Season 3 Episode 14

Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 21, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Well well well...

    There is nothing more I hate than anime fillers. And this episode fits nicely into that category. Why did they have to throw this random story about Tsunade's debts in? Don't they know we are all waiting for Tsunade to return to the Leaf Village and become Hokage? We do not want to see Naruto befriend a couple of losers who don't know how to do their job. It would have helped if they made the two losers look memorable, but instead they look like run of the mill background characters, and that is where they belong. The background. And this has been bugging me for a while, but what is with the pig? It doesn't really seem to do much... Anyways, this episode could have been a lot better.
  • Chill episode

    Episodes like these go greatly under-appreciated because there isn't any fighting nor does it advance the plot, however, it is fun and light hearted. Reminds me a lot of the driving episode in Dragonball Z; it is every bit as good and just as fun. Random and spontaneous events can sometimes be entertaining to watch, like how Naruto decided to give it his all to help the Akagi subordinates get the money back from Tsunade and Shi-zune disguising herself as Tsunade to hide all of Tsunade's money debt bills. It all feels like a gigantic mess that makes sense and you can't help but feel entertained about it, and what is even more bizarre is how in the end, Tsunade already had paid off the debt. The scenes with Jiraiya boiling himself in the hot springs in anticipation of cute girls to come was very amusing itself too.
  • Not the best, but still funny.

    This episode starts off with Naruto, Jaraiya, Tsunade, and her assistant are heading to the Leaf Village. They come across a town that is known for it's hot springs. Tsunade wants to stop and convinces Jaraiya to stop by telling him that the steam baths are mixed (men and women together). Naruto and Jaraiya take a steam bath while Tsunade and her assistant go and play the slot machines. Naruto finishes up and leaves Jaraiya in the bath (Jaraiya is hoping that some women will show up). When Naruto goes to the room, he finds that it has been ransacked and the necklace that Tsunade gave him is gone. A note on the wall tells him to go to a place outside of town to confront the theives. Pandemonium then ensues......
  • filler episode .. not to bad

    this episode is a filler episode but for a filler its not that bad some parts were VERY funny and exciting. i think this is one of the best fillers yet though like the ending was getting alittle boring but the beggining and the middle was well good and funny i like the part when tusnade was chasing naruto and they all made clones and punching each other and stuff lol and i also like the part when while tusnade was chasing naruto they steeped all over those two other guys (i forgot the names) so for a filler is not bad i give this episode a 8.5/10 .
  • Tsunade's gambling debt finally catches up to her.....

    OK, this is one of the many, many filler episodes in Naruto. Most of them are pretty lousy, but this one was pretty good. In the words of the great Adrian Monk, OK, here's what happened. (LOL, I just had to say it! :P) Tsunade and S h i z u n e decide to stop at a hot spring on the way home to Konoha. Jiraiya and Naruto are against it, but Jiraiya changes his mind when Tsunade tells him that it's coed bathing. Naruto runs into two members of the Akagii family who stole the necklace that Tsunade gave to him, and they tell him that they can't go home until Tsunade pays their gambling debt. Naruto agrees to help them. S h i z u n e finds out, and transforms into Tsunade and does everything she can to keep Naruto from finding out about more of Tsunade's debts. In the end, they find out that the debt was already paid. You could kinda tell when it was S h i z u n e and not the real Lady Tsunade.....
  • Naruto, Jiraiya, and Tsunade went to a hot spring before they returned back home. Naruto came back to his thrased filled room and found that his necklace was gone. These two messengers came and took in hopes of returning to their wife and kids.

    this epsiode was so fuuny. The funniest parts about it was when Jiraiya was in the hot srping and he was trying to meet some girls but all these old and fat people came also some monkeys; i was cracking up. The other funny part was about the eyes on Naruto and the messengers they were funny and cute at the same time. Then the chase about the suitcase. They were running really running after nothing. But in a way it was kinda fun to watch though.
  • Filler but still good.

    Hm so basically Naruto finds out that these people from some clan that lent Tsunade money want to get her to pay her debt, but they can't cuz there afraid of her. They resort to taking help from Naruto, which doesn't work out so well. I kind of actually got hooked on the moment where Naruto was tied to that tree, cuz I thought that Tsunade (or S*izune) knew bout the whole thing and would let Naruto die for the sake of importance, but actualy carried through with the attack lol it was funny for me. So the whole episode was kind of pointless like a filer, but it was still great yeah bad review tired live with it lol.
  • Tsunade owes money

    On their way back to the viliage.Tsunade suggest that they stopped in the hot spring.However Jiraiya and Naruto refuse to stopped there because everyone is waiting for them.However Jiraiya decided to stay there.Naruto finds his room was an mess.He meets two people who are after Tsunade.Who wants her to pay them back.Naruto is kidnapped well fake it helping them to get the money.However Tsunade, is nowhere to be found.However the plan is foiled.Naruto steals the bag.Tsunade chases after Naruto getting the bag.But its not really her.It was reveal that Tsunade paid off long time ago.It is found out that they were able to go home.

    It was funny I mean with Jiraiya hoping to meet the girls except get the things he didn't want.
  • Filler...but not too bad

    This was one of those fillers, but it wasnt a very boring one. The whole gang, Tsunade, sh!zune Naruto, and Jairya are on their way back to Konoha when Tsunade decides that she wants to stop. But Jairya wants to keep going, that is until Tsunade tells him that they are at a mixed bathing house. This of course went over great with him so they decided to stay. The whole episode naruto was trying to get the money that Tsunade owed someone back. And Sh!zune tried to not let Naruto see all of Tsunade's IOUs. But it turns out that she payed the debt a year ago...But the funniest part was how Jairya kept waiting for the babes to come but they never did. Instead monkeys and old people came.