Season 2 Episode 5

Kakashi and Orochimaru: Face-to-Face!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 01, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Kakashi faces off against Orochimaru and Shino battles Zaku.

    Zaku has just used his wind cannon in his arm to attack Shino. Confident he has already won, Zaku is surprised to see Shino get up like nothing happened. Shino then directs Zaku's attention behind himself. It seems that Shino is controlling an army of beetles that are advancing toward Zaku. Zaku has a flashback to when he was younger. He steals some bread and is beat up by two men. He runs into Orochimaru who promises to make him stronger if Zaku follows him. Back to the battle, Zaku reveals that both of his arms are capable of doing the wind cannon attack....
  • Shino vs Zaku.

    A cleverly plotted episode. Kakashi tries to fight Orochimaru and Shino fights Zaku. The ending for of fights were interesting. Kakashi impulsively tried to fight Orochimaru and Zaku overconfidently tried to defeat Shino. Well I was not surprised with the ending of the battle of Kakashi and Orochimaru for they did not fight at all. Kakashi made clear that he would fight him but Orochimaru didn't have any interest in fighting him of course. The sound village was very powerful but to see that Shino's bugs had stopped him really made a big difference. I liked this episode because of that battles that were happening. A very interesting outcome indeed. Kankuro and Misumi are the next fight.
  • Orochimaru appears.

    Shino and Zaku continue their fight. Shino uses bugs against Zaku to gain an advantage. However Zaku has an ace up his sleeve and reveals that his other arm is not broken. Shino on the other hand decides early on that he would send bugs into Zakus wind cannon. Which plugs up his slicing sound wave and destroys his arms resulting in Shinos victory. We find out through Neji that Shino is part of the Aburame clan whose primary technique involves the use of bugs. Elsewhere Kakashi seals the Curse Seal on Sasuke. When he finishes explaining how it works to Sasuke. Right after Sasuke passes out Orochimaru appears and tells Kakashi that his goal is to posses the Sharingan. Kakashi tells Orochimaru that if he takes one more step towards Sasuke that one of them will die. Orochimaru says that he doesnt need to take Sasuke now because he will eventually seek him out for the power he is seeking. The next battle is Kankuro against Misumi.
  • O_O Orochimaru scary!!!!!

    Orochimaru shows up while Kakashi is trying to seal Sasuke's curse seal. Kakashi threatens to kill Oro, but he brushes Kakashi off. But Oro still walks away anyway. As he leaves, Kakashi tells himself that he couldn't have killed Oro on his own. (He needs back up from the Power Puff Girls!!!!!) Meanwhile, Shino is still fighting Zaku from the Sound Trio. Zaku has air cannons lodged in his hand and they can send out super soud waves. Shino sends out his bugs and they invade Zaku's air cannons, and the air is backed up and Zaku's arms explode from too much air build up. They had really freaky lookin' holes in them. Shino Aburame is the winner!!!!! ^_^ Hayate makes the board go again to decide who will fight the next match. A Sand Ninja vs. A Leaf Ninja. Kankuro vs. Misumi Tsurugi. Misumi is one of Kabuto's teammates.
  • Zaku verses Shino.

    Zaku and Shino face off. Zaku remembers his past with Orochimaru. Afterwards Shino quickly defeats Zaku with his bugs. So that part was ok I guess. When that is happening Kakashi inflicts a seal on Sasuke's curse mark. Orochimaru comes though, and Kakashi says that he is not afraid and gets his Chidori ready. Too bad Orochimaru goes away. So basically in this episode nothing really happened except Shino verses Zaku and Kakashi sees Orochimaru. I think that's there all that's left to say about this episode. Uh, that is my review sorry if you disagree with the score. Done.
  • great episode, don't know why others say nthing happened, alot did.

    Kakashi was just finished sealing the curse mark on Sasuke's shoulder so that it wouldn't bother him. Kakashi was explaining the seal is just as strong has your will to stop it, so if Sasuke every doubts he will be in trouble. Just as this was finsih Orochimaru arrived, he wasn't that happy about Sasuke getting the curse mark sealed. Orochimaru threatened to give him Sasuke or fight him. Kakashi was a bit frightned. He knew he wouldn't hand over Sasuke, but he knew he couldn't compare to a legendary Sannin. But they got out un-scaved. Now for the next match for the pre-lims shino just beat zaku, who will be next?
  • Orochimaru shows up!!

