Season 2 Episode 8

Killer Kunoichi and a Shaky Shikamaru

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 15, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Tenten's cool and Shikamaru's greater

    Shikamaru wins and The Sand villains are dangerous
    I read this on the Shonen jump books and didn't know how Temari defeated TenTen. When I watched the episode, I knew that weaponry has no effect against wind. Well, sidetracked! As you know Rock Lee, The sand ninjas have no sympathy. For Shikamaru's battle, what can I say, he's so strategic and strong. His battle was against Kin Tsuchi and she didn't know what was coming. Shikamaru used everything to his advantage including the architecture. It was such a cool battle. Even the senseis were impressed. However in the end, Kiba and Naruto were matched up. Heated battle indeed.
  • Shikamaru wins and The Sand villains are dangerous

    I read this on the Shonen jump books and didn't know how Temari defeated TenTen. When I watched the episode, I knew that weaponry has no effect against wind. Well, sidetracked! As you know Rock Lee, The sand ninjas have no sympathy. For Shikamaru's battle, what can I say, he's so strategic and strong. His battle was against Kin Tsuchi and she didn't know what was coming. Shikamaru used everything to his advantage including the architecture. It was such a cool battle. Even the senseis were impressed. However in the end, Kiba and Naruto were matched up. Heated battle indeed.
  • Two battles take place in this episode.

    Tenten and Temari are the next scheduled match. Shikamaru says that Tenten has laready lost the battle. Naruto doen't understand how Shikamaru can think that. Tenten starts her attacks by throwing some shuriken at Temari. Temari easily deflects them. Tenten then tries another attack using more weapons, but once again Temari deflects them with her fan. Tenten tries another attack and gives it her best shot. Temari again deflects the weapons, but this time Tenten has wires attached to the weapons and tries once again. Temari deflects them again and then knocks Tenten into the air and Tenten falls on Temari's fan unconscious. Now it is Shikamaru's turn to battle Kin of the Sound Village....
  • Really good fight here lol.

    Tenten got overconfident when battling Temari. As Tenten threw her Kunai knives at Teamri, Teamri blew them away with her fan. Temari won which is no surprise because Tenten didn't stand a chance against her. Then Shikamaru battles Kin. Now Shikamaru is very clever which is why he won the battle. He used his shadow possession jutsu and won. I was glad that he won, he is a great fighter and clever as well. In this episode I learn many things especially what people specialize in. It was interesting how everyone used their skills that they are mostly good at and yet half of those people lost. A great episode this is.
  • We see that Shikamaru is not only smart but he also plans his attacks out ahead of time.

    The fifth battle is Tenten vs. Temari. Tenten uses only weapons while Temari uses a giant fan. Temari wins easily with her whirlwind attack. The next battle is Shikamaru vs. Kin of the sound village. Kin has already seen Shikamaru ability and knows what to expect from him. On the other hand Shikamaru has no idea what Kin is capable of. Kin throws some needles with bells and attaches chakra strings to them. She then manipulates the sound vibration which paralyzes Shikamaru. Just when all hope seems lost for Shikamaru Shadow Jutsu finally kicks in. Than they both throw shuriken at each other and both dodge them but while Kin dodged them she hits her head on the back of the wall and knocks herself out. Shikamaru wins the battle. Finally it is Naruto turn and he has to face off against Kiba.
  • Tenten VS Temari and Shikamaru VS Kin

    The first match is Tenten VS Temari. Tenten send some shuriken at Temari but she counter with her fan. Then she use a jutsu that she was saving for the finale. She send some projectile at Temari, again she counters with her fan. Soon, the match was over. It's time for thesecond match: Kin VS Shikamaru. At first, Kin had the advantage with her sound jutsus. She uses her senbon and bells to attack Shikamaru. After a moment, Shikamaru finally pulled off the Shadow Possesion. It finally worked. The second match was very exciting. Overall, this episode was very good .
  • Clash of the kunoichi: Temari vs. Tenten!

    The battle between Ino and Sakura is over. The next one is another kunoichi match, only this time it's another leaf genin vs. a sound genin. Tenten vs. Temari. Tenten specializes in presicion. She starts throwing all kinds of junk at Temari, who specializes in wind attacks. Temari easily blows the shuriken and kunai aside, much to Tenten's astonishment. Temari easily beats her, and the match is over. The next match is Shikamaru Nara vs. Kin Tsuchi. Kin is one of the Sound Trio. It looks like she's going to win and it's all over for poor Shikamaru. Then he catches her in his Shadow Posession jutsu. He throws a kunai, and so does she. He ducks, so does she. What Kin doesn't know is, she's right in front of a wall. When she ducks, she hits the wall and is knocked out. Shikamaru wins. Ino cheered him on like a crazy fan girl the whole time. Big ShikaIno moment. ^_^ Sorry..... I dislike ShikaTeam with a passion.
  • Temari verses Tenten and Kin verses Shikamaru.

