Season 2 Episode 48

Jiraiya: Naruto's Potential Disaster!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 14, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Hilarious episode.

    This episode was just flat out funny with Jiraiya and Naruto delivering the same comedy goodness, but Sasuke had some great moments himself too, such as when he describes Naruto as a blond haired kid with a stupid face. And then thinking he found his room, it was another kid with blond hair with an old man with white hair. Other than that, Naruto and Jiraiya are starting to form good chemistry with each other; relationships and small talk are probably the most underappreciated things in anime. What also delivered is Jiraiya's flashback of when Sarutobi was still his teacher. Flashbacks when they aren't excessive are a very nice treat to watch.
  • Jiraiya takes Naruto with him to train him as they look for Tsunade.

    Jiraiya takes Naruto with him to an outpost town to look for Tsunade. On the way there Naruto learns that Jiraiya taught the Fourth Hokage and Jiraiya learned from the Third Hokage. It seems that Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru were all students of the Third Hokage. Jiraiya fell for the same traps that Naruto did when he took the bell test. As they head into town, Sasuke is looking for Kakashi. He goes to Kakashi's room and find Gai, Asuma, and Kurenai standing around Kakshi who is passed out in bed. Sasuke asks what's going on and Gai tries to come up with something when a ninja bursts in adn says something about Itachi. Rage fills Sasuke's eyes and he takes off....
  • Great episode

    This episode of Naruto is the third episode of the Return of Itachi story arc. What happens is Guy, Asuma, and Kurenai take an unconscious Kakashi home to rest, where they decide Sasuke should not know of Itachi's return. Despite their wishes, Sasuke finds out, and also learns that Itachi is after Naruto. Determined to kill Itachi for murdering the Uchiha clan, Sasuke rushes out to find Naruto, though discovers that Naruto has already left the village with Jiraiya. In another town, Naruto sits in a hotel room while Jiraiya tries to pick up women. Soon after his arrival in the room, someone knocks on the door, and when answering it Naruto finds Itachi to be there. Overall great episode, but not the best one of the story arc.
  • Jiraiya's such a perv.....

    Good episode. ^_^ Their needs to be more. Anyway, Itachi knocked Kakashi out solid and Kurenai, Asuma, and Guy have to drag him home. They all decide that Sasuke should never find out about Itachi's return. Sasuke comes into Kakashi's room, while Guy, Asuma, and Kurenai are still there. Sasuke wants to know why Kakashi is unconcious. Some random Jonin bursts into the room asking if the rumors about Itachi Uchiha returning to Konoha are true. Well, the secret's out now. Sasuke also learns that Itachi and Kisame are after Naruto. Sasuke wants nothing more than to kill Itachi for murdering their parents. He runs off to find Naruto, only to discover that he left with Jiraiya earlier. In another town, Naruto is tagging along with the Pervy Sage who is trying to pick up women. Naruto is sitting in the hotel room he shares with Jiraiya, when someone knocks on the door. He opens it, only to find none other than the infamous Itachi Uchiha.
  • Naruto and Jaraiya go looking for tsunade.

    In this episode jaraiya and naruto are looking for tsunade and jaraiya remembers when he was a kid and he went through the bell training with his old partners orochimaru and tsunade. He was the one that got tied up on the log while orochimaru and tsunade got the bells.Then sasuke goes to kakashi's room and see's him on the bed with Gai,asuma and kurenai.They try to keep the return of itachi a secret from sasuke.But some guy comes in and says if it's true that itachi came back and is after naruto.And sasuke goes looking for naruto and jaraiya.
  • Funny and we get to see Jiraiyas past when he first becomes a ninja and we see a prev Sartuobi also this episode was great

    Well this episode was funny it had a lot of funny parts serious parts and a ver sexy part with a very sexy lady that seduces Jiraiya and Itachi and Kisame find naruto and will extract his Kyuubi anyway this episode was very, very Funny and we get to see Jiraiyas past when he first becomes a ninja and we see a prev Sartuobi also this episode was great.
  • So, basically all silly and funny.

