Season 8 Episode 14

Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 30, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Should have taken other people's advice and not watched this episode.

    What a disgrace of an episode if you can even call it that. This must be what the creator of this story was thinking "Let's make some lame offensive fat jokes, mock Elvis, and make an absurd pee pee joke they'll all love it.". Why did they have to bring down the quality of Naruto by airing junk like this? Please no more episodes like this, they come off as lame and immature. Naruto use to be better than this. Mocking dead people does not equally funny. Making fun of overweight people is just a cheap shot. Try making some original jokes.
  • I think that this was another funny episode.

    Well first off Naruto and Ino must go and help out a princess that became fat and she must loose weight. When Ino takes her place they find out that her true love is also over weight and Ino goes crazy at some points of it which was really funny. Next Naruto transforms into the princess and does really weird and disgusting things. I also think this was a really funny episode and it really needs to get a perfect 10 out of 10. The chubby guy was almost like Choji and he sounded like he was from Texas which was really cool and everyone lives happily ever. Silly episode.
  • Ino meets Elvis

    Even more hillarious than the Laughing Shino Arc, here it is, Chubby Paradise!!! OK, so Tsunade hooks Ino and Naruto up with a mission. Ino has to be a stand in for a at princess that looks exactly like Ino, save for the weight thing, of course. Well, of course since Naruto is on the mission, the whole thing snowballs. No what? No ammount of words I have could describe this. You'll just have to watch it for yourself. But I will tell you that there is an Elvis impersonater that is like triple Choji's weight, and my favorite part is when Naruto pees on the roof!!! XD
  • Naruto and Ino go on a mission where Ino is to be a body double.

    Lady Tsunade gives Ino a mission and tells her that she is to be a body double for a princess. Naruto is going with her because he is the only available one, much to Ino's dismay. They meet the princess and find out why she wanted Ino as a body double. The princess became so nervous about meeting her future husband that she started to eat a lot and became overweight. She asks that Ino go in her place to meet her future groom. Ino goes with Naruto to meet the guy. He comes in with a lot of fanfare and Ino...
  • I died inside when I watched this.

    Although the idea of the Japanese claming Americans as "Elvis-Pressley wannabees" makes me laugh... that still just adds this episode to the top 50 list of "Worst episodes in Anime" in my book.

    First of all, that whole Naruto peeing off the roof was retarded. I really don't watch Naruto to look at this crap.
    Also even for a filler, this made me hate Ino even more for her hatred and steriotyped views of fat people. Unless you want to end up screaming wtf!? after watching this, I do not recommend you to watch this episode. Describing it in two words to end this review:

    Epic Fail.
  • What the...?

    This episode was not good. If they plan to include Ino in an episode, with her as the main character, they might at least try to make it look decent. This episode had horrible "jokes". I am not even sure if they should be called "jokes" at all. They were about vulgar things, (which is why I doubt they will air this episode in the dubbed version) and racism to fat people, well, mostly on Ino's part. (Not like I am fat, but still. . .). So, it was a bad episode overall, at least it didn't have to do anything about the main plot(which is bad still) and didn't screw up and become an arc. Review done.
  • AAAAAAAArggghhhh how can they even put an episode like this on air. It's not at all origional or exciting just dull and slightly vulgar.

    I mean when you expect a filler episode about completing a fuedal lords wish you expect alot more than this. It is very poorly put together and not interesting in the least. The amusement that they were hoping for obviously should have been aimed at an audience a little younger. Although the episode did develop ino's character a little allowing us to know a little more about her. This is in my oppinion the WORST episode in the entire series. I get that it is a filler and isn't supposed to be gripping like the storyline. But couldn't it have been made as well as some of the other fillers. Anyway i give it a 6:1 purely out of respect for the naruto series. :-)
  • Filler. Ino and Naruto on a mission

    This episode was such a filler. It made me laugh though. Basically Ino and Naruto go on a mission to help a chubby girl get the man of her dreams. It seems as if the creator of Naruto has no more ideas for this filler. It is a stupid plot for this episode. But it was funny to see Ino touch the "rain" Naruto made.
  • Okay..... strange but still funny.

    Okay..... so this is a little strange but it is still funny. I can understand why some other people wouldn't really like this episode, but the shows got ta have some fillers every once in a while..... . Plus, besides the creepy kinda messed up part of the whole Naruto turns into Ino- to get a guy- to help another girl- and then gets beet up by Ino, it's not so bad..... okay I maybe get your piont..... Well Anyways, for those of you who don't like the fillers, just don't watch them.... It's kind of simple. ;) Me on the other hand, I am okay witH THEM.
  • Barely made it to a 3

    Fillers all suck thats m philosophy but this was ok it sucked but there were funny scenes that i thought would rather be in a real episode than a pathetic filler that has no story to it. Here is some more i must say. 'FILLERS SUCK" okay i feel better now anyway thats all i have to sa thanks for reading my evil reviews.

    p.s. This episode sucks this season sucks and pretty much all of these fillers suck
  • naruto episode 162

    Another boring filler.

