Season 2 Episode 8

Kunoichi Rumble: The Rivals Get Serious!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 15, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Ino vs. Sakura and Misumi is gone

    Talk about dangerous ninjas. Kankuro wins the battle. I thought Misumi was going to win and he had the upper hand until the puppet master's unleashed his puppet. Misumi finally gives up and the next battle is about to begin. OMG, it's Ino Yamanaka vs. Sakura Haruno. Rivals from the first start are now up against one another. At first Ino is probably going to win. There is no way Sakura has enough strength to win. When the battle started, it took them back to when they were young and were good friends. This is where the real battle begins.
  • Kankuro finishes Misumi and Ino vs. Sakura

    I told you the Sand ninjas are dangerous. I thought Misumi was going to win and he had the upper hand until the puppet master's unleashed his puppet. Misumi finally gives up and the next battle is about to begin. OMG, it's Ino Yamanaka vs. Sakura Haruno. Rivals from the first start are now up against one another. At first Ino is probably going to win. There is no way Sakura has enough strength to win. When the battle started, it took them back to when they were young and were good friends. This is where the real battle begins.
  • Kankuro finishes his battle with Misumi and Sakura and Ino begin their battle.

    Misumi makes the first move against Kankuro. Misumi throws a punch which Kankuro easily blocks. Then Misumi starts to wrap himself around Kankuro. Misumi thinks that he has won and breaks Kankuro's neck. It turns out that he has a hold of the puppet. Kankuro was wrapped up in the cloth. Kankuro uses the puppet to crush Misumi and easily wins the match. Naruto thinks that it was not right but Kakashi tells him that a puppet is just another type of weapon. Next fight is now between Sakura and Ino. Neji says that they are fighting with "kid gloves" because they were once friends...
  • Ino Vs Sakura.

    I finally learn what was in Kankuro's back rapped up or at least what was behind a puppet that looks like Kankuro. Finally it was learned. Ino and Sakura start their battle but it doesn't start to well because they remember that they used to be friends. That showed me that they can't let things go. So what if Sakura was your best friend you must battle to win. Ino and Sakura need to let the past go. Anyways in this episode we see flashbacks of Sakura and Ino when they were friends. Overall, this episode was ok but what would have been better was if they just kept on fighting even though they were friends, after all, it is a battle.
  • Ino vs. Sakura begins.

    Kankuro takes on Misumi which ends when Kankuros pupet makes Misumi unable to resume. The next match is Sakura vs. Ino. Both of them seem to be evenly matched until Ino gets off a punch which leves Sakura open but when Ino is about to strike she see a younger Sakura and insteads slaps her. Sakura then remembers her friendship with Ino and how she looked up to Ino and wanted to be like her. Sakura than insults Ino which makes Ino mad and makes both of them want to fight to their fullest extent. Sakura finally wants to surpass Ino and the only way she can do that is by fighting her at her very best. Sakura takes off her forehead protector and puts it on her forehead which means she is a true shanobi. Ino than does the same which means that they are fighting as equals.
  • Cat fight!!!!!

    As Kankuro and Misumi fight, Misumi manages to twist his dislocated arms around Kankuro's neck and threatens to snap it if he doesn't withdraw. Kankuro refuses, and Misumi carries out his threat. Everyone else gasps, but Gaara murmers, "Idiot." Then Kankuro's puppet case starts to move. The real Kankuro breaks out and Misumi finds that he was just attacking Crow, Kankuro's puppet. In the end, the Sand Ninja ends up winning. Sakura was washing her hands in the bathroom and Ino showed up. Ino tells Sakura that she might as well drop out, and Sakura replies that she won't give up or run away again. They two of them go back to the arena. Hayate activates the board. Leaf Kunoichi vs. Leaf Kunoichi. Sakura Haruno vs. Ino Yamanaka. Sakura says really mean things to Ino. And she shouldn't because Ino's my favorite character in the whole entire series. Sasuke is #2 and Gaara is #3.
  • Kankuro finishes his opponent fast, and as Sakura and Ino begin thier fight they remember thier past friendship.

    At the beggining of the episode Kankuro finishes his opponent off quickly with his puppet master jutsu. Then afterwards Sakura and Ino begin thier fight. It will be a quite interesting battle, friends and rivals pitted against one another. I hope Sakura is gonna win. Well anyway, they begin thier fight with thier "kiddie gloves" on, or so TenTen says. I think she means that they were holding back because of thier past friendship, and it was obviously true. Then the whole flashbacks with thier childhood friendship begins. The picture is when Sakura is young she envied Ino, but now she wants to be equal and/or greater than her. I think it has already happened. After that they promise each other to fight full force. And thier battle begins with an equal devastating punch. A great episode.
  • Didn't like it

    I really didnt like this episode.. they started it off good with kankuro and that other guy but it went downhill after that. And the two most pointless characters in the show "fight". But they are really weak they should of just saved us the trouble and ended the fight in this episode and the flashbacks were gay we get to see how sakura was even more pointless before then she is now.
  • Wasnt too bad an episode...

