Season 8 Episode 8

Laughing Shino

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 09, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • really great episode!!

    Man this episode was heck a funny! Naruto and Shino arrived at their mission so after a while Naruto wasabout to eat the rice but Shino said, " no wait stop let me taste it first." Shino ate it all up and he smiled and started laughing. I thought that he was just kidding to he can eat the rice by himself. Naruto had to not laugh at the funeral so e tried his best. No matter what joke was it he never did until the belly dance. The hair also so the Funeral guy started doing something but it was Shino after all. The old lady came and that was the funeral guy. At the very end Naruto said something to get Shino mad and Naruto is all like gezzz.
  • For a Filler VERY, funny!!

    I finally get to hear and see Shino Laugh! One funny episode. Shino looked like a demon while he was laughing. Even his Bugs are laughing, so they can't stop Shino's laughing. Then comes the funeral. They try to make Naruto laugh with things that me burst into laughter. Those Monks hairs kept on coming off. Since Naruto is the main character, I knew he would not fail. A Flower out a guys nose but then it comes out from the other nose hole. Then the guy with the clown stomach. At least the mission was a success. Shino laughing was the Rising Action of the episode.
  • Naruto & Shino get teamed up on an interesting mission.

    Even though its a filler, I still dug the dubbed version of this episode. Being a fan of the classic Love Hina, it was great to hear Derek (Shino & Keitaro) & Dorothy (Naru) working together again. Awesome! Younger kids will find it funny for sure. & its the only time you will hear Shino laugh. I still cant wait until episode 220 airs. Ive always been a fan of Derek since he makes a cool Shino a just as cool Uryu from Bleach, & others. & as for Dorothy, she just has that perfect voice. Long live them 2, yes!
  • Naruto and Shino go on a mission together. Funny episode, though.

    Most people would disagree with me on giving this episode a 10, though this was pretty funny overall. Naruto and Shino head out together to help Futa for a funeral service for his father. The mission itself is odd, after reading the will, the mission was not to laugh during the funeral, or the entire estate is going split amongst everyone else. Futa says that he won't be hold in laughter, so he asks Shino to take his place. But things don't look good at dinner time, when Shino eats some rice that actually had some else added in, causing Shino to laugh uncontrollably. Now Naruto has to take Futa's place, but that seems almost impossible. During the funeral, Naruto tries to hold in his laughter from many things that the other family members do. Meanwhile, Shino investigates that someone is giving Futa's wife, Mai the laughing potion, and learns that Futa's father wasn't dead after all. He only disguised himself so that he could hear everyone laugh again. Shino and his insects then transform into Futa's father, and a Young Futa and Mai. They then do a silly song which everyone laughs, then Futa's father (the real one) appears, wishing that everyone could laugh again instead of fight for the estate. So the mission was a success, and Naruto and Shino head back home. A 10 out of 10.
  • O_O Scarred for life and I don't even care...

    OK, to dilute the weirdness of Shino laughing, I closed my eyes and pretended it was Uryu from Bleach. They have the same voice actor, and even though Uryu is a serious chaacter too, he has laughed on occasion. Shino laughing was just too weird for my brain to comprehend. Not that it wan't side splitting hysterical, it was just weird. Like aliens invading earth wierd. Or Haruhi Suzumiya weird. Good anime, watch it. Anyway, Tsunade sends Naruto and Shino out to some guy's funeral and they run into some old lady who is really the dead guy in disguise. Know what? I'm tired and don't feel like explaining it. Watch it on your own time!
  • I think this is the best and funniest episode.

    I think this is one of the best episodes I have seen so far especially Shino laughing was the best. A nation becomes wealthy and all they can think about is money and money and when they were poor they would laugh. The funeral was all a fake so that they could laugh. They did so many funny things that made me laugh like crazy and this episode definately deserves a 10 out of 10. This episode was just so funny and a lesson was learned about laughing which is great an awesome episode was so far. 10 out of 10.
  • Incredibly horrible episode.

    This episode was not good at all. It was full of lame jokes that maybe a five year old would laugh at. Come on ripped pants jokes? I don't think that's ever been that funny.

    I thought the Onbaa episode was the lamest but this episode takes the lead in every single way. Terrible! Only another season and half until shippuden comes on, and it can't come soon enough.

    Hopefully this will be the end of the incredibly bad fillers that try to be funny but fail horribly. I don't might watching a filler episode but there has to be a least a little bit action or marginally good comedy.
  • A laughing Shino????

    It seems that Naruto and Shino have been given a mysterious assignment to another village. The eldest son of a wealthy landowner is having his father's funeral and the will states that if he should laugh during the funeral, we will lose his inheritance to his younger sister. The loophole in the will allows the son to have a substitute for him for the funeral and he chooses Shino. As they sit down to a meal, Shino says that he will test the food for any poison and says that the bugs inside him will ingest it if there is any. All of a sudden he starts laughing after finishing his meal....
  • i realy think this is going to be a very very special episode because shino never i mean never laugh he is just like sasuke because sasuke laugh's but only some times mby somthing happen in shino past like someone dystroyed shino clan just like itachi dys

    a just bet this episode will be very very funny because shino never lahghs not even make a little tiny tiny tiny tiny face that is funny or even make a funny joke he just make's a normel sad face and boring also he never even talk's!! only very rare times but i am shock that in this episode shino is going to laugh it must be eaither a flashback episode or must be a very very very very funny thing that is going to happen when i see this episode i will be cracking up so much i realy wan't to see shino laugh.
  • disturbing...

