Season 7 Episode 18

Infiltration: The Set Up!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 31, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Emo emo emo!

    It looks as if this filler arc is really trying hard to make Isaribi's character the next Sasuke, Gaara, and Neji. All the elements are there; tragic incident, a not so good looking past, and an overwhelming lot of crying. I probably would sympathize with her, but I really just can't. The whole scene with her breaking down in tears because she is a monster is what we've seen over and over again in Naruto, that you can't help but say "sorry girl, I've already seen this so many times." In an attempt to create a tragic character, we end up with an overly melodramatic episode that did nothing else but advance a so far mediocre arc.
  • The group goes to Demon Island to investigate more about the Demon of the Ocean.

    After learning that Isaribi is the Demon of the ocean, Naruto wants to go find her and rescue her. Anko explains that Isaribi was an expriement done by Orochimaru and Amachi so that they would establish an underwater ninja corps (this happen while she was in training with Orochimaru). Afterwards, they decide to head to Demon Island, and there the Genin fall into their trap. Naruto and Ino face off against Misumi, while Shino faces off against Yoroi. Afterwards, the gang gets back together to be confronted by Amachi and Isaribi. Amachi explains his ambitions of taking over the ninja world, and pretty much that's it. Oh, and the entire that the gang's in is about to become rubble soon, so our heroes must get out of there fast! Another 10 out of 10.
  • Misumi is kinda cute! ^_^

    Misumi is kinda cute when he doesn't wear his ugly mask!!! ^_^ As a matter of fact, he looks kinda like the guy I have a crush on now, save Misumi's eyes are the same color. Get over it, I'm a hormonal teenage girl. When my dad makes me and Mom watch Ice Road Truckers with him, I start talking about how cute some of the guys are, then I get Mom involved, and he eventually changes the channel. :P Anyway, in this episode, Isaribi was totally hating on the Leaf Ninja! That's the gangster impersonator in me. :P Isaribi sides with the ugly Yoroi and the gorgeous Misumi and that ugly Amachi. Of course this makes Naruto mad, because he wasted one of his precious speeches on her. So he's like, "Isaribi, come with us!" And she's like, "Boo hoo, no, I can never be normal!" And then Hot Misumi shows up and tries to explode the Leaf Ninja, and then Isaribi and Amachi and Yoroi escape and Ino kills poor Hot Misumi. :(
  • Rescue mission to Demon Island.

    Naruto, Anko, Shino, and Ino head to Demon Island to rescue Isuribi and find out what is going on. When they get to the island, they fall for a trap. All but Anko fall down a trap door set off by Isuribi. Isuribi throws Anko across the room and locks the door. Another door opens and some very large cat-like monsters appear. Anko is able to defeat them and goes in search of the others. Naruto, Shino, and Ino are in a large room and are faced with Yoroi. Shino tells Naruto and Ino to go and he will take care of Yoroi....
  • Not bad For a Filler

    Basically you get to see what the whole purpose of the lab is about and you learn a little bit more about Isaribi and why she is helping them. The bad things about the episode is that not enough action going on. You dont See Anko destroying the Mutated Cats, and we dont see the battle between Shino and Yiroi. The outcome of the battle is that it seemed that Shino was not as easy to take down as Yiroi has planned so he bailed before things got messed up. Other than that not to much to say. Compared to the other fillers its a step up I guess.
  • Not enough detail.

    The reason I don't give this episode as high of a score as the other ones of this filler arc so far is that there wasn't enough detail. Escpecially on the fights. It didn't show how Anko beat those kitties (as she describes them wonderfully), and I was looking forward to seeing that. And it didn't tell how Shino beat Yoroi (which I was also looking forward to seeing). I was taken back at the part where Naruto didn't tell Isaribi that he had a demon inside of him. Well, this episode kind of failed in my high expectations of it, but it was still great.