Season 9 Episode 1

Kurenai's Decision: Squad 8 Left Behind

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo



  • Quotes

    • (Naruto hears Akamaru barking)
      Naruto: Huh?
      Kiba: (In the distance) What was that you said?!
      Hinata: (In the distance) Kiba, calm down.
      Naruto: What's goin' on over there? (Hops over a fence)
      Kiba: Go ahead,Shino, I dare you to say that again!
      Shino: All right, I said it's pointless.
      Kiba: I can't believe you'd say something like that!
      Naruto: Cool it, you guys.
      Hinata: Naruto!
      Naruto: Come on, take it easy, will ya? What the heck's going on?
      Kiba: Kurenai left us swinging in the wind; that's what's going on! She just abandoned Squad 8!