    The first fight of this episode is Tenten verses Temari. Sadly, Tenten's attack style is using weaponry, which makes it easy for Temari to deflect them with her fan. Tenten uses all her special attacks, and sadly Temari deflects all of them and then finishes Tenten off with a tornado. This effectively knocks her out. Next match is Shikamaru is Kin. Kin is at an advantage becuase she knows Shikamaru's jutsu's. At the beggining Shikamaru shows off his wit and smarts telling her her own strategy, only to be out smarted. He forgot the ring of the bells, and the ringing in his ears caused him to hallucinate. But then Shikamaru uses his shadow possesion justsu, and finishes her off strategically. It was a good episode.
  • The episode begins with a tense face off between Temari and Tenten and finishes up with an exciting battle between Shikamaru and Kin, from the Sound Village.

    As Temari and Tenten stand facing one another, the would-be tension is disippated by the cheering of Lee and Gai. Their enthusiasm for their teammate, Tenten, brings a smile to your face that makes you take their side in cheering on Tenten.

    Temari is tough and doesn't smile, and it gives her an attitude that brings seriousness to the episode. As her arrogant comments force Teten to make the first move, the cheering subsides and this episode explodes into action.

    Tenten goes all out, but as soon as her perfect aim becomes imperfect, there is a sense that things are not going to go well for Tenten.

    Though she acts tough, its hard not to agree with Shikamaru when he says Tenten will lose. The match's conclusion seems a little predictable, but the action between the two kunoichi makes this forgivable.

    After one of the quickest matches at this stage so far, it's time for the next two opponents to go head to head.

    Shikamaru's trademark laziness is not lost as he steps up to the plate against Kin. Knowing she's from the Sound Village, who caused so much trouble during the second stage of the exams, its only natural that we find ourselves siding with Shikamaru. Ino's cheering rivals that of Lee's for Tenten, and the match is soon underway.

    Shikamaru's attitude towards his battle gives the episode a nice turn after the gung ho attitudes of the other candidates. His complaints add humour but his moves are still sharp enough that we never lose faith. His final move is unique and delightful.

    This episode is generally quite humouress, though the humour is well structured so that it doesn't take away the seriousness of the battles. It is fast paced enough to hold attention, and it moves things along nicely. Not a bad episode!

    V E R Y W E L L I S H A L L start from the beggining i love present and doggie and i thought this episode was surprisingly funny actually i change my mind it was more than funny it was hillarious let us all have a grand festival like May went to and watch this episode a million times over and over until we fall through a hole this episode number is episode number one hundred and o--- on- one. Hee... Hee... Hee... let us clap our hands for joy and sing a song to show this episode how much we thinnk it is funny to watch..
    V E R Y W E L L M Y S T O R Y I S F I N I S H E D
  • Shikamaru's stragedies wins!

    The first battle is between Temari and Tenten. Temari taunts Tenten, especially since all Tenten could do was launch weapons. Temari, being a controller of wind, could easily defeat Tenten, because Temari's wind not only attacks Tenten, but could also blow Tenten's weapons away. Tenten uses everything, even her best jutsu Soushouryu (Twin Dragons Rising), but they are useless against Temari's wind. Finally, Temari uses Kamaitachi, a whirlwind attack with chakra embedded in the wind, knocking Tenten unconscious. Temari positions her iron fan so that Tenten's back fell on it, and then Temari throws Tenten away like a piece of garbage.

    This irritates Lee, who wants to start a fight immediately, but Gai stops any fighting.

    The next match is Shikamaru vs. Tsuchi Kin. Being a Sound ninja, Shikamaru could guess that she uses sound, but he was not prepared for Kin's genjutsu. Kin attacks with needles and bells, each time throwing two, one with a bell and one without. The bell not only distracts the enemy from the silent needle, but it also disrupts the enemy's equilibrium and casts a genjutsu. Shikamaru loses balance, and sees many Kins.

