Season 9 Episode 1

Kurenai's Decision: Squad 8 Left Behind

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • For me, Naruto has started to get boring and this is just the beginning of the boring....

    I don\'t noe why, but Naruto has started to get even more boring. I have lost interest in it. This is the episode or episodes that have pushed me to dislike Naruto. I loved all the past episodes, but this one, Kurenai past?!? I don\'t think anyone really cares abt Kurenai\'s past. She\'s not exactly what I call a main character. In the future, I might regret saying all these things, but for now, Naruto is extremely boring.
  • Kurenai is in danger because of a girl that draws pictures predicting (or changing) the future and one is of Kurenai dying. Naruto does too much snooping and gets caught up in the middle of it. I saw the japanese version unsubbed so I may be a tad bit off

    More of the same filler crap. This one was very slow paced and sappy. Maybe if it was resolved in a regualr episodes time it wouldn\'t be as bad but the fact that it took three episodes to end this boring problem was sad. Hopefully Kakashi gaiden comes soon but I doubt that\'ll happen for another four or five weeks.
  • (This review applies to episodes 202-204) This is not exactly what I expected for a special, just another filler.

    This episode is less exciting then others, but yet again it exceeds all expectations. The only reason that I gave this a lower score is because it's another filler... Who knows though, this story might actually affect something in the future, huh.

    This special starts out nicely and quickly, and it's rather enjoyable. The mystery in this special is actually a good one, nothing that jumps out at you right away, but most of the characters, especially Naruto, want to find out what's going on, so many of the smaller questions are answered relativly quickly, not leaving much suspence. But the big questions are what the story is built around, and the episode left us on a very big cliffhanger, which I won't spoil because it's a huge part of the story.

    Overall, this is something you should see especially because Sakura finnaly get's into a mission after her medical training. That's something not to be missed.
  • Kurenai-Sensei Gets the Spotlight!

    (For Episodes 202-204)

    As a start for the new season, we get a new opening and ending. Both excellent as we see the crew in suits and stuff as if they were in high school or something. Gaara and Kankurou's especially. Naruto fights Lee and Neji in the opening credits too.

    Kurenai has decided that she has to leave behind Squad 8 to take care of a personal matter that now has become an issue for her. Naruto meets a talented artist that foretold the lightning strike of the Hokage Mansion. What is behind these acts? Who is this girl? Naruto gets in trouble with ANBU for sneaking, hehe, silly Naruto. Do not mess with these guys fox boy.

    Sakura also gets a mission too, she helps Team 8 along with Gai as a medic. Yay! And because this is a Genjutsu-based Arc, she's useful here as Naruto never learned to deal with this stuff and being Taijutsu-centric, hilarity ensues when he gets into trouble with Kurenai only to be woken by Akamaru ;) Good boy Akamaru x3 By the second and third episode, we learn about the girl Yakumo Kurama, who is a very talented genjutsu-user as we hear, but is sealed by Kurenai for what she says she was envious of her. But, can that really be true?

    Yakumo also gets attacked by her own clan members who were thought to be underground and dissipated. What can all this mean? What kind of ability does Yakumo have hidden within her? Why seal it? We won't find out until next week!
  • Kurenai makes the decision to leave Team 8.

    Naruto is training by himself and comes across a girl painting a picture of the Hidden Leaf Village. She paints a picture of a storm coming over the village and Naruto notices that the sky is clear and all of a sudden, dark clouds form above. She then paints a lightning bolt striking the Hokage's residence and a bolt of lightning strikes the building. Naruto can't believe what he just witnessed. He runs after the girl and is stopped when two medical ninjas sedate her and an ANBU Black Ops ninja tells him to leave and not speak of this incident...
  • Naruto spots a mysterious girl painting a picture of Konoha, and when she paints lightning striking the Hokage's mansion, it suddenly happens. The girl turns out to be Kurenai's old student with dangerous power and a need for revenge on Kurenai & Konoha.

    I liked it, and though it wasn't my absolute fave episode it was pretty interesting (I might not think so highly of it if Kurenai wasn't so awesome however! :D). The only thing that I didn't like was that they spent too much time with things that weren't completely relevant to the plot, like Naruto sloothing for around like 20 minutes. The paintings were also a bit on the disturbing side :( but I think it's nice that they had an episode about Kurenai, who doesn't frequently have a large roll in many episodes, and it's also cool how it tells a bit more about the past of one of the lesser characters.
  • this episode was good it was something differt and it showed saskura frist mission as a ...

    a medical ninja it was the frist time in the show were they stared with someting that did not finish from last season i really like the fact that that saskura was a medical ninja and this episode showed her as her 1st mission i also dont know why people think this episode was bad mabey its just people in japan i dont know its a good way to start the season i like the new theme song over all this show rules
  • Kurenai becomes an active character

    Wow, usually Kurenai is just a background character that nobody realy cares about. But in this filler arc, she becomes a lead character. Naruto is coming home from a day of training and sees a pretty girl painting a picture of Konoha. He stops to watch her, and notices that there are clouds in her picture, but no clouds in the actual sky. And then the sky gets all cloudy and the girl draws Tsunade's house burning down and then Tsunade's actual house catches on fire!!! Naruto is slightly freaked, and then the ANBU come and capture the girl while shinobi put out the fire. Then Kurenai suddenly quits as Team 8's leader. She recalls training a girl named Yakumo, who is the painting girl, by the way. Then Naruto masquerades as Kurenai and sneaks into Yakumo's room, but is caught by the ANBU. Silly Naruto. :P
  • An excellent start to the ninth season, with a filler arc dedicated to Kurenai.

    One of the main reasons why I liked this filler arc so much is because Kurenai is shown more in depth for the first time in the show. I think it's a great way to start Season 9, and the opening theme is just awesome.

    The episode starts with Naruto arriving back at Konoha from training, when he sees a mysterious, quiet girl painting a picture of it. Naruto sees that unlike the current sky, which is blue with thin wisps of clouds, the girl is painting a stormy sky over the Leaf Village. Suddenly, storm clouds gather over the village just like in the girl's painting! Even more startling, she paints a lightning bolt striking the Hokage's mansion in the picture, and the exact same thing then happens to the real mansion! Naruto is shocked by this, and while shinobi put out the fire the lightning caused, Naruto catches up to the girl who left after the lightning struck. The girl is then apprehended by ANBU, who tell Naruto to leave and not mention to anyone what he saw. Meanwhile, Kurenai announces that she is leaving Team 8!

    Could there be a possible connection to this mysterious girl, whose name is Yakumo, and Kurenai abandoning her role as Team 8's leader? And if so, what does it all mean? You'll have to watch the episode, and the rest of the arc, to find out!