Season 9 Episode 1

Kurenai's Decision: Squad 8 Left Behind

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo
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When a mysterious girl paints a picture of Konoha, Naruto notices and realizes that the picture is under a stormy sky. He points out that the sky is clear, until clouds soon cover the sky. When the girl shows lightning striking the Hokage's place, it happens! The girl is soon apprehended by the ANBU, who tell Naruto that what he has seen is not important. Meanwhile, Kurenai announces that she is leaving Team 8! For what reasons has Kurenai decided to leave, and how are the current events involved?moreless

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  • Kurenai-Sensei Gets the Spotlight!

    (For Episodes 202-204)

    As a start for the new season, we get a new opening and ending. Both excellent as we see the crew in suits and stuff as if they were in high school or something. Gaara and Kankurou's especially. Naruto fights Lee and Neji in the opening credits too.

    Kurenai has decided that she has to leave behind Squad 8 to take care of a personal matter that now has become an issue for her. Naruto meets a talented artist that foretold the lightning strike of the Hokage Mansion. What is behind these acts? Who is this girl? Naruto gets in trouble with ANBU for sneaking, hehe, silly Naruto. Do not mess with these guys fox boy.

    Sakura also gets a mission too, she helps Team 8 along with Gai as a medic. Yay! And because this is a Genjutsu-based Arc, she's useful here as Naruto never learned to deal with this stuff and being Taijutsu-centric, hilarity ensues when he gets into trouble with Kurenai only to be woken by Akamaru ;) Good boy Akamaru x3 By the second and third episode, we learn about the girl Yakumo Kurama, who is a very talented genjutsu-user as we hear, but is sealed by Kurenai for what she says she was envious of her. But, can that really be true?

    Yakumo also gets attacked by her own clan members who were thought to be underground and dissipated. What can all this mean? What kind of ability does Yakumo have hidden within her? Why seal it? We won't find out until next week!moreless
  • An excellent start to the ninth season, with a filler arc dedicated to Kurenai.

    One of the main reasons why I liked this filler arc so much is because Kurenai is shown more in depth for the first time in the show. I think it's a great way to start Season 9, and the opening theme is just awesome.

    The episode starts with Naruto arriving back at Konoha from training, when he sees a mysterious, quiet girl painting a picture of it. Naruto sees that unlike the current sky, which is blue with thin wisps of clouds, the girl is painting a stormy sky over the Leaf Village. Suddenly, storm clouds gather over the village just like in the girl's painting! Even more startling, she paints a lightning bolt striking the Hokage's mansion in the picture, and the exact same thing then happens to the real mansion! Naruto is shocked by this, and while shinobi put out the fire the lightning caused, Naruto catches up to the girl who left after the lightning struck. The girl is then apprehended by ANBU, who tell Naruto to leave and not mention to anyone what he saw. Meanwhile, Kurenai announces that she is leaving Team 8!

    Could there be a possible connection to this mysterious girl, whose name is Yakumo, and Kurenai abandoning her role as Team 8's leader? And if so, what does it all mean? You'll have to watch the episode, and the rest of the arc, to find out!moreless
  • Kurenai becomes an active character

    Wow, usually Kurenai is just a background character that nobody realy cares about. But in this filler arc, she becomes a lead character. Naruto is coming home from a day of training and sees a pretty girl painting a picture of Konoha. He stops to watch her, and notices that there are clouds in her picture, but no clouds in the actual sky. And then the sky gets all cloudy and the girl draws Tsunade's house burning down and then Tsunade's actual house catches on fire!!! Naruto is slightly freaked, and then the ANBU come and capture the girl while shinobi put out the fire. Then Kurenai suddenly quits as Team 8's leader. She recalls training a girl named Yakumo, who is the painting girl, by the way. Then Naruto masquerades as Kurenai and sneaks into Yakumo's room, but is caught by the ANBU. Silly Naruto. :Pmoreless
  • Kurenai makes the decision to leave Team 8.

    Naruto is training by himself and comes across a girl painting a picture of the Hidden Leaf Village. She paints a picture of a storm coming over the village and Naruto notices that the sky is clear and all of a sudden, dark clouds form above. She then paints a lightning bolt striking the Hokage's residence and a bolt of lightning strikes the building. Naruto can't believe what he just witnessed. He runs after the girl and is stopped when two medical ninjas sedate her and an ANBU Black Ops ninja tells him to leave and not speak of this incident...moreless
  • Naruto spots a mysterious girl painting a picture of Konoha, and when she paints lightning striking the Hokage's mansion, it suddenly happens. The girl turns out to be Kurenai's old student with dangerous power and a need for revenge on Kurenai & Konoha.moreless

    I liked it, and though it wasn't my absolute fave episode it was pretty interesting (I might not think so highly of it if Kurenai wasn't so awesome however! :D). The only thing that I didn't like was that they spent too much time with things that weren't completely relevant to the plot, like Naruto sloothing for around like 20 minutes. The paintings were also a bit on the disturbing side :( but I think it's nice that they had an episode about Kurenai, who doesn't frequently have a large roll in many episodes, and it's also cool how it tells a bit more about the past of one of the lesser characters.moreless
Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

ANBU Black Ops Member

Guest Star

Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey

Yakumo Kurama

Guest Star

Debi Mae West

Debi Mae West


Recurring Role

Megan Hollingshead

Megan Hollingshead

Shizune / Tonton

Recurring Role

Skip Stellrecht

Skip Stellrecht

Gai Maito (Might Guy)

Recurring Role

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    • Guy: You commented on how Lee was progressing, but the credit for all that progress goes to him. The only thing I've done is believe in him and tell him anything is possible. We believe in our students no matter what the cost. I trust him with my life and that gives him the strength to make the right decisions. Couldn't be easier, it's a piece of cake.
      Kurenai: You make everything sound so simple. I wish I was like you, I couldn't even do that much. (Starts to walk off)
      Guy: Hey Kurenai... (Thinking) Just believe in yourself.