    Kunkuro basically finished the guy off within the first 3 minutes, everyones in awe and yada, yada, yada. Next up is Sakura & Ino. Which is interesting seeing as how they are rivals for the affection of Sasuke. Then theres a whole load of flashback form when they were younger and still in the acdemey. Too me this episode relied too much on it and didnt have enough fighting scenes. So after that, they promise each other to a fair fight to best best of thier ability.

    This reminds me, I really hate Inos hair. The fringey thingy is realy annoying and looks really bad by itself.
  • Kankuro and Kabuto's teammate are pitted against one another to fight but will wormy arms beat a tough carcass...A review from an Artist.

    Kankuro of the village hidden in the sand is pit agaist Kabuto's teammate (sorry I do not know his name). Kankuro of the village hidden in the sand has a strange item on his back that is wrapped and turns out to actually be HIM!!! Kankuro's wrapped thing is him while all this time he was just controling a dummy. But Kabuto's teammate has a trick up his sleeve to he can bend his body to any shape by disconnecting his joints and using his chakra to control them. The party really starts when Ino and Sakura start to battle. This is my masterpiece.
  • A little too reliant on flashbacks with a lack of fighting, but a good episode nonetheless.

    Kankurou and Tsurugi start their battle. Tsurugi's special ability is to loosen his bones and create a rubber like body, wrapping himself around Kankurou like a snake. After believing to break his neck, Kankurou's body turns into a puppet, and the large tool he's been carrying around really was him! Before the screen with the main title was shown, Kankurou won. The next battle, Sakura vs. Ino! Ino supposedly led all rookie female ninjas, but that's not much competition when you're going up against only two others. When Ino was about to land a direct blow on Sakura, she had a flashback with Sakura when they were still bestfriends. The two took it up a notch, and vowed to each other they would fight seriously from now on.

    The flashbacks did a good job of emitting this feeling that I cannot explain. This isn't a battle that'll be driven by suspense, but more by emotion, since these two young fighters were best of friends when they were little, and are now rivals. What I liked about this episode that the flashbacks did were display how Sakura became her own person after chasing and using Ino as a model. Now, she's become her own person, but she did seem a little bit like a b!tch when she gave Ino back her ribbon. You just don't do that. While the flashbacks were nice, they were too long. Sometimes things are better short and sweet, like Kankurou's fight with Tsurugi.
  • Too much talking and not enough fighting

    This episode did not have enough fighting, and it bored me to death. There was way too much talking, people\'s thoughts just basically repeated each other. They drew out Sakura and Ino\'s fight for like 3 episodes! That is ridiculous because Temari\'s and TenTen\'s fight was so much more interesting yet lasted for like a third of the episode. I wonder why the writers of this episode thought this fight was worth all the hype and extended flahsbacks. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
  • the classification explains it

    This episode was okay but it was sooooooo BORING.
    All they really did was remember how nice ino was to sakura.
    They should have shown at least some of the fight then finished it in the next episode.
    Hopefully the next episode will be better ( Note: that is wher they fight )
  • I loved all the flashbacks!

    I had my grandma record it for me cause I wasn't gonna be able to see it and I'm so glad i did! It was great! I loved the whole Sakura vs. Ino used to be best friends but are now rivals thing. And the part about how she used to try to be as good as Ino and how now she is trying to be better than Ino. I thought it was great! Whether Sakura wins or loses to Ino I still say she is better, no matter what! Sakura used to copy Ino but now Ino is copying her (sort of)!
  • read...

    This episode is really cool because its showing about friendship and dealing with rivalry. And me and my friend were fighting over a guy and as we both saw this episode me and her felt stupid to fight over a boy. And we got along better. We also talked our good memories together. And we swore never to fight again. Thanks to this episode ^^.

    And the frst part when Kankurou and Orochimaru\'s minion were battling it was kind of freaky, i mean there arms just flexed around like a human gum. This is my favorite episode of the week. Everybody should watch this ^^
  • The sand ninja...An Anime King review.

    The sand ninja that is Gaara's big brother finally fights. He has an unexpected jutsu that even I would fall for. I did suspect one thing though, I knew that there was a person in there but I thought that that would be the doll or marionette. But instead Kankuro himself was the puppet. The other ninja was quickly destroyed.I just didn't expect that. This has been an Anime King review.
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