    Great! Tsunade's voice was unexpected to be like that but nice. The Episode was very funny. It was nice to see the young sannin. Sarutobi was a perv. HA! The best was when Jiraiya and Naruto Were all Checking out the girl and Naruto got pervy like Jiraiya, the pervy sage. The crow that was flying over Jiraiya when he was introducing to Naruto what he "really" was. Then there was the part where sasuke opens the door to see a surprised Sakura. Also with the scared litte kid that looked like naruto who was scared that a ninja was at his door. Hilarious.
  • I laughed. I cried. Okay, the tears were from laughing so hard, but that is besides the point.

    Oh Aoba, WHAT are we going to do with you? For the uninformed, Aoba is some random ninja. His entire existence within the realm of Naruto is to do one thing. And friends, who remebers what that one thing was? Oh yes, Aoba was the ninja that barged in shouting about Itachi, with a room full of jounin. And sasuke. Oopsie daisy. Meanwhile, Jiyriya ditches Naruto for a woman (suspicous woman...) so Naruto is all to his lonesome. Until...SOMEONE knocks at the door. It's pretty trippy, how the animators staged this out. Because as Naruto is getting up to answer the door we assume Sasuke is at the other end, because in another scene we saw Sasuke knocking at a door. But its-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ITACHI!!!!!!!!1

    Itachi, YOU KNOW, that guy. If you don't know ITACHI then well...I don't know. I suggest you find out who he is, because if not for Itachi, Sasuke wouldn't be all angsty, and if Sasuke wasn't all like "Itachi, I must KILL YOU!!!111111", then he wouldn't turn to the dark side and Naruto and Sakura wouldn't get angsty either. But more about THAT later.

    Anyways, this is a stellar episode. I know I am one to whine about the dub, but I thought it did a super job. Especially with Itachi. I think he has Holland's voice (from Eureka 7) and that is splenderific. I didn't mind the other people either, and I am getting used to Jiyraiya. This episode was hugely entertaining. I am SO glad Chuunin exams and such are finally over, my love of Naruto has been revitalized! Look forward to the next few episodes, as they get in depth with Sasuke's past and Itachi's bastard-ness, they get better.
  • Jaraiya and Naruto search for Tsunade.

    This is a definite classic. Such a great interaction between Naruto and pervy sage.

    Kinda funny when you think about it this way:

    Jaraiya is a total perv. He is trained by Saratobi. Jaraiya boasts to Saratobi about his peeping mission expertise. Saratobi embarrassedly says he will follow Jaraiya next time to see for himself. Jaraiya calls him a perv. Jaraiya later trains the 4th Hokage as a youngster. The 4th is very much like Naruto in personality and looks. The 4th trains Kakashi. Kakashi is a perv because he reads dirty novels written by Jaraiya. Kakashi is sensei to Naruto who now is trained by Jaraiya who Naruto thinks is a perv. Seems like a long line of perverts teaching perverts.
  • In this Episode Naruto accompanies Jiriyia on one of his research trips in search of a certain woman in particular. Sasuke finds out that his older brother Itachi is back and is after Naruto.

    I love the 'pervy sage'! I couldn't stop laughing. Without him the episode would have been very boring. How Naruto acts in response to him is literally to die for. Also I think that Sasuke may be overreacting just a little bit because Naruto can take care of himself and doesn't need sasuke to start searching for him in the outpost town.
    If Sasuke was looking for Naruto and Jiriyia, he should of just told the people behind the desks at the inns he visited their names instead of their descriptions. I also can't wait until Jiryia actually starts training Naruto.
  • Jiriaya and Naruto search for Tsunade.

    This was a good episode to watch. The flashbacks in the episode were nice to watch. Jiraiya's training days are not dis-similiar from Naruto's which suggests a connetion between the two of them. Naruto was funny when he got himself tangled in the bell strings and landed into dog dung. What a ditz. Jiraiya on the other was an absolute dupe. Not only does he run off with the first girl he sees but he also allows Naruto to be alone. Something that responsible adults are never suppost to do. To top it off Jiraiya know that Itachi was after Naruto. Good thing Sasuke is on the job but will he get there in time to save Naruto? Find out in the next episode!
  • Pretty much sets everything up, I'd say.