    Its about the daughter of Feudal Lord, and she is looking for double Ino. Unfortunaly they don't look alike except she is fat. Ino's mission is to make romance with a man from Udon Country. Can she arrange marriage/romance with no problems?

    This episode contains awful jokes, some are about urine, and some are fat jokes. This episode is probably the most unoriginal and boring 23 minutes to pass our time. It doesn't contains real plot, connecting to the main story of Naruto.

    The good thing is, the fillers episodes, are in the past. And so is this mediocre episode.
  • Okay episode

    This episode is kinda weird. So Ino has to go act as a double for a princess who is arranged to get married but because she got nervous she started eating a lot and got fat. So they use Ino who looks exactly like the princess before she got fat to talk to the Elvis looking guy and blah blah blah. This is the first time I ever saw Inner Ino usually it is Inner Sakura. In my opinion the funniest part was when Naruto as Ino has to pee so then he goes but the real princess catchs him peeing and starts chasing him. Naruto as Ino jumps on the building running away. Then Ino and the Elvis dude go outside thinking it is raining then out of no where Naruto falls out of the sky and pees on Ino. Overall Okay episode
    Peace out
  • What the?

    This is the worst episode ever in the entire show ever in fillers. Naruto has to go on a mission with Ino. ew. Ino has to be a fat princess. She gains the weight. Here is the bad and nasty part. Naruto dresses as her a pees on Ino. This is just gross not funny. They thought that it would be good. This is pure nastiness and pointless. Episode 192 is the worst in the entire series of Naruto. I am glad the filler are going to end in 3 weeks. This ruined a good anime show. .. .. . 1/10
  • it was hilarious u got ino and naruto alone on a mission. hilarious.

    Naruto and Ino are sent on a mission together. The mission is that Ino needs to inpersonate a female feudal lord. When they get there it turns out the feudal lord looks exaxtly like Ino, execpt the feudal lord ways about 300 pounds more. She being the feudal lord is to meet her prince charming, but she has gained a large amount of weight lately so she needs to bye time untill she can lose the extra pounds. Turns out tht "prince charming" also weights a large sum, freaking out Ino. Although this sounds mean to the heavy set people it isn't they made it funny.
  • OK. Stereotypical and WTF!?

    First of all. There are stereotyping fat people and wait a minute.... did I just see.... EWWWW!!!!!!!!!! That is freakin gross!!!! What were the editors thinking. THinking about making its viewers losing our lunch. Oh my gosh. I am scarred for dear life. A rain of pee. That's digusting. VERY digusting.
  • Naruto goes off on an adventure with Ino.

    Yet another one of the never ending fillers.

    This time it's a story about love and passion. Naruto and Ino are sent to help with a marriage by acting as the daughter of a Feudal Lord, because the Princess has become fat from stress. Unfortunately for Ino, the Prince doesn't seem to be so attractive as the Princess thinks.

    Although the episode is filled with jokes about fat people and the 'piss rain' joke is quite disgusting, the episode shows a nice morale to the story. You don't have to be thin in order to be good looking... too bad Ino just doesn't seem to get it.
  • Essentially a huge joke... the worst joke ever...

    Well I do not have anything against filler episodes, it's not like they have a choice if they don\'t want to outstrip their source material, but I do have something against bad jokes. If you\'re going to try and be funny, be funny. Most people can come up with a decent joke or two if they try real hard... and especially if they\'re getting paid for it. I\'m pretty sure the people who wrote this travesty did so in a smokey room in about 10 minutes. Here\'s how I figure it went down:

    \"So(inhale), what do you guys think of Elvis? I always thought i\'d like him better if he was fat (exhale).\"

    \"Ya and if he tap danced, that\'d be hilarious.\"

    \"(Inhale), You know, they call Elvis the king but then who\'s the Queen(exhale)?\"

    \"I dunno (inhale), but I think she should be fat too.\"

    \"Man do I need to pee(inhale). I\'m too lazy to go to the bathroom i\'ll just go out this window(exhale).\"

    \"Whoa, is that a rainbow or am I just really high(exhale)?\"

    \"I feel like we\'re supposed to be doing something.... are we at work?\"

    \"Holy crap your right! We need an episode and we need it now! How could we have forgotten! The deadline is in 10 minutes! (inhale)\"

    Hence we are presented with the most speedily assembled episode ever, with little or no effort going into this disaster. They could have made an episode where Naruto is sent on a mission to figure out why the chicken crossed the road and it would have been better. I think a class of pre-schoolers could come up with a funnier episode than this in 10 minutes. Sometimes I wonder if thats who they get to write some of these fillers...

