Season 2 Episode 32

Late for the Show, but Ready to Go! The Ultimate Secret Technique is Born!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 23, 2006 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode picks up exactly where the last one left off. Temari looks on at the third eye and concludes that Gaara must be using "that" technique. Gaara, within his ultimate defense, is muttering something to himself. On the outside, Sasuke throws forth a slew of kunai that bounce off of the ultimate defense, and any time Sasuke charges in for a physical attack, the sand protrudes from the ultimate defense and chases after him. Despite this, it appears to be a good opportunity for Sasuke, whose new move takes time to form.
On the outskirts of Konoha, ANBU members are currently searching for something, but find nothing, so they leave. When they are out of sight, a slew of Suna and Sound shinobi head out.
Back in Konoha, Sakura asks Kakashi what he meant when he and Sasuke were late for a reason, but Naruto is more concerned with the issue concerning Gaara. Kakashi simply tells him to shut up and says that the others should watch. "You'll wet your pants," he tells them. Sasuke back flips and jumps high up on and sticks to the stadium walls by focusing chakra to his feet. He forms a few seals and begins focusing...
The Suna leader is a bit pissed at Gaara, knowing that the Suna shinobi won't know when they'll receive the signal to attack. Within his ultimate defense, Gaara is having a conversation with himself about how he plans to kill Sasuke, spouting such things as "I'll give them all to you," and "I'm always a good boy."
Temari and Kankuro also are a bit peeved that Gaara could be throwing their entire plan into jeopardy...unaware that nearby, Shino overhears them discussing said "plan."
Back on the outskirts, Sound shinobi rush off while Suna's forces appear to be preparing to summon something massive.
A large amount of chakra so great that is is visible appears in Sasuke's hand in the form of lightning. Gai recognizes this and Kakashi states that he supervised Sasuke's training because they are similar. Sasuke begins rushing down the stadium wall. Gai realizes that this must be the reason Kakashi had Sasuke master taijutsu in order to increase his speed. Sasuke hits the dirt and begins charging forward. Sakura points out that the attack is certainly making a lot of noise, but Gai clears everything.
"Just a straight thrust. But it's Konoha's number one technique specialist...the Copy Ninja Kakashi's only original move. It's a secret move for assassination purposes. Its secret lies in the speed of the thrust and the activation of the body to generate a large amount of Chakra. Then he concentrates that large amount of Chakra into the thrusting arm. And because of the incredible speed he moves emits a distinct chirping sound similar to a thousand birds chirping. That's why the move is called..."
Sasuke hits dead on as the attack penetrates the ultimate defense, bypassing the obstacles.
Everyone stares in shock amazement, the Suna surprised that the ultimate defense was penetrated.
"Chidori," Gai explains, "also called Raikiri." (Rakiri= Lightning Edge)
The name derives from when Kakashi once cut through lightning, which Ino, Sakura, and Chouji are a bit skeptical about. Gai continues, saying that through the amount of concentrated chakra, the arm becomes a sword that cuts through anything. However, Gai believes that Kakashi has taught Sasuke a very reckless technique. Considering that Gai taught a student of his how to open five chakra gates which eventually led to him using stilts, he's not in a position to say that. However, Lee points out that a direct attack, such as the one Sasuke pulled off, can easily be countered.
Everything else for the Suna and Sound shinobi seems to be going well, as their signal to attack is only moments away. The one person in the crowds with the ANBU mask (later learned to be Kabuto) remarks "It's about time."
Shikamaru smirks, amused that Naruto, the person who was just worried about Sasuke not that long ago, is now jealous of him. Naruto thinks back to his success in using the Kyubi's chakra to use Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Jutsu), his victory over Neji not that long ago, but now...he can't help but be jealous.
Within the ultimate defense, from which Sasuke has still not withdrawn, Gaara says to himself " this warm thing?" An unfamiliar (at least, to Gaara) liquid drips from Gaara's shoulder onto his hands as he looks on in absolute fear and horror, suddenly screaming to the top of his lungs for the entire stadium to hear: "BLOOD! MY BLOOD!" Temari and Kankuro begin to wonder if the impossible happened: Was Gaara wounded?
Sasuke senses something horrible is about to happen and tried taking his hand out, but it's not budging. He resorts to powering up for Chidori to force his hand out, and he is successful, but not without the hand of Shukaku (Gaara's inner demon) trying to force him back. Sasuke looks paralyzed down to his feet as he stares, suddenly eying the eye of Shukaku. The ultimate defense begins to crack until it shatters, revealing Gaara, who is clutching his wounded left shoulder.
The person in the audience with the ANBU mask taps someone on their shoulder, putting them to sleep instantly. White feathers seem to fall from everywhere at this point, putting the majority of the audience to sleep. Kakashi and Gai immediately recognize as a Genjutsu. They both dispel (Kai!), as do other shinobi (Sakura being one of them). The Kazekage, after staring at the Hokage for some time, begins as an explosion rocks the area where the Hokage and Kazekage currently are. Suna and Sound shinobi advance on Konoha! Baki, Kankuro, and Temari knew this moment would come: "Commence mission!"

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