Season 8 Episode 6

Kiba's Long Day

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 02, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Good episode shows a little of Kibas past

    This episode starts out with Kiba, Hinata, and Shino training in the woods then all of a sudden Shinos bugs start attacking Akamaru. Shino trys to tell them to stop but they wont listen, then the bugs go back to Shino and Kiba says hes done for the day and he leaves, Shino comments that his bugs have never disobeyed him before.You then find out that Akamaru has some sort of virus. Tsunade orders Naruto to keep an eye on Akamaru this leads him to Kibas house where Akamaru bites him, Kiba tells him to stop but he wont listen then he lets go.Naruto goes back to Tsunade and she says that they might have to kill Akamaru the news gets to Kiba and he takes Akamaru and runs into the forest he is being chased by a special tracking team Akamarus fur starts turning red. Naruto arrives and tells him that they have a cure for Akamaru but its a 50% chance it will work or it will get worse. Kiba does not beleive him and starts to fight him. By now Akamaru has become a big 8 foot tall dog snarling. The team has arrived, Kiba is shocked to find out that its his sister Hana and her three dogs. Naruto and Kiba stop fighting.Naruto trys to help Hana inject the cure into Akamaru Kiba stays back in horror thinking of what happened before to Akamaru. After trying Naruto and Hana cannot put the injection in. Then Kiba comes up to Akamaru and tells him hes sorry that he did not mean to hurt him. Akamaru attacks Kiba. The next scene is in a hospital where Kiba and Akamaru lie in bed they ask how much did Akamaru hurt him Kiba replies that Akamru missed with the last of his will he made himself miss the Kibas vital organs. Kiba and Akamaru lay in bed to recover