Season 7 Episode 21

Impossible! Celebrity Ninja Art: Money Style Jutsu!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 14, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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In addition to Naruto's normal missions, he gets a special mission involving a VIP. Naruto is forced to hang out with a young boy, who likes ninja. However, the boy thinks money can buy him everything, and Naruto won't stand for that. Teaching the boy will prove to be difficult, especially when he is the target of kidnappers.moreless

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  • Meh, decent.

    People seem to hate these kinds of episodes; a filler in filler. Sure that's what I would prefer watching; generic fighting arcs with piss poor battle sequences and predictable stories. These enjoyable and totally silly filler episodes are really what we need more of. This episode in particular isn't really up to par as the other fillers in fillers though. At first it seemed promising with some funny moments here and there, but there was so much ground and promise for an even better episode and it just doesn't really deliver. The message about how money can't buy everything wasn't really that well portrayed; lots of things felt forced. Overall not a bad watch.moreless
  • It wasn't that interesting.

    The episode was kinda boring and not that really interesting. But the cool part about this episode was that with Tsunade and Naruto always when she made all those mad funny faces I really laughed at alot. So the episode follows that Naruto must guard a celebrity rich spoiled ninja who his dad is really wealthy. Kunihisa was kinda disgusting with all that snot coming out of his nose which made look in a really disgusting way. Kunihisa learns a lesson that he can get stuff by getting it on his own strength and that money can't buy you everything you want.moreless
  • Uh, OK, wow...

    Like I've said before. I could totally hate a Naruto episode and still give it a 10 just because I love Naruto to death. OK? So don't nag at me for giving this one a 10! Actually, I didn't completely hate it, but if I was like everyone else, I probably would've given it a 7. Anyway, so Naruto comes back from his mission with Shino, Ino, and Anko at that one place where they met Isaribi, who was supposed to come back with them, but was no where insight! Which I know they had to get rid of her before the series actually followed the manga again, but wow! That was fast! So Tsunade sends Naruto out to "escort" some rich guy's kid, and Naruto jumps to conclusions that it's a big job and such. Actually, he's babysitting the kid so he can play ninja and Naruto still has to do all of his normal missions. Tsunade should have stuck him with Udon and Konohamaru because Udon has the exact same "nose condition" that Kunihisa does and Konohamaru actually has time to play ninja. :P Kunihisa is such a stupi name. XD Anyway, he bugs the crap out of Naruto while he's tagging along, and throws money at people when he wants them to do something. No, I mean he actually THROWS money at them. And of course, the people dive bomb it like Kamikazi pilots into Ally ships. Yes, I am awarse Kamikazi is speeled wrong; I didn't know that until a few weeks ago, but Kamikazi is in the title of the manga I'm working on, and I can't change it now. Anyway, Naruto gets made that Kunihisa is throwing all that money around, and tells him you can't buy true happiness. So you can probably guess what happens after that NARUTO SPEECH!!!!! And then some thugs try and kidnap Kunihisa and Naruto saves him, and he is changed forever, blah, blah, blah, same old story.moreless
  • OMG!!!

    What were they thinking. This was the worst filler episode i have ever seen. Did they really need to make this episode? I can not believe this episode actually made it to air. I kept hoping that it would it would get better but it didn't, i'm in disbelief that i sat through and watched the whole episode. The kid in the episode was so irritating. I felt like throwing something at my tv. Whoever came up with the concept for this episode should be fired immediately if they haven't been


    I don't mind filler but it has to be at least marginally good.moreless
  • Babyish.

    It was kinda too stupid, I sat down last night to watch it thinking it would be a funny filler, like the imposter gai and lee episode, it turns out it's like some babyshow trying to teach kids a lesson. I don't need to learn any lesson, I need to be entertained, sure there were some funny parts, like the money throwing thing, where all those guys were dressed as hem with hair legs, lol. It was realy corny, It reminded me of a show for preschoolers. I give this episode a 3/10 do to it's supreme lameness, I hope laughing shino dubbed is better.moreless
Kari Wahlgren

Kari Wahlgren


Guest Star

Liam O'Brien (V)

Liam O'Brien (V)

Kunihisa's Bodyguard

Guest Star

Quinton Flynn

Quinton Flynn

Kunihisa's Bodyguard

Guest Star

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    • Kunihisa: Look daddy, look.
      Kunijirou: What is it son?
      Kunihisa: See how it sparkles in the sun.
      Kunijirou: All that glitters is not gold. It's just a marble, it has no value.
      Kunihisa: Not in money, no. But daddy...maybe it has a different kind of value just because it's pretty.

