Season 9 Episode 3

Kurenai's Top Secret Mission: The Promise with the Third Hokage

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Kurenai finds the two ninja that had entered the compound and they are under a Genjutsu trance. She searches for Yakumo and finds her behind a picture in her room. Kurenai promises her that she will protect her. Unkai order two other ninja to go in and capture Yakumo while he tells the third one to stop the others that are coming. The two ninja enter the compound and find Kurenai protecting Yakumo. they attempt to use their Genjutsu on them but Kurenai uses her own Genjutsu on them to put them into a trance.

Meanwhile, Naruto and the others come upon the third ninja and Naruto charges in like he usually does and gets trapped in a Genjutsu spell. Shino appears and stops the ninja from finishing off Naruto and Kiba and Akamaru track him and knock him out. Once again Sakura has to wake Naruto out of the Genjutsu trance.

Kurenai runs out of the compound with Yakumo and comes face to face with Unkai. Unkai strikes first and traps them with his Genjutsu. Kurenai tabs her shoulder to break free of the spell and attempts to hide. Unkai can smell her blood trail and throws a shuriken at a tree and it hits revealing Kurenai and Yakumo. Unkai goes in to finish her off when Naruto appears. He uses his shadow clones to attack and catches Unkai off guard. Unkai uses his Genjutsu to escape and the others tend to Kurenai.

They get back to the compound and Sakura tells Kurenai that she needs to return to the village to get her wounds tended to. Naruto is inside and talks to Yakumo who has been sedated by Sakura. Kiba asks Kurenai why she left the team and she tells him the story of how she sealed Yakumo's power and tells them she must have done it out of jealousy and that is why she cannot be their team leader. Shino, Kiba, and Hinata discuss what Kurenai told them and they don't believe she did it out of jealousy, but told them that to protect someone. Yakumo tells Naruto that the 3rd Hokage is the one who ordered Kurenai to seal her power and that he was behind her parents deaths. Naruto refuses to believe her.
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