Season 8 Episode 18

Hot-Blooded Confrontation: Student vs. Sensei

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 13, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Filler, but definitely one of the best fillers so far.

    In this episode, once again we witness the great student-teacher bond between Gai-sensei and Lee. The Yagura impersonator turns out to be Genshou, the eldest of the three Ryuudoin brothers, whose father Gai fought and beat sometime before. Now, his sons are out to get revenge from the man that inflicted the fatal injuries on their father.

    While Gai is trapped within the fortress of practice posts, Naruto, Ten-ten and Neji are outside battling countless other posts--that is, until Lee comes in. He enters the fortress and faces off with a practice post, whom, after a couple \"brilliant\" moves, he deduced was controlled by none other than his sensei. In another room, Gai also figures out that he had been fighting a post controlled by Lee after seeing a familiar move, the Lotus. They communicated using the Morse code and fought each otherso hard that the posts Genshou were controlling fell apart. Genshou falls down probably due to his using up all his chakra and the fortress and the other posts Naruto’s group were fighting fell as well. Outside, Gai explains to the Ryuudoin brothers that he and his group of Konoha ninja didn’t gang up on their father as they originally believed, rather Gai fought him squarely, one-on-one. Genshou realizes that he misunderstood his father—he now knows that he wanted his sons to fight the man that defeated him in a similar manner: fairly, using their own martial arts techniques, instead of those stolen from others. Gai then tells Genshou that those naturally talented aren’t as happy as those who had to work to get where they are.