  • awful

    |This is the worst filler if not the worst episode ever! This is exactly what makes people want to stop watching this show. They never should have introduced modern non naruto-ish (if you know what i mean) characters. It does not fit the show. And all the fat jokes are ridiculous. The makers deserve a prize for 'most crappyness episode in anime history'. I truly hope there will be no more episodes like this one. It makes it seem as if an overweight person can only be loved by another who is overweight. That and take the word shallow to a whole new level.
  • Ino and Naruto on a mission together. Let the mayhem begin.

    To date, this episode along with 101 has to be the funniest of them all. One, Naruto and Ino are on a mission together. Two, they make a unique duo for anything. Three, they're both good for barrels of laughs.

    One of the characters in it (can't remember the name now) shared a strong resemblance to Elvis Presley. Plus, like Don Kanoji from Bleach, had a knack of speaking English quite a lot, which made him even funnier to listen to. Naruto was himself in the whole episode. But Ino was priceless, I mean, she took center stage and stole the show. Even that little joke about Naruto failing to be a main character in a comic was a classic.

    I swear, I had to pause so many times in order to get the laughs outta me. A lot of people would not like it (and why I ask cause theu had their funny bones removed). But....I dygress. It was funny as hell, especially the way Ino feels about boys liking skinny girls. You'll know what I mean when you watch it.

  • Oh god... what do I say for this?? This is just waaaaay to strange! This humour is just... I can't describe it! And I just can't bring myself to rate it over five for some reason!


    It's just about Ino and Naruto helping a princess that looks like Ino, win a guy called 'Chikara' over...

    How do I say this... this is a bit simple and boring for a naruto episode! This episode made me think that they're making episodes like these on purpose just to irritate us!

    The plot is simple and predictable, the jokes are a bit- no VERY unoriginal! I mean I might of let it off if it was just One or two fat jokes (although they were bad as well) but Naruto transforming into Ino and peeing or that piss rain and all was just going over it- BORING! CRAP!

    It's nice and all that everything worked in the end though, I suppose.

    Should you watch it? Yeah why not- if you're VERY bored. But don't expect not to be speechless or put off by Naruto for a while if you do watch it. Go watch the Chuunin exam or something instead!
  • Hmmmmmmmm....

    This episode would’ve been pretty good I guess, if it weren't for the whole Naruto-girl-peeshower-rainbow dealy. That got me confused and for someone who knows everything, being confused is a frightening experience. And it was also really weird when they made those references to America (apparently, randomly inserting foreign words into your sentences is considered to be quite fromage over there). I wish they had some cooler English words instead of “rose” and “love”. The guy should have impressed them with awesome words like “laser” or “veiled in the frozen shadows of deceit”. Some of it was pretty funny though. Such as… well I can’t remember. The pee rainbow is still stuck inside my head. Seriously, that was messed up, even as far as anime is concerned. Victor Wooten should make a guest appearance.
  • Ino fills in for the daughter of a feudal lord who is now heavy and, in my opinion, has bad taste in men. Ino`s job is to appeal to and arrange a marriage with a gaudy, fat man from the Udon country. In the end, everything strangely works out.♥

    Yeah, we all know this episode was silly, immature, ect. But really! What did you expect from a filler? In my opinion, the art improved greatly from the last arc. That`s deserving of some credit. Also, there was Ino-ness!(Ino fans, holla at me!) And inner Ino! That alone deserves hearting. Watching her fail to learn a lesson in vanity boosted the fact that she is still vain and self-image obsessed. I consider that character development (or reverse development in my opinion)^_^

    For all of you who are complaining about the lack of action, get over yourself. This may be because I`m a girl, but trust me, sometimes just talking is good. The last arcs with fighting were so boring. It`s good to see the action get shoved away for a bit.

    This episode made me giggle, shiver, cringe, smile, and WTF the writers a few times. I ♥ it.
  • downcline of naruto.... basicly what i hoped naruto would never come to...

    Ok every anime has its fillers but this isn\\\\\\\'t even funny... this mission is crap and shouldnt have aired... their just putting fillers out there so the anime doesnt catch up to the manga. Ino has to be a double for a fat ino looking girl. Thats basicly the whole episode. Whoever writes the fillers has sunk to an all time low. If you came to watch some naruto action your in the wrong place God almighty please make the next couple weeks go fast so i can watch the actual naruto storyline. That was my review of Ino screams big boned paradise.
  • *sighs* Not another boring filler episode! Pretty bad, I hope to gets onto the main story.