    • Kurenai: Lee just keeps getting better and better, doesn't he?
      Guy: Is it true? You're leaving leaving your students and quitting Squad 8?
      Kurenai: I have no choice. Those assigned to me haven't been reaching their full potential.
      Guy: Come on, that's not true.

    • Sakura: She might have had a good reason for quitting the squad.
      Naruto: Like what? Wait a minute...vYou know something, don't you? I can see it in your eyes, you know something.
      Sakura: What are you talking about? I don't know anything!
      Naruto: Come, on Sakura, tell me. I know you know.
      Sakura: No way. What do you think, I stand around with my ear to the door listening to important conversations?
      Naruto: You didn't?! You were eavesdropping at the door?!
      Sakura: Ah! Shh! Don't talk so loud you idiot! Someone will hear.

    • Sakura: Naruto!
      Naruto: Oh, hey Sakura.
      Sakura: What are you doing here?
      Naruto: I don't know if you've heard, but Kurenai is quitting Squad 8, so I came to see if I can get Grandma Tsunade to talk her out of it.
      Sakura: I don't think you're going to have any luck. You can try.
      Naruto: Oh, I got something up my sleeve. I've got dirt on Grandma Tsunade and all I gotta do is threaten to tell Shizune and she'll be putty in my hands.

    • Naruto: Uh, sensei?
      Kurenai: Hm, Naruto.
      Naruto: Kiba, Hinata, and Shino told me what happened.
      Kurenai: And?
      Naruto: And you shouldn't leave them after all you've been through together. They don't know what they're going to do without you.
      Kurenai: You ran up here to tell me that?
      Naruto: Well, yeah. You're their sensei. They look up to you.
      Kurenai: I don't know exactly what they told you, but I can no longer be their sensei. I don't deserve to carry that title now.
      Naruto: Huh? Why don't you?
      Kurenai: I have a message that I want you to deliver. Tell them that I am never coming back.
      Naruto: Sensei?

    • Naruto: Come on guys, shut up and stop fighting already. You guys just relax and let me handle this.
      Kiba: He's not even on this team, so why should we let him do it?
      Shino: Have you got a plan?
      Naruto: Of course I've got a plan. Just leave it to me. She'll be back in charge of Squad 8 in no time.
      (A little later, Naruto is walking to the Hokage's house)
      Naruto: Why do I say I've got a plan when I have no idea what I'm doing?

    • (Naruto hears Akamaru barking)
      Naruto: Huh?
      Kiba: (In the distance) What was that you said?!
      Hinata: (In the distance) Kiba, calm down.
      Naruto: What's goin' on over there? (Hops over a fence)
      Kiba: Go ahead,Shino, I dare you to say that again!
      Shino: All right, I said it's pointless.
      Kiba: I can't believe you'd say something like that!
      Naruto: Cool it, you guys.
      Hinata: Naruto!
      Naruto: Come on, take it easy, will ya? What the heck's going on?
      Kiba: Kurenai left us swinging in the wind; that's what's going on! She just abandoned Squad 8!

    • Tsunade: So you're serious about this? You really want to resign as leader of Squad 8?
      Kurenai: Yes, ma'am.
      Tsunade: Think carefully about this. Kiba, Shino, Hinata... You're the one who recommended they take the Chunin Exam despite their lack of experience. Don't you care what happens to them?
      Kurenai: Despite my commitment to them, I am responsible for the current situation, and therefore must accept full blame.

    • Tsunade: (Runs outside the burning building) Come on, what are you waiting for? We need water now!
      2 Leaf Ninja: Yes, ma'am. Water Style Marine Battle Formation Jutsu!
      (They cause the water to hit Tsunade)
      Tsunade: Ah! I don't want it on me! The roof, you idiots!
      Leaf Ninja: Sorry, Lady Tsunade.

    • (Naruto sees a young girl painting a picture of the village)
      Naruto: Wow, you're really good! (He notices that she has painted storm clouds above the village) Huh? Wait a minute, there are no rain clouds today. (She continues painting and storm clouds appear) Huh? (She paints a lightning strike on the Hokage's house and it really happens) The Hokage's house!

    • Tsunade: Hurry! Do it now! We need water now!
      Ninja: Right away!
      Both ninja: Suiton, Suishi no Jutsu!
      (Jutsu splashes Tsunade with water instead of the roof)
      Tsunade: Not on me you idiots! The roof!
      Ninja: Our sincerest apologies!
      Tsunade: Good! Keep at it!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: I just can't get hyped about training when I'm by myself... Where is Ero-Sennin and what's he up to? What happened to his promise to look after my training? Damn it!
      (He notices a girl painting)
      Naruto: What is she doing? You're painting!

      ~Japanese version

    • Sakura: What's wrong?
      Naruto: Well, Kurenai-sensei is leaving Team 8, so I'm going to talk to Granny Tsunade about it.
      Sakura: I don't think it would do any good. Probably...
      Naruto: It'll be fine! I know where she hides her sake! If I reveal that to Shizune-neechan...

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: I went and said, "Leave it to me," but what should I do?

      ~Japanese version

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