Season 9 Episode 3

Kurenai's Top Secret Mission: The Promise with the Third Hokage

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • The plot thickens!

    I realize that this review is extremely late. I can explain! I was uber busy because my DVR got so full with the Twilight Zone marathon going on and for some reason I never feel like watching Bleach anymore, so I had about four weeks worth of that on there. Total Drama Island and Inuyasha had the majority of the space though, so that's what was taking up so much room. But I finally managed to get around to watching Naruto, so here's the review!!!

    Naruto talks to Yakumo, while Kurenai talkes to her squad and Sakura. Both women explain why Yakumo's power is shut, but there's a lie somewhere in there! Shino made careful observations about they way Kurenai moved while she talked and he discovered that her fist was clenched up until the part where she explained that she was jealous of Yakumo, hence that was a falsehood! OK, that about sums it up. I had a weird dream about the Jonas Brothers last night. It was odd, because I don't even like them. :?
  • Kurenai comes to Yakumo's rescue and we find out some sketchy details to Yakumo's past.

    Kurenai makes it to the compound and finds that Yakumo has already disabled the two attackers who cames to capture her. Outside the compound, Unkai and three other Kurama ninja make a plan. Two of the ninja are to enter the compound and capture Yakumo and the other ninja is to go and stop the Leaf ninja that are coming. The two Kurama ninja enter the compound and try to use their Genjutsu on Kurenai and Kurenai uses her own Genjutsu on the two attackers and puts them in a trance. Meanwhile, Naruto and the others face off against the other ninja and...
  • well it was not one of there best in the world...

    well it was about naruto talking some wisdom into a girl and a power getting sealed and the bond between teacher and kid and her finding out about really happen in the past so ya it was ok only ok nothing more or less really i hope this season wont go down hill i really wanted to happen in in this was someone coming back to the show mabey that will be a movie i dont know now i will be doing a review for every episode this season and i hope i can do one for every episode tell me if you agree or disagree over all naruto rocks