Season 2 Episode 32

Late for the Show, but Ready to Go! The Ultimate Secret Technique is Born!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 23, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • New events arise.

    Another episode of the battle being terribly drawn out, though this time the off scenes aren't just random conversations. The collaboration with the sound and sand villages have taken positions and are just waiting for their signal. It seemed that Gaara was going to foil that plan for his own desires because he was facing a powerful opponent in Sasuke. The revealing of the history of the Chidori compensates somewhat for the dragged out battle and it makes it even more interesting that it is Kakashi's only original move. The plan seems to be in full motion now that Kabuto and Kazekage have made their move in their respective regions, it actually makes the future episodes something to look forward to.
  • Sasuke technique is revealed!

    Gaara has formed the sand into an impenetrable ball around himself. Sasuke tries to attack several times and each time the sand forms spikes where he attacks and drives SAsuke back. Naruto is worried that Sasuke isn't strong enough to defeat Gaara, but Kakashi tells him to be quiet and watch. Sasuke runs up the wall of the arena and performs some hand signs. He runs down the wall gathering momentum and he performs Kakashi's Chidori as he builds up speed. He hit's Gaara's sand shield and breaks through into it and wounds Gaara to everyone's amazement. But something is terribly wrong.....

    Because Garra had been in the dome for quite some time and the dome is dangerous, Sasuke decides to use the Chidori. I was glad to see the move that Kakashi had taught Sasuke. Sasuke successfully injured Garra while inside the dome. Garra, screaming in pain and was begining to transform into the demon sealed inside him. Sasuke had seen just a part of the demon. Kabuto uses genjutsu to make the people in the audience to sleep signaling the invasion of Konoha to begin. Overall this episode went well, actually it was a great episode. I got to see Sasuke use the Chidori which is one of my favorite parts.
  • 4th Match! Gaara VS Sasuke

    Okay this episode starts right when Naruto and Shikamaru return from the stairs and are confronting Kakashi, telling him to stop the mtahc because... Gaara could actually kill Sasuke! Gaara is a killing beast. But Kakashi tells them not to worry because he taught Sasuke some special training. Back on the battlefield, Sasuke and Gaara are still battling. Sasuke throws some kunei at the sand shield, and keeps attacking it phsyically from the outside. Menwhile outisde the ANBU are planning something. Then in the battlefield, Sasuke is about to use the ultimate move that Kakashi taught him. Kakashi did have a reason for being late. Konkurou and Temari are worrying that Gaara has forgotten the plan, Konkurou even thinks they should leave before things gets messy. They don't relieze that Shino is eaves dropping on their conversation about the "plan." Outside Sound nin are making a cirlce in the ground for some reason, probably for the "plan." Then Sasuke's ultimate move is unveiled, the Chidori! Kakashi finally explains why and how he trained Sasuke. Sasuke is like him and he needed Sasuke to get to a certain level of speed first. Gai explains what the move can do while Sasuke runs down the wall of the stadium with the Chidori jb in his hand and rams right into Gaara's sand wall. The attack goes right through the wall and wounds Gaara! Lee tells himself how Sasuke's attack worked and that he couldn't even do it. Naruto on the other hand is now jealous of Sasuke because he could do that move, as Shikamaru points out. Now Naruto doubts he can defeat Sasuke even with th new Summoning Jutsu he has. On the stadium field Gaara fight back by unleashing the Shukaku's arm to counter attack sasuke. Sasuke jumps back and dodges the shukaku's moves. Konkurou and Temari point out how devasting that thing is and that Konkurou couldn't even eat for a week after seeing it the first time. Then Gaara's sand wall goes down, he holds his wound covered in blood, which he sees for the first time. Then Kabuto begins his planned attack by using a Sleeping Genjutsu technique. The invasion begins and all Sand and Sound Shinobi are READY!
  • Chidori!!!!!

