent support role we've grown accustomed to seeing them in. We do finally see Tenten fight again.

    There were some strange choices with the villains. The chief villain's brothers are hastily introduced and never really serve a function. As this is really the first decent filler arc of season 8, I would not have minded seeing this strung out to three episodes and have Gai and Lee fight the brothers using the chakra gates instead of the very hastily resolved ending this episode features.

    This is a rare episode that focuses more on a sensei then one of the original 12 Genin. It's one of the more watchable fillers, and the fight sequences are good. Downsides: we lose the great non-fighting dialogue done in the first half of this arc, and the end is hastily arranged. It's not a must-see as one reviewer mentioned, but it is one of the stronger points for this season so far. I like that the writers were willing to downplay Naruto for an episode.
  • Gai gets attacked by fighting dummies being controlled by the enemies chakra. Lee shows up and saves the day.

    This episode really did nothing for me, it could have been better. We need to see more of Naruto in his One-Tail form infront of the whole village. He needs to be acknowledge as the next a little carried away there. But it would be cool if the fillers would stop and that they ouod resume the acctual story. This fillers, i believe are some a waste of time, i love the series, but these fillers are making me miss Naruto and switch to a Pokemon re-run. Once again, not koo, getting hooked on back on Pokemon. Well, let me know what you think.
  • I say this episode of Naruto was definitely above average because its probably the best filler we\\\'ve seen since the fillers started 3 seasons ago... has it really been that long!? Well, it really is a must see episode.


    I classified this episode as above average because it’s better than any filler we’ve seen to date. Probably the best part of this episode was not only seeing Gai fight but seeing him opening the 5th Charka Gate with Lee! Also, the fact that this episode had some fighting was a refresher, talk about being deprived for so long. It’s good to see it again the response from this episode should give the Naruto team hints as to what people are looking for. Also, the introduction of the villain, Yagura/Genshou, this time around was very good due to the fact that he actually looked and sounded cool. I really like the hidden things (if you want to call it that) put into animes that spark interest and one of the things that got me was near the end where Gai was talking about their father and they showed a quick shot of him laying in what looked like a bed, but, he had a marking on his forehead and this looked like the cursed seal!! This was a filler episode so it doesn’t seem like this story will go any further than here but that was interesting. Good episode for sure.
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