    • (Naruto knocks the two would be kidnappers into the river)
      Kunihisa: Huh? What's going on?
      Naruto: Man, you are one high maintenance kid, aren't you. You don't know how close you came to having those two goons grab you.
      Kunihisa: Oh, it was just another kidnapping attempt, that's all.
      Naruto: Huh? Just another what?
      Kunihisa: It happens all the time 'cause I'm stinkin' rich.

    • Naruto: Are you like this all the time? How do you make friends with an attitude like that?
      Kunihisa: How do you think? (Waves a wad of money) It's easy.
      Naruto: So what you're saying is you buy your friends?
      Kunihisa: Sure. And when I lose one, I just buy another.

    • Kunihisa: Go on, get out of here. You're not even good for sausages, you big fat tub of lard. (The pig becomes very angry) Wait, it's all his fault. He made me... (Points at Naruto)
      Naruto: Huh?
      Kunihisa: He made me do it. I don't even eat pork.

    • Naruto: (Reading list) I've got to clean the pond, repair the bridge, take care of the feral pig... Oh boy.... (Kunihisa is giggling) And now I get to add babysitting to my list of D-ranked missions.

    • Naruto: What is this? I thought I was escorting an important V.I.P.?
      Tsunade: Well that's your problem. I never told you it was an important V.I.P., now did I?
      Naruto: What a dirty rotten tri-
      Tsunade: That's enough, Naruto! Your mission is to play ninja for a day.
      Naruto: What the...? This is so not fair!

    • Kunijirou: So you're the one.
      Naruto: Huh?
      Kunijirou: You really don't mind if my little boy tags along with you and plays ninja for a day? Can't tell you how grateful I am.
      Naruto: Did you say he wants to play ninja for a day?
      Kunijirou: It's an obsession. He's wild about anything ninja. You should hear him, ninja ninja ninja, all day long.

    • Naruto: What-what-what?! You really mean it?! No kidding?!
      Tsunade: Will you calm down?!
      Naruto: Okay, sorry about that. Right, okay, I'm fine now.

    • Kunihisa: Look daddy, look at this marble.
      Kunijirou: What about it son?
      Kunihisa: It's just as pretty and sparkly as a diamond, isn't it.
      Kunijirou: Why, so it is. You're right.
      Kunihisa: But a diamond is valuable and this is totally worthless. Why is that? (Kunijirou doesn't know how to respond) Life's funny, isn't it daddy.

    • Tsunade: This is an important person, and I could think of no one better for the job than you.
      Naruto: At last! I'm finally going to get a mission worthy of my awesome abilities! It's everything I've dreamed of, being the escort of a real V.I.P.
      Tsunade: Will you shut up for one second and LISTEN?!

    • Naruto: Hey, watch it! You're dripping on me!
      Kunihisa: (Crying) I can't help it.
      Naruto: I'm drowning here! Use a hankie or something, please!

    • Naruto: What are you waiting for? An engraved invitation? Go ahead and jump!

    • Naruto: Listen to you. You've got it stuck in your head that money's gonna solve everything.

    • Kunihisa: I bet you don't have a lot of money, right? Poor people lose their tempers a lot.

    • Naruto: (Mumbling) Serve 'em right if I left them all here to drown.

    • Naruto: What's going on, grandma? Why are you doing this to me? Why?!

    • Kunihisa: Are you a ninja?
      Naruto: I don't think I liked the way you asked that question.

    • Naruto: I'm all fired up and ready to go!

    • Naruto: All right, watch me Kunihisa! I'll teach you how great ninja are!
      (Builds up chakra and walks on water)
      Kunihisa: Amazing Naruto! Amazing Naruto

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Well, you know, I hate people like you.
      Kunihisa: Why are you so angry? Jeez, poor people shouldn't be so short-tempered.

      ~Japanese version

    • Kunihisa: Okay Naruto, it's my turn now!
      Naruto: You fool! Hurry up and run away!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: What's the point of making more victims?

      ~Japanese version

    • Tsunade: Listen to me seriously!
      Naruto: Yes ma'am.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Finally... Finally a mission that fits my true skills has come! VIP bodyguard?! That has a nice ring to it!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: My self-motivation has exploded! (A "Volcano" explodes behind him) I'll do it! I'll take the mission!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: So this is just a normal D-rank mission with additional tasks.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Even if you don't use any money, you can get things by yourself if you use your own power.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: With a personality like that, you won't be able to make any friends!
      Kunihisa: You can buy friends with money.
      Naruto: You mean... You buy friends...?
      Kunihisa: As long as I give them money, they will be my friends.

      ~Japanese version

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