Season 3 Episode 4

Keep on Training: Pop Goes the Water Balloon!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 12, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Training training trainin!

    The best parts of shounens are its fights, characters, and adventures, but another really satisfying aspect about them is the progress the characters make in order to be capable fighters. Naruto is unique in that it has an entire science dedicated to its chakra system; no other shounen fighting system is as deep except for Hunter X Hunter, Bleach is a couple notches down. Here Naruto is still training to pop the balloon and finally succeeds. Jiraiya brings him to the next exercise that is basically the same only this time, he has to pop a rubber ball. The training Naruto goes through isn't the only thing that made this episode a great watch. Naruto watches on as he sees a kid and father share a popsicle and wishes something similar from Jiraiya; to supervise his training. Instead Jiraiya options to go clubbing. How Naruto reacted to this was really mature; he hid his feelings even though it was evident he wanted someone looking out for him and continued his training. It ended perfectly with Jiraiya sharing a popsicle with Naruto.
  • Naruto begins his training on a new jutsu.

    Jiraiya instructs Naruto to use the chakra in his hand to pop a water balloon. Naruto tries and tries, but can only make the water spin inside the water balloon. Jiraiya then asks Naruto which way he is spinning his chakra. Naruto says to the left, but Jiraiya looks at Naruto's hair and tells him that he should be spinning it to the right because that is his natural chakra flow. Naruto tries that, but continues to spin the water and not burst the balloon. One morning Naruto notices the cat, Whiskers, playing with the water balloon. The cat bats the balloon around until it pops. "That's it" Naruto says.....
  • Naruto takes on the Rasengan!

    As their search for Tsunade continues, Jiraiya teaches Naruto the Rasengan. But unfotunatley, the orange dork isn't making any progress, and bugs the Pervy Sage for tips. Then Uzumaki decides that he'll master the jutsu in 3 days. Jiraiya laughs at him, and informs him that the 4th Hokage, creator of the Rasengan, took 3 years to develop it. Well, Naruto should be able to do it in 3 days, because Yondaime was his father, plus he has Kyuubi's chakra inside him. And also, if he is the son of Yondaime AND Lady Tsunade (not at all likely, just a little theory I have ^_^), he should be able to pull it off in no time. Jiraiya goes on to explain that popping the water balloon in only the first step, there are two more to come, then he leaves Naruto to his training.
  • Good ol' Jiraiya, you just had to do this to Naruto, didn't you?

    Jiraiya really pushed Naruto this episode. It was kinda cute how Naruto kept training as much as he could. When he felt bad, he just pushed harder. But once again, his main drive is to be Hokage. I really enjoyed how he just didn't give up. And he used his resources as well to find out a god idea on how to pop the balloon. Using the cat's strategy was ingenious! An all around good episode with humour written into it, as well as some angst. I really feel for Naruto when he saw the boy with his father. And then when Jiraiya gave him the popsicle...
    A very cute episode, but I am hoping that the training fillers will end soon and we can get into more action.
  • Pop Goes The Balloon!

    Jiraiya decided to give Naruto some more training with an water ballon and helping him in his jutsu training.The next day Naruto tries practicing on his own with another water balloon.Meanwhile Jiraiya is too busy flirting with the ladies as usual.Naruto on his own practice and practice till he got it right.Jiraiya leaves Naruto alone his training on his own explaining why.Frustrated Naruto doing all over and over again.Jiraiya forces Naruto,to get lunch.When he see's an father and his boy.I guess was thinking about his own family that he doesn't know wishing Jiraiya could stick around.Except only Jiraiya is flirting still with the ladies.

    This is an very good episode.-
  • I found this episode boring.

    I'm not sure if I found it boring because I don't like Naruto, or it's because I just didn't like the episode. All that happened is that Naruto finally manages to pop the water baloon and then see's if he can pop a ball. Oh my. So interesting. The bond between Naruto and Jiraiya I also didn't find too sentimental(if that's a bad thing it should be). I just found it boring. And no, I am not a dubb watcher. That's my review shortest review I have ever written because the episode was pretty boring but it's a Naruto episode so hey great whatever.
  • Jiraiya has Naruto begin a 3 phase training program which is an A-Class Skill. The First Phase deals with bursting a water balloon ball, which deal with the spinning of chakra. The Second Phase deals more with Power. Can Naruto defeat these phases?

    Naruto is truly growing as a person and as a ninja. I loved this episode.

    With the first phase, I found it was absolutely awesome how Naruto worked through the problem. How he figured out how to burst the water balloon.

    Jiraiya on the other hand...while I am glad that he wants Naruto to learn on his own, to stand on his own, and to be a stong and capable ninja, how he acts in the show is funny, but completely inappropriate.

    While I feel sorry for Naruto in the end when he sees the interaction of a father and a son, I'm am glad at how much Naruto has grown so far and how much I know he will continue to grow.
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