Season 8 Episode 14

Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 30, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Okay episode

    This episode is kinda weird. So Ino has to go act as a double for a princess who is arranged to get married but because she got nervous she started eating a lot and got fat. So they use Ino who looks exactly like the princess before she got fat to talk to the Elvis looking guy and blah blah blah. This is the first time I ever saw Inner Ino usually it is Inner Sakura. In my opinion the funniest part was when Naruto as Ino has to pee so then he goes but the real princess catchs him peeing and starts chasing him. Naruto as Ino jumps on the building running away. Then Ino and the Elvis dude go outside thinking it is raining then out of no where Naruto falls out of the sky and pees on Ino. Overall Okay episode
    Peace out