Season 9 Episode 1

Kurenai's Decision: Squad 8 Left Behind

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Naruto is out training by himself when he comes across a girl painting a picture of the village. He notices that she is painting a picture of storm clouds above the village and some storm clouds form all of a sudden. Then she paints a lightning bolt striking the Hokage's house and it really happens. Naruto can't believe what he is seeing. Tsunade gets the Leaf ninjas to use a water style jutsu to put out the fire. Naruto sees the girl has left and takes off after her and when he spots her when two medical ninja catch and sedate her. Naruto starts to ask what is going on when an ANBU ninja blocks his way and tells him to leave and not mention this incident to anyone. Back at Tsunade's office, Tsunade, her assistant, and Sakura are gathering paperwork to take outside and dry. Sakura leaves the office and runs into Kurenai outside. Kurenai goes in to speak to Tsunade as Sakura listens through the door. Kurenai tells Tsunade that the incident was all her fault and that she is quitting Squad 8. Tsunade asks if this is really what she wants to do and Kurenai tells her that she has no choice. Naruto is wondering about the incident with the girl when he hears Kiba shouting at Shino. Naruto goes to them and tries to break up the argument between Kiba and Shino and he learns that Kurenai has quit Squad 8. Naruto promises to get Kurenai to change her mind and goes off to find her. He finds her on the roof of one of the buildings and Kurenai tells him that she has no choice but to leave Squad 8 and never return. Naruto goes to find Tsunade and hopes that she can talk Kurenai into not leaving. Naruto runs into Sakura and learns (after a funny conversation) that Kurenai had a student named Yakumo and that she was responsible for the lightning strike. Naruto decides to go and find Yakumo and talk to her about Kurenai in hopes of stopping Kurenai from leaving if he can find out the reason for it. Meanwhile Kurenai is watching Lee and Guy train together and she has a flashback of when the 3rd Hokage assigned Yakumo to her to train. It seems that Yakumo was the last of her clan who possessed a certain style jutsu and was their last hope to regain status in the village. Yakumo is an orphan and does not have much strength due to an illness. Kurenai tells her that she will not become a jonin and that she should choose something else and Yakumo becomes upset and leaves. Back in the present, Lee and Guy finish their training and Lee leaves to rest and clean up. Kurenai talks to Guy and Guy tells her that she needs to believe in her students like he does and they will excel at anything they put their minds to. She tells him that she wishes she could and as she walks off Guy thinks to himself that she should believe in herself. Naruto has found the compound where Yakumo is and tries to figure out a way inside. The two medical ninja hear an alarm and go outside to see who tripped it and the ANBU ninja comes out as well. They see that Kurenai is the one who tripped it and she applauds their excellent alarm system and tells the ANBU that she is going to visit Yakumo for just a few minutes. She goes inside Yakumo's room and sees painting of some rather dark and violent scenes. She then sees a picture of herself dying. She feels her heart start to race and screams. She breaks through the window to get outside and the other ninja come to check on her. She disappears and it is actually Naruto who was using a transformation jutsu to get inside. Naruto wonders what happened and spots Yakumo. He starts to ask her why she is doing this and the ANBU sedates him.
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