Season 8 Episode 6

Kiba's Long Day

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 02, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Akamaru and Kiba has defeated someone who had infiltrated Konoha. The man who had infiltrated the village had a special technique that caused living things to go mad and lose control of their bodies. Tsunade realizes this so she asks Naruto to follow Kiba and Akamaru afterwards. As Naruto was sneaking around the Inuzuka's house, Akamaru found him and bit him. Akamaru wouldn't let go, and Kiba had to pull him off. They both reacted, since Akamaru had never attacked a comrade before. Later that night around five ANBU black ops were killed by some beast. They found some of Akamaru's hair at the scene. Tsunade orders for Akamaru to get examined at the vets'. Kiba then goes to the Hokage's room and overhears a conversation where the Hokage tells Naruto that if they can't heal him they will have to kill Akamaru. Kiba gets shocked, so he went to visit Akamaru. Kiba took Akamaru with him and flees, nobody noticing him. Many ninja chases after them when they realize he took Akamaru. Naruto and Kiba's sister finds him just as Akamaru is losing control. His sister has one shot for Akamaru with her. It has a 50% chance of healing him and a 50% chance of killing him. Naruto and Kiba's sister rushes in to stop the huge vicious dog that is now Akamaru. Akamaru overpowers them. Kiba stands there, looking sad. Akamaru knockes the shot away it falls to Kiba's feet. Akamaru jumps up and is about to pounce on Kiba. Kiba just stands there and let Akamaru attack him. Kiba wakes up later in a hospital bed with Akamaru by his side laying on a bed of his own. Kiba says that when Akamaru attacked him, he just missed his vital areas because he fought himself as hard as he could to not kill Kiba. Now they are ok, back to their normal ninja lives.