Season 8 Episode 14

Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 30, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Tsunade talks to Ino about being a double for the princess. Tsunade tells her that everything will be fine and that she is giving Ino an assistant. The assistant turns out to be Naruto.
On their way, Naruto shows his excitement over the mission. They arrived and they see the person that Ino is going to be the double. They look the same but the princess is really fat. She shows them a picture of her when she was skinny and she looked exactly like Ino.
She explains that she got fat because of stress of having to be in an arranged marriage. She then says that she needs a double for the wedding.
Ino and Naruto are meeting up with the husband to be. He does this extravagant entrance. We see the guy and he has really bad fashion sense.
Naruto almost says something but Ino stops him and rushes out of the room.
They start to talk again and this fat guy starts to dance and gives Ino a flower. Ino runs off and starts to punch the wall in anger. Naruto comes up with the idea to just imagine him as Chouji but Ino says that Chouji is fat for a reason. Then he tells her to leave it up to him.
Ino and the princess are talking when they hears someone in the room with Chikara. It was Naruto using the henge jutsu. He transforms into a very provocative pose. Ino runs off and distracts everyone by saying that there are beetles in the ceiling. When everyone is distracted, she uses a jutsu to get Naruto out. She then strangles him and ties him to a tree.
Ino and Chikara are talking when Ino decides to open the door. Outside was Naruto transformed into the Princess Fuku. Ino kicks him right into the pond. Chikara freaks out but to stop him Ino grabs him like she is going to kiss him. Chikara wanted to kiss her but Princess Fuku stopped it.
Naruto gets out of the pond and needs to pee. He does and Princess Fuku sees him. She gets mad and starts to catch him.
Back in the room, they hear something in the roof. They go outside and think that it is raining. It is actually Naruto's pee. Then both princess Fuku and Ino beat up Naruto.
Then Chikara and Princess Fuku finally meet and Chikara asked her to marry him.
On their way back they talk about what happened and Ino tells Naruto that she doesn't want to remember what happened.
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