    This was definetly one of those episodes with moments. Here we have the premiere of the wide eyed crow, a recognizable sight in many later episodes. Then we see the first sign of Tsunade, who makes an appearance not too long from here. We find that Itachi has at last located Naruto. And then of course we figure out that the wise, charismatic sage we know as Sarutobi, the Third Hokage...Is actually a total pervert. *Rolls footage of Sarutobi blushing after hearing of Jiraiya's "peeping" occasions.* (And this guy became the Thrid Hokage?) All in all, a very interesting episode, revealing some very interesting content.
  • Nicely done.

    Well basically Naruto goes off to train with Jiraiya. Itachi is tracking them down. After Sasuke realizes this, he chases them down. In the end Sasuke goes to the wrong door, and Itachi finds Naruto. Some moments I liked. When they show the flashback of the third hokage, Jiraiya, Tsundae, and Orochimaru. I kind of expected Tsunade to punch Jiraiya or something. Another part. At the end it seemed like Naruto was going to open the door to Sasuke but he didn't. Another part, when Sasuke and Sakura interact(yes I know lame but hey if you like Sasuke and Sakura you'll settle for anything). So this was a good episode leaning into a better one. That's my review.
  • The search for Tsunade

    Jiraiya and Naruto continue their journey searching for Tsunade.Sakura was planning to give an gift to Sasuke.However she than thought of Naruto.In the flashback she remembers about Naruto and she was thanking Sasuke,for ruesucing her.However it really was Naruto.Sasuke begin to think of his weakness and how he's not strong.Itachi and Kisime continue their hunt for Naruto.Naruto begin to learn about the 4th hokage and the 3rd hokage.Seeing the bell Jairaiya remembered his experience trying to get the bell.When Sasuke went to find Kakashi laying in the bed.Not wondering what happened to him.He than learns that Itachi has returned back to the viliage but coming right after Naruto.Sasuke wonders why and leaves to searched for Naruto to warn him.

    This episode was totally awsome.Poor Sasuke running hotel to hotel to find Naruto and almost finding Naruto.Except in the end didn't.Jiraiya flashback was funny! Same as Naruto sorta.
  • Good

    ve you see a stupid blond kid and a white haired old man? This was a funny episode, Jiraiya starts dating this woman that is maybe about 22-30 years younger that he is. How perverted as usual. As they search for Tsande Sasuke is searching for naruto and ero sennin and asks Have you seen a stupid blond haired kid and and a white haired old man and this kid that looks like naruto and some old man. That is not sasuke knocking on naruto's door it actully Itachi sasuke's older brother this is danger. Next time more things happen
  • This episode is kind of funny.

    This episode was one of the best episodes. In this episode Jiraiya talks about his past. Sakura's mom told her to bring a box of chocolate to her house and she decided to bring some for Sasuke and Naruto. The funniest part of this episode was when Jiraiya and Naruto saw this lady and thought that she was hot. They started to turn crazy and they were staring at her. That part started to crack me up.
  • Many things are revealed in this episode.

    In this episode, we learn a little bit about Jiraiya's past. I found it very interesting that Jiraiya was trained by the third Hokage. After he learned from the third Hokage, Jiraiya was able to teach a kid, who would eventually become the fourth Hokage. It also showed Jiraiya was almost like the mirror image of Naruto in his youth, which shows that Naruto will probably learn many things from Jiraiya, and Naruto will amount to levels even higher that he is right now (which is kind of high at his age). I also observed that the fourth Hokage was Kakashi's teacher, so it is possible with a combination of the things Naruto will learn from Kakashi and Jiraiya that Naruto may become a high level ninja or even Hokage.

    Later, Sakura finally learns that Naruto is the one that saved her from Garra, and he defeated Garra. Sakura was friends with Naruto before, and she respected him, but now I think it has gone on a new level. Also, Sasuke learns that his brother, Itachi, is after Naruto. I thought it was sweet that Sasuke is willing to put himself in danger and find Naruto before Itachi get to him first. Unfortunately for Naruto, Itachi does manage to get to him first. It is a very suspensful ending.
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