    Another boring filler.

    Its about the daughter of Feudal Lord, and she is looking for double Ino. Unfortunaly they don't look alike except she is fat. Ino's mission is to make romance with a man from Udon Country. Can she arrange marriage/romance with no problems?

    This show contains awful jokes, etc urine jokes, fat jokes. This episode is probably the most unoriginal and boring 23 minutes to pass our time. It doesn't contains real plot, connecting to the main story of Naruto.

    The good thing is, the fillers episodes, hopefully will be ending at 200. If not, oh well thats a total shame. :( Oh well lets keep our hopes up, that it will surely end!
  • This was totally horrible.

    I actually enjoyed a lot of the other filler episodes, like the Star Village one, the Cowboy/Bounty Hunter one, but ugh, this one means they better get back to the regular story fast. I'm going to admit, I did LMAO with the whole raining w/ rainbow part, but I still thing it was appalling. The jokes and word plays were too much and the entire plot was just plain stupid and pretty mean. An Ino and Naruto team up was inevitable, but they could have wrote something much better. Also, I didn’t know that “America” is part of the Naruto world, neither did I know they knew Elvis…

    Please please please, for the sake of the series, no more fillers!
  • Basically an Ino-look-a-like princess falls in love with some American guy called Chikara. Too ashamed to show her true self, she calls upon Ino (and Naruto) to help her win Chikara over.

    The fillers are currently being created to give the author of the manga, Masashi Kishimoto time to write/draw more for this smash hit manga-turned-anime is proving difficult to impress and is cutting my patience thin for the 'Part Two'.

    With unoriginal humour and crude jokes this episode only got me thinking one thing-
    "Masashi Kishimoto- What are you doing!?"

    Usually Naruto has great and unique storylines...but this?
    It was incredibly boring and too predictable- did anyone really think there could be a twist-and-turn in this plot?

    These fillers are putting the credibility of the Naruto Anime series on the line.

    My advice? Go watch the Chuunin Exam arc again. That's what I did, just to feel the original hope I had in the Naruto Anime.

    To put it simply:

    Total. And. Utter. Crap!
  • Ino and Naruto are chosen to \"protect\" a princess, and boy was it interesting. Ino is sent to impersonate the princess while she meets the future husband.

    I thought this was a hilarious episode, reminiscent of the Kakashi\'s Mask episode. Most people blew this episode out the window just because they can\'t handle a good laugh, I mean come on poeple, it\'s a filler! Since I don\'t expect anything significant or story related out of filler, I thought this was cute and funny. Naruto turned princess is not only a comedic feature but the scene at the end where he, \"goes\", as the princess happens to be funnier than Kakashi\'s mask. All I have to say is poor Naruto for being stuck with people who beat up on him. And that means you Sakura and Ino... If someone says they don\'t like this episode because the only thing about it was stupid comedy, you obviously haven\'t been watching anime. Good comedic relief episode, looks like another good comedy next week.
  • Ino has to impersonate a princess. Lots of bad dialogue, urine jokes, and one of the worst episodes ever. Americans make their first appearance: and we're really fat.

    Oh wow, this is awful. This is way down there with the treasure hunting arc, the last episode they just had ending a mediocre peddler arc with that awful conclusion, and all Konohamaru episodes.

    Ino has to impersonate a princess who looks like her, but she's fat. Many fat jokes follow. At one point Naruto uses his Sexy Jutsu to impersonate Ino (almost funny) but blows it when he pees standing up as Ino.

    This episode plays on fat jokes, potty humor, and stereotypes without really taking the time to counter any of them. Basic message: fat people don't really get loved unless perhaps the other person is fat. This episode will turn a lot of people who were undecided on Ino into Ino-haters as she is a huge jerk. It's filler at its worst.
  • Total crap

    This episode rivals the one where they tried to find out what kakashi looked like under his mask for worst episode ever. I knew it was trouble when it was going to be about Ino, but I never thought they could stoop this low. It's like they made the episode in 5 minutes and took the rest of the week off. No action, no humor, no fights, just garbage. I really wish they would stop with the fillers and move on with following the manga. My advice to everyone, stop watching Naruto anime and just read the manga. Then you can stop wasting 24 minutes of your week on such trash. And i only gave it a 1 rating because the new ending is cool. Otherwise it would be 0.

    Okay. I'm being nice here. I would give this episode a 1, but the ending song made up for this horrible episode. This has got to be the worst Naruto filler epsiode I have witnessed. Please do not download this episode this week. You're wasting your time. So far, most of the filler episodes were pretty good, but this episode....just wait till next week.