    Shikamaru is still one step ahead, letting Kin attack him with a needle. Since the needle is attached to a string, Shikamaru was able to extend his shadow along the shadow cast by the string, and catch Kin in his Kagemane (Shadow Imitation Technique). This forces Kin to do whatever Shikamaru does. Shikamaru then throws a shuriken at her, causing her to do the same. He bends over backward to dodge her shuriken, which causes Kin to smack into the wall and lose consciousness, while Shikamaru, standing nowhere near the wall, does not
  • Tenten gets wupped followed by Kin gets wupped

    Tenten didn't stand a chance. She was at a disadvantage from the beginning. Ouch!She tried her best even after she knew even her twin dragon attack woulld not work. Then Temari came in with her giant fan and just bloosh!knocked Tenten out with a giant storm and then let Tenten drop on her fan and just threw her off and ended the match. Next was Shikamaru and kin. Pretty stupid way to win but thanks to Shikamaru's genious he won the match. He used his Kage mane no jutsu which got him the win. He overtook her and made her hit her head on the wall. Nice way to win!
  • Temari VS. Tenten and Shikimaru VS. Kin...A review from an Artist.

    Temari of the Desert VS. Tenten of leaf village and Kin of the sound village VS. Shikimaru of the leaf village 2 stunning fights. Temari of the Desert with her fans of death easily beat Tenten from leaf village Tenten sadly didn't even scratch Temari. Though Shikimaru of leaf Village VS. Kin of the sound Village. Though the opponents are evenly matched Shikimaru prevailes in beating her with his brains by seeing she was by a wall and did shadow possesion jutus. His jutus let him duck back as they threw shrikens at each other while she hit her head on the wall. This is my masterpeice.
  • Two battles in one episode? It's a huge improvement over one battle in two episodes.

    Up next, it's Temari vs. Tenten. Tenten makes her first move by creating distance between her and her opponent, though Temari showed no fear. Tenten used one of her special attacks that sent a myriad of different weapons at Temari, but she reflected them with the wind of her fan. She tried using her trump card, but that was also blown away. Temari then used a tornado type of attack that more than finished off Tenten. Next up, Shikamaru and Kin. Kin uses a bell that can create illusions to her opponent, but while she was distracted, Shikamaru used his shadow imitation to grab hold of Kin, and knock her out in a clever way. The next match? Kiba and Naruto!

    The first match between Temari and Tenten wasn't really entertaining, but one aspect I liked about it is that the fight wasn't afraid to quickly reveal the special abilities and powers of these two unknown fighters. We don't know what their abilities were prior to the fight, so it was exciting seeing these two unknowns duke it out. It's hard to explain, but usually in action cartoons, sometimes the creators are afraid of "wasting" material on one fight, revealing a lot so early. This fight was the opposite of that. Plus, it only added to the uniqueness of the fights in Naruto, and how the different fighters use chakra to create their own fighting style. Wind isn't anything new, but I really liked Tenten's style of fighting.

    The second match really was a smart battle. Shikamaru has quite a few more smart battles in the future, but this really was his first. It's kind of funny how Kin screwed herself with that bell, but it was the one thing that gave her the edge for Shika. Though it's also the one thing that led to her defeat. Plus, it was brilliant how Shika fooled her by knocking her out using the wall, and using the shurikens to distract her. While these smart battles in Naruto are nothing compared to Law of Ueki, they're still appreciable and fun to watch.
  • It's Tenten Vs. Temari and Kin Vs. Shikamaru

    Tenten failed to even scratch Temari whilst Temari defeated Tenten in just a few strikes with her giant fan.

    I was surprised how Shikamaru was able to defeat Kin through an unusual use of his shadow possesion jutsu. Shikamaru and Kin tossed their shuriken at the same time. Shikamaru dodged his easily, but Kin ends up hitting her head hard against the wall while bending backward to dodge the shuriken.

    I'm looking forward for the next match which is Naruto Vs. Kiba (and Akamaru).
  • Althought most of this ep is filler, I must admit that Shikamaru's battle boosts its "street cred."

    Filer, filler, filler.

    Most of this episode is filler, but the handful of canon in the episode is fantastic. The beginning starts off a little slow, with the semi-lackluster match of Tmeri VS. Ten Ten, but regardless, even that match was better than the one page it got in the manga.

    Moving on to the Shikamaru fight: The whole "hypnotic bells" filler was a little ridiculus (wouldn't have the audience have been hypnotised too?) but I guess you can say something like Kin was able to direct the sound waves on Shikamaru alone. What I like best about this episode was how Shikamaru won in an "unorthodox" fashion, showing how ninjas aren't all bells and whistles when it comes to fighting.

    The little subtleties of the dub was also added some character development. Shikamaru's "Ka-BOMB!" line was priceless :lol:.
  • A decent episode. Not the best, but it was still mildly entertaining.

    In the first part of the episode, we watch Tenten and Temari battle. I'd have to say this segment was kind of boring because the battle was so one-sided. Tenten threw all of her best attacks at Temari, who still ended up defeating her without breaking a sweat. Still, it was kind of cool to see what Tenten was capable of. If she had fought against Sakura or Ino she definitely would've won.

