Season 7 Episode 21

Impossible! Celebrity Ninja Art: Money Style Jutsu!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 14, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Meh, decent.

    People seem to hate these kinds of episodes; a filler in filler. Sure that's what I would prefer watching; generic fighting arcs with piss poor battle sequences and predictable stories. These enjoyable and totally silly filler episodes are really what we need more of. This episode in particular isn't really up to par as the other fillers in fillers though. At first it seemed promising with some funny moments here and there, but there was so much ground and promise for an even better episode and it just doesn't really deliver. The message about how money can't buy everything wasn't really that well portrayed; lots of things felt forced. Overall not a bad watch.
  • It wasn't that interesting.

    The episode was kinda boring and not that really interesting. But the cool part about this episode was that with Tsunade and Naruto always when she made all those mad funny faces I really laughed at alot. So the episode follows that Naruto must guard a celebrity rich spoiled ninja who his dad is really wealthy. Kunihisa was kinda disgusting with all that snot coming out of his nose which made look in a really disgusting way. Kunihisa learns a lesson that he can get stuff by getting it on his own strength and that money can't buy you everything you want.
  • Uh, OK, wow...

    Like I've said before. I could totally hate a Naruto episode and still give it a 10 just because I love Naruto to death. OK? So don't nag at me for giving this one a 10! Actually, I didn't completely hate it, but if I was like everyone else, I probably would've given it a 7. Anyway, so Naruto comes back from his mission with Shino, Ino, and Anko at that one place where they met Isaribi, who was supposed to come back with them, but was no where insight! Which I know they had to get rid of her before the series actually followed the manga again, but wow! That was fast! So Tsunade sends Naruto out to "escort" some rich guy's kid, and Naruto jumps to conclusions that it's a big job and such. Actually, he's babysitting the kid so he can play ninja and Naruto still has to do all of his normal missions. Tsunade should have stuck him with Udon and Konohamaru because Udon has the exact same "nose condition" that Kunihisa does and Konohamaru actually has time to play ninja. :P Kunihisa is such a stupi name. XD Anyway, he bugs the crap out of Naruto while he's tagging along, and throws money at people when he wants them to do something. No, I mean he actually THROWS money at them. And of course, the people dive bomb it like Kamikazi pilots into Ally ships. Yes, I am awarse Kamikazi is speeled wrong; I didn't know that until a few weeks ago, but Kamikazi is in the title of the manga I'm working on, and I can't change it now. Anyway, Naruto gets made that Kunihisa is throwing all that money around, and tells him you can't buy true happiness. So you can probably guess what happens after that NARUTO SPEECH!!!!! And then some thugs try and kidnap Kunihisa and Naruto saves him, and he is changed forever, blah, blah, blah, same old story.
  • OMG!!!

    What were they thinking. This was the worst filler episode i have ever seen. Did they really need to make this episode? I can not believe this episode actually made it to air. I kept hoping that it would it would get better but it didn't, i'm in disbelief that i sat through and watched the whole episode. The kid in the episode was so irritating. I felt like throwing something at my tv. Whoever came up with the concept for this episode should be fired immediately if they haven't been

    I don't mind filler but it has to be at least marginally good.
  • Babyish.

    It was kinda too stupid, I sat down last night to watch it thinking it would be a funny filler, like the imposter gai and lee episode, it turns out it's like some babyshow trying to teach kids a lesson. I don't need to learn any lesson, I need to be entertained, sure there were some funny parts, like the money throwing thing, where all those guys were dressed as hem with hair legs, lol. It was realy corny, It reminded me of a show for preschoolers. I give this episode a 3/10 do to it's supreme lameness, I hope laughing shino dubbed is better.
  • Worst filler to date.

    The episode revolves around Naruto having to more or less babysit a spoiled rich brat. Every time the kid needs something, he just throws money around to get what he wants. He even uses his money to buy friends. His dad hires Naruto to play ninja with his son because he is fascinated with ninjas. As they are walking through the wilderness a couple of bumbling would be kidnappers see how rich the kid is and start to think of a plan to kidnap him. Naruto comes in to save the day, of course and an important lesson is learned in this episode. The lesson is the only reason I gave it a good rating.
  • It had a good Message

    Basically Naruto gets a Mission to guard a VIP. Instantly he becomes very excited and is very happy that the hokage finnnaly gives him a mission suited for him. Little did he know that it actually is a babysitting mission for a spoiled rich kid. The kid basically loves ninjas, and he himself has a special jutsu. When he wants something done he throws loads of cash in the air and all of his bodyguards go after it and do the deed. Basically Naruto taught him that money is not everything, and he did end up showing him at the very last moment of this episode. It was a filler but it was decent in my opinion.
  • Didn't like it.

    I just didn't like this episode. The plot I hated for some reason, I mean Naruto protecting a spoiled brat from kidnappers? Ok then. And the kid, oh my gosh I hate that guy. The whole time I just wanted to go into the screen and give him a tissue. He is so spoiled I mean seriously. And no offense, but he was so ugly. At least he kind of turned out alright by the end, but wow, I could barely stand watching half of the episode. In fact I watched half, paused it, did some errands, and then watched the other half. Seriously. So that's my review.
  • Ignore the completely obvious and corny lesson and focus on how ugly and funny the boy is.

    That kid is so freaking ugly with his snot hanging like that! Anyway, the episode is kind of silly, with Naruto basically babysitting this rich spoiled little kid who thinks money can get him anything. It's hilarious! Money Clone jutsu he throws money up into the air and can get a bunch of guys to dress up like him with their hairy legs and stuff. He throws money up into the air and he can get a bunch of body guards to do whatever he wants...I'd take the money and run. But Naruto's too good for that. Has to teach him a lesson and stuff.
  • Protect the snot filled kid.

    Eww. Kunihisa had snot hanging from his nose the whole episode. He was a rich, bratty kid but Naruto fixed that. Money really cant buy you everything because sonner or later you'll run out of it. Which is the same scenario Kunihisa was in. But he learned that you have to accomplish your goals with your own powers.
  • Hilarious filler.

    Naruto has to do a special mission that he can only do. And that is... babysit a stupid spoiled celebity kid. While baby sitting him Naruto also has to do regular little missions to clean up the village. The celebity also has body guards with him. His body guards had got paid by some men trying to kidnapp him, so they helped trying to kidnapp him as well. This celebity has made some new jutsu's probaly no one has ever heard. The little brat came up with "Money clone Jutsu" Thats where you throw up one million dollars and give it to poeple to dress like you and fight. Also "Money replacement" thats where you pay your enemy two million dollars to leave you alone. But the enemy are paying the people more so the kid is about to get kidnapp unless Naruto can stop them.
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