    After Sasuke uses his Lion's Barrage against his opponent in the selective phase of the Chuunin Exams, he insists that he does not need medical attention, though he is clearly fatigued and in pain. Kakashi refuses to listen, however, to his protests, and picks him up. He takes him down to what presumably is the basement or a windowless room, and marks seal-runes all over Sasuke's body. He then tells him that the pain will only last a moment, and makes numerous hand-signs to preform a Curse-Sealing Jutsu. Sasuke then screams for what is to be percepted as thirty-or-so seconds, then falls unconscious. To add more problems into this episode, Orochimaru shows up and states that, "It has been a long time, Kakashi." He then steps towards Sasuke and Kakashi gets in between them. "You must have certainly grown to be able to seal one of my curse marks." Kakashi steps in between Sasuke and Orochimaru, saying that if the Sannin took one more step towards Sasuke, one of them would die there, and basically begging for a fight. This was pretty much signing his own death-warrant, because even an extremely powerful Jonin like Kakashi would stand very little or, most likely, absolutely no chance against one of the Legendary Three.
  • Sauake is down, Kakashi used alot of chakra to seal the curse mark, Orochimaru is ready. What will happen...A review from an Artist.

    Kakashi has sealed Sauske's curse mark that completly takes over in mid-battle. When Sauske uses his sharingan the curse hurts him and he loses control. Just after Sauake's battle Kakashi takes him into a room and tells him to wait. The next battle begins and Kakashi is doing a lot of writing on Sauske. As soon as he finishes he does numerous hand signs then hits his back and says "curse sealing". Once it is over Orochimaru appears and talks about how it's impresive that Kakashi can do a curse sealing while he snickers an laugh. This is my masterpiece.
  • I feel like lately, the only thing I've been putting as my classification for my episode reviews is "Nothing happened".

    After using his sealing technique to seal the cursed seal tattooing Sasuke's back, Orochimaru appears in front of Kakashi. The almighty Kakashi was instilled with fear, slowly wanting to back away with the sight of the menace. However, Orochimaru only wanted to talk to Kakashi; he told him that his sealing technique will be ineffective, for it's based on the will of the user, and Sasuke desires power, which the cursed seal provides. Back in the preliminaries, Zaku, seeming to be on the verge of defeat, gets a flashback. He thought that tricking Shino into thinking he was capable of using only one hand would give him the advantage, but Shino, using his bugs, blocked the air holes in Zaku's hands, causing his arms to implode. The next round, Kankorou vs. Tsurugi.

    Does anyone else find it how Kankorou doesn't have a last name? Anyways, much like the past two or three episodes, virtually almost nothing has been accomplished other than a handful of things. Zaku's flashback was pretty much unncessary since he lost, was completely owned, it wasn't emotional, and hardly put up a fight against the much superior Shino. They were better off giving a random flashback to Iruka instead of Zaku, but that's just me. Unfortunately, since Zaku's useless flashback consisted of most of the episode, there really isn't much material to talk about. Though what I do love is Shino's unique way of fighting. This is the one thing I really adore about Naruto; every single fighter has their own way of fighting, and it isn't something as broad as each character using a different element, such as fire, water, or simply using a different way, like a sword of axe. Using bugs isn't really anything new, since it's been kind of utilized before, but how Shino wielded them was just awesome.
  • i was fairly dissapointed w/ this episode.

    when i first heared tat we get 2 c kakashi in action, i waz so stoked! kakashi iz my favorite character and we havent seen him in the spotlight 4 a while. but this episode didnt do anythin 4 me. there wasnt any acton between orochimaru and kakashi. but thanks tat they had the zaku vs. shino battle conclusion. 2 bad tho tat this episode lacked alot of action, like in the manga. but shino fillin the tunnels in zaku's hands w/ bugs, tat waz pretty clever. thank shino 4 keepin the episode excitin cuz the kakashi and orochimaru face off didnt do squat.
  • Nothing happened in this episode, but i still like it!

    Kakashi and Orochimaru talk for a little while and Kakashi uses his lightning blade but stopd b/c Orochimaru taunts him. They dont fight eachother or anyting, but Orochimaru sayas he wants Kakashis Uchiha powers (Sharingan). Meanwhile Shino and Zaku continue their fight with some flashbacks of Zakus past when he steals the bread from dome people and proves himself worthy to Orochimaru by fighting someone. Zaku then raises both of his arms and suprises everyoone because they though one of Zakus arm was completly broken. He is about to use his slicing sound wave and then Shinos bugs go into Zakus air holes. Shino backnuckles Zaku and wins the figh. Dosu swears to avenge his teamates loss. Zakus arms are useless.
  • hmmmm not so good

    i did not really get to see this tv episode of naruto but
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    that is ok eh its sounds alright but yea i did not really get to see this tv episode of naruto but
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    that is ok eh its sounds alright but yeai did not really get to see this tv episode of naruto but
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