    The second part showed the match between Shikamaru and Kin.
    This battle was slightly more exciting. We get to see both characters get worn down a little, and it was very interesting to see how Shikamaru outsmarted Kin.

    This episode had a few exciting points, but in my opinion, it also had some boring ones too.
  • They showed two fights in this episode.The one with Ten Ten and Temari and with Shikamaru and that sound village girl. I liked both fights but i felt like they were cut short.Ten Ten was beaten super fast by Temari and Shikamaru beat that one girl.

    It was pretty good but i look more forward to seeing the next episode with naruto fighting.This one was great though i thought it was a little rushed but it was good. Looks like the sand ninjas are really good and will win all the matches,especially gaara. Temari is a hard opponent with that fan of hers i wonder how she can be beat.
  • The writers squeezed two battles in one... excellent! Temari and Tenten duke it out then Shikamaru and Kin...

    For Temari vs. Tenten I thought this battle was great even though it was very short. I can only feel that it was unfortunate that the Weapons Master Tenten was matched up with the powerful Sand kunoichi Temari. What were the odds? Anyway, a great arsenal of cool jutsus!

    In this episode we learn the true power of the Sand Shinobi- they aren't the best of best people to mess with!

  • i agree with naruto

    how did such a casual bum beat a sound ninja? it was hard to believe shikamaru would win. he seemed like a weakling in previos episodes, and the sound ninjas were pretty strong. anyway i like this epsiode, and i wanna see narutos fight. narutos my favorite character.any way, it seemed inevitable that temari would win. it seems that in the show, anything can happen. well, i definitely like season 2 alot more than season 1. i wonder who will win the tourney? a show like this may suggest it might not be naruto. so i give this episode 9.9 out of 10
  • A great episode that shows a lot of girl power.

    This episode was during the chunnin exams.The two people that will be in the first battle are Tenten and Temari.The battle starts when Tenten analyzes the battle field and the opponent.The hokage says that Tenten will have a good advantage.Tenten starts throwing weapons but somehow Temari dodges them.It is said Tenten never misses.Temari tells her that is Tenten sees the three stars on her fan TenTen will lose.Temari wins the battle because her fan overcame the weapons.
    The next match is with Kin and Shikamaru.Kin uses bells that cofuse the enemy and Shikamaru sees more than one Kin.Shikamaru makes his shadow look like the string that attaches the bells and Kin gets controlled.Shikamaru threw a shuriken which they both dodge but Kin hits her head on the wall which makes Shikamaru the winner.
  • eh it was ok

    This one good episode the fights were good but not as i expected them to be. The fight bewteen Temari and TenTen was a little boring but still a little bit awesome. TenTen used her strongest attack and still lost. It was kinda odvious who would win.

    The fight bewteen Shikamaru and Kin was ok. Shikamaru is a geunis he used his brains to win. He used his shadow justu to make Kin do what ever he does and made her throw a shuriken at each there. Shikamaru dodges the shuriken and Kin does to but still gets hit and Shikamaru explians that even if there doing the something the distance of them from the walls is different(there were something else he said but i didn't hear it)and Shikamaru wins. The next battle is Naruto vs Kiba.

    This episode was a little boring but it was ok
  • The writers do a great job here--putting two matches in one episode without diluting quality, what they should have been doing all season long. Both matches are intense; though they make a tactical error foreshadowing the end of Temari versus TenTen.

    The writers do a great job here--putting two matches in one episode without diluting quality, what they should have been doing all season long. Both matches are intense; though they make a tactical error in foreshadowing the end of the Temari versus TenTen battle. Mainly it sets up Shikamaru later.

    These are a great two battles. All three female ninja's abilities were mysteries at this point, so this episode has a lot of great "reveals" and does it with less than "central" secondary characters, excepting Shikamaru.

    The episode accomplishes three main points: It emphasizes Shikamaru's tactical skill, reinforces the strength of the sand ninjas, and foreshadows the pivotal battle between Gaara and Rock Lee.

    This episode's one flaw was the one line where Shukamaru definitively prognosticated Temari the winner of the first match before it began. This does reinforce the Shikamaru aspect of this, but the second match does that enough, and the first battle would have seemed somewhat less one-sided and hopeless had we not known that.

    What's great about this episode is its pacing. At this point in the second season, it uses the least filler content (long-winded repetitive chatter, flashbacks, and "non-plot" content like previews and repeat video) of many episodes to date. The show would be a lot better if they used this episode more as a standard. And they do it with minimal use of the main characters!