    This was the most creepy and utterly disturbing episode of Naruto i have ever seen in my life...

    It's some guy's funeral and in his will everything goes to this one person (i forget names of ppl) unless the rest of the family can make him laugh so he hires someone to represent him so shino is the rep. but at dinner he has rice to check for poison and it makes him laugh histerically (his bugs can't destroy it) so Naruto is the new representative and they try to make him laugh (it's funny watching him try not to laugh) and in the end it turns out the guy isn'tdead but he just wanted to make everyone laugh and be happy again.

    Although there were a few halfway funny parts besides that this episode SUCKED!!!
  • Did hell just break loose?

    Oh my god. This episode creeped me out, right when Shino started laughing I was about to just shut my laptop off. Oh my god. Shino laughing. Seriously. That was between awkward, creepy, and just plain out " This will happen when pigs fly " material. Except it happened when that old lady put the laughing medicine in Shino's food. Oh my gosh... seriously, this episode was werid, creepy, and horrid. I am sorry, this is probably my lowest rated filler episode so far, it's just that this episode had no point, and I think my life would've been better if I had just not seen it. ( Goes off to wash hands )
  • Worst episode ever.

    Oh, dear god. This episode is really, really, really, really, really disturbing. It gave me nightmares. Where do they come up up with ideas? No one can think of anything better? The crap they put on TV these days. The plot was really stupid. Even for a filler episode.

    Yet, it was kinda funny. I mean it was like a messed up fanfic. So it was okay. But scary. Very, very scary. Its a total waste of time to watch unless you're bored and want to see Shino laughing his head off. Its kinda funny but only if you really don't have anything better to do... If you really have nothing better..
  • Weirdest Naruto episode period

    It started like any other mission until Shino laughed flowers comin out of people noses, talking stomachs, ripped pants its like i went through spongebob again. In the end it was a stupid gag to stop the family from being greedy. Although it was funny seeing shino make a couple of jokes. But its a filler. a really dumb one. A Crow episode.
  • I found this episode VERY disturbing. For people who read this, I think you alreaddy knwo why.

    This is the first and probably LAST episode you will see Shino laugh, let alone smile. I found this episode in the episode list. I was all like, "Shino LAUGHS? No way.. I bet it's only a smile or chuckle.. Never a LAUGH" But I made it through the blizzard of fillers and to this episode.. And I find out that Shino cracks up like a drunken maniac. Well maybe he WAS drunken.. But still.. Never expected that there, eh? XD I say that this filler is just plain scary.. And very very disturbing. For people who like disturbing stuff, you should watch this episode. XDDDDDDD
  • hmmmm...

    Man i love this show...but the fillers need to stop soon. or at least have some cool arcs for the fillers. The one cool thign was to have more shino... i like his character and how cool and mysterious he is... but other then that it was a bunch of cheap laughs... which makes sence, since this was called laughing shino. Anyways we go to another pointless village on another pointless mission to do funeral service. i guess the whole moral was that laughing brings us together and money isn't very important. anyways lets hope this gets better from here.
  • Distrubing.

    Oh, dear god. This episode is really, really, really, really, really disturbing. It gave me nightmares. Where do they come up up with ideas? No one can think of anything better? The crap they put on TV these days. The plot was really stupid. Even for a filler episode.

    Yet, it was kinda funny. I mean it was like a messed up fanfic. So it was okay. But scary. Very, very scary. Its a total waste of time to watch unless you\\\'re bored and want to see Shino laughing his head off. Its kinda funny but only if you really don't have anything better to do.
  • Where do they get these ideas?

    Okay, first off, I highly doubt Masashi kishimoto would choose to disgrace Shino\'s character. Second, Shino was one of the few Naruto character\'s who still had the faintest ounce of dignity, and they had to go and stomp it into the ground! It made me want to take a pencil, fly to Japan, find the freaks who made this, and stab them through the eyes! Then I\'d go and force them to make sure it woud never air again! Why do they come up with the idea for half these fillers? I mean, the plots of these should never be forced into our minds. It burns to watch!
  • Shino finally gets an episode with him as a principle character, but he's so underused, that it is a shame that this episode is the best he gets. This episode barely gets a passing grade due to general dullness.

    Shino is probably my favorite of the Genin right now, but he rivals Tenten for least utilized in the series. This episode finally puts him somewhat in the spotlight, but it is a poor sampling of the Genin. The title says who laughs: Shino, but the viewer probably won't laugh at all.

    The title says it all. The one treat in this episode is seeing Shino out of character, and they do just enough with it to make the episode decent. Past that, the episode is dull and uninteresting. The "funny" funeral is not funny at all, and the episode concept lacks real thought or appeal.

    So Shino laughs, that much is interesting, but in the end, seeing him use his rarely shown bug jutsu might have been a better treat. The title is the beginning and end to this episode. Other than that, it is a pretty weak piece of filler. I've given comparable fillers lower scores than this, but sine they did use Shino and somewhat originally, I'm going to let it "pass."
  • Yet another boring filler.

    This filler is about Laughing Shino.

    At the beginning, where we saw Shino laughed because of the laughing drug in the food and I guess you can say he laughed weird and funny. Somehow Shino's laugh reminded me of some Horror Show, hmm I can't remember it, probably a bit unoriginal you can say.

    I guess its a bit funny and ruined the characters at the same time. This also doesn't contains real plot to the main story, fillers just been kept going and going like forever. *sighs* I wonder when it will finally END! Hopefully around 200.

    Yet again, this filler episode is about basically nothing as you all know. Be patient and I'm sure this definitