Season 3 Episode 14

Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 21, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Shizune tells everyone that there is a hot spring that is really close by. Naruto and Jiraiya tells her that they need to head straight towards Konoha but Tsunade persuaded Jiraiya by telling him that it was a mixed bath. They went to the hot spring but two mysterious characters are watching them.
Naruto and Jiraiya went to the Hot spring while Tsunade and Shizune goes to gamble. After Naruto is done he goes to his room and finds that they have been robbed. He sees a note on the wall so he goes to the place indicated in the note. He sees to guys there and he beats them up. They tell Naruto that Tsunade owes them money.
Tsunade runs out of money so she tells Shizune to get their luggage that contains their money. Suddenly, a worker gave Shizune a note and she runs off to find Tsunade. It turns out that the note states that people have kidnapped Naruto and if they want him back they need to bring money.
Tsunade goes to where Naruto is and the brothers threatened her that if she doesn't pay they are going to kill Naruto. She decides to give them money but it was all fake.
Tsunade is sitting in her room and is protecting her luggage. Naruto transforms into Shizune to get the bag. Tsunade used a fishing pole to get the bag but Naruto threw a kunai to cut the line. He grabbed the bag and runs for it. Naruto used shadow replication to try and confuse Tsunade but Tsunade also used shadow replication. After she has exterminated all the clones she captured the real Naruto. The luggage opens and reveals all the debt that Tsunade has. Suddenly, another Tsunade arrives and it turns out that the Tsunade fighting Naruto is Shizune.
All of them sat around a table and someone tells that Akagi brothers that Tsunade has already paid her debt.
They started to leave but they forgot Jiraiya who was still in the hot spring.

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