    Gaara was retreated inside his sand shield, slowly molding into his demon form. The only draw back is, he can't move. However, Sasuke can't break through his defenses either. Left with no other choice, Sasuke decides to use his new power that Kakashi showed him: Chidori: One Thousand Birds!!!!! With it, Sasuke pierces Gaara's sand ball and stops Gaara's transformation. Sasuke is the 2nd person to injure Gaara, Rock Lee being the first. Meanwhile, Kabuto Yakushi, Orochimaru's henchman disguised as an ANBU Black Op at the moment, puts all the spectators to sleep. The Invasiona of Konoha has begun!!!!! What will happen next?!?!?
  • Chidori

    As Gai is explaining how the chidori works, in the english versio he refers to it as a jab, as opposed to the japanese version where he calls it a thrust. So far the only people to use the technique have possesed the sharingan (the bloodline limit or kekkei genkei of the uchiha clan) but at no point in the show does it state the uchiha clan using this technicue because kakashi inveted it, this implies he either invented it after the massacre of the uchiha clan, or no one from the clan saw him using it and therefore could not copy it. this is also the first time we see someone using a move invented by someone else.
  • Chidori! 1,000 Birds!

    Sasuke has been mastering taijutsu but why? Kakashi knows that the taijutsu lee used wont work on the same opponent? why has Kakashi done this? time to find out. Garaa, for the first time activates his ultimate defense. Its unbreakable, even by Sasukes extreme strength.What does he do? He jumps up on the wall, does some handsighns and then there is a huge ball of chakra in his hands. Kakashi and Gai Explain to Sakura Ino and Choji this is the only techinique that Kakashi did not copy. That is the reason sasuke worked on increaseing his Taijutsu and speed!

    So, with the chakra in his hands, the lightning blade/1,000 birds, Runs down at an extremely high speed towards Gaara, in his ultimate defense. His attack goes through the sand and on gaaras shoulder. at this point, Gaara bleeds from the 1st time in his life. Before his transformation is complete, the shell breaks. After that, lord KazeKage Says \'shall we get going?\" and a signal appears. Commence opperation! Next episode:Zero hour:The destruction of the Hidden Leaf village Begins!
  • Chidori.

    sasuke is continuing his fight with the mysterious Gaara of the Desert. Now that Gaara created that sand ball thing, Sasuke can't attack. So he remembers what his sensei taught him and used it. The move is the Chidori lightning edge. This is able to break Gaara's heavy defenses and other things. gaara bled! quote: "What is this warm felling? Mother! It's my blood MY BLOOD! Wow he overeacts. The demon will come out. Sasuke does it again. He was the first person ever to make gaara bleed. So this was great, My overall rating : 10/10 Perfect. 50th review.
  • Basically if you did not see that episode I am felling really bad for because it had a lot of eye opening scenes in it

    There are many thing in that episode that was really surprised me from Kakashis shut up to Sasukes new move to Gara’s yell that was a episode for the record books .I personally recorded and watched it foreshadowing I new it would be good . I was definitely counting on Sasukes return but I think that it was too early for Sasuke to reveal his new move even thought he was against a formidable opponent it was to early, but a bit shocking to the viewers thought ,as so myself, without a doubt .Lee’s add in about his feeling was a great asset to the episode thought a little whinny but it was a eye opener for him to see some one do his own moves better then he did which was a little startling but expect that he would say things along the lines of that. (I now it was in the episode before but I did play a good part in determining what was done in this episode ) .Then the take over that was one of the most unexpected things that happened I think in the episode, even thought you see the lead up to it but during one of the most waited for frights In the series so far man that was a little upsetting . I wanted to see who would win and then Naruto and Shikamaru are put to sleep which I hope he wakes up though was one o f the most upsetting thing about it .Over all it was a great episode and I cant imagine what is going to happen next.I guess I have to watch and find out.
  • Sasuke vs. Garra

    The battle we been waiting for is here. Sasuke gain some speed that equals to Rock Lee so he can have an advantage to fight Garra. Garra sealed himself in a sand barrier. Sasuke used his new move that he learn from Kakashi, The Lighting blade. It was a cool move to watch. When Garra's shoulder was bleeding, he shouted "IT'S MY BLOOD!" His scream was quiet scary. We saw a glimpse of his demon mode inside of the barrier. Meanwhile, the sand and sound villages prepare the invasion of the leaf village. It's sad that we didn't see the conclusion of the tournament but I notice that the last three battles were important to the plot so it seems that the reason why the 3rd exam is cut short. I'm looking forward to the next arc that is coming soon.
  • what a long battle it's cool

    whata battle.saske`is strong but garra has a powerful shelid on and around him. but saske broke the shelid and made garra bleed from his arm. also saske has that powerful eye power thing. well saske needs that power also that arm got saske like what happend to bushy brow. i think saske's arm is broken but he is still fighting. this is a good episode. i hope the other battle are like this. COOLNESS oh yeah those feather things put half of the ninja to sleep and some use the jusu to provent it. towards them i hope nothing happen to them. those guys wearig capes look strong.
  • It's blood!It's my blood

    This was a very exciting episode as it was oh so great.As Gaara and Sasukes battle heats up the Sand and Sound village ninja prepare for their attack on Konoha.Sasuke shows off his newest and most powerful jutsu 'Chidori'.when Sasuke strikes Gaaras Sand Tomb with his Chidori Gaara realizes something,he's bleeding.Gaara,having never been wounded in his life is majorly upset by this and begins turning into the Shikaku as stated by Kankuro,Gaara grabs Sasuke with his Shikaku arm but before the transformation is complete the Sand Shield breaks and Gaara reverts back to normal.As Gaara stands in fear before Sasuke,the Sound and Sand village begin thier attack on Konoha and the entire stadium except Kakashi,Gai,and Sakura.Now this is what I call an episode.
  • well the real fight begain....

    well this episode was about the sand village is getting ready to attck the leaf village and garra and suskae begain there fight and suskae learns a new attck the lighting blade while he useing the blade garra use a sand attck thing it really cool things are getting really good i cant wait till the next episode its really good now here are a few questions to think about why does the sand village want to attck the village hidden in the leafs what will they gain from it who behind it and in a fight will the 3rd win think about it well till next time over all naruto rocks

    You know Kakashi just had to teach his star pupil his own original jutsu. The Chidori is quite possibly the most powerful, astounding, and unique special move of any kind I have ever seen on this show so far! After Kakashi saw what Gaara could do and they found out Sasuke was going to fight him, it was pretty much inevitable. Sasuke put every track record to shame when he used the Lightning Blade and punctured Gaara's dome. But when Gaara's shoulder is injured by Sasuke, his absolutely psychotic actions just get way freakier than before. Besides a whole lot of screaming, some grotesk mutant arm, which looks like it was from an unborn fetus, flies out and pratically makes everyone crap their pants. On top of the action in the arena, the plot between the Sound and Sand ninja to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village is almost under way. I just happen to think that a little deception always makes a show so much better.
  • Sasuke VS Gaara continues and an new tech is born!

    With Gaara strong defense.Sasuke tries to figure out how to defeat Temari worries that Gaara,is summoning his demon form.Sakura wonders why Sasuke and him late.Unfortunelly Kakashi tells them to watch the match.Watching Sasuke movements which was fast and now called "Chidori" to everyone shock Sasuke was able to break Gaara defenses.Rock Lee,was amazed at this but begin to think back of his battle aganist Gaara.Now praises Sasuke and his greatest tech ever.Gaara see's his own blood.Gaara demon hand appearing fearing that Gaara may have transform into his demon form.This got Temari and Kokuro worried about.Of course he didn't.The mysterous Anubi begin to put everyone to asleep.The invasion begin of the leaf viliage begins..........
  • Sasuke's new move the chidori!

    Sasuke want's to break through Gaara's shell. So he shows off his new move Kakashi taught him. Though i am confused that Kakashi uses the Raikiri but Sasuke uses the Chidori. The sound was awsome and it sounds distracting. But when Gaara bled he started to freak me out. When Sasuke broke through Gaara's shell with the chidori Gaara started to yell and scream. Gaara tried to stop him but using the leaf taijutsu he dodged all defensive manuevers of Gaara's and struck with the Chidori. All in all the episode was awsome. Sasuke proved he is one of the best Genin in the village.
  • This was cool

    THis episode was pretty cool because Gaara was failing in comparison to Susuke's power and speed. Gaara went mad and tried using a weird jutsu that scared his siblings but Sasuke interviened. He jumped backwards onto the wall of the stadium and did the hand seals for his new jutsu. His hand was ozzing out lighting. He started running down the wall destroying it as his attack hit it and Gai explained what the move was called. It was a move named after the sound it created the 1000 birds chirping noise and as he said the name Susuke impaled Gaara's ball with CHIDORI.
  • Gaara is weak compared to...An Anime King review.

    What I was going to say was that Gaara is weak compared to the almighty Sasuke. It was said that Gaara could not bleed. What a lie!Sasuke was about to destroy Gaara but there had been some kind of an ambush. It seems that the villages of Sand and Sound are going to wage war on the leaf village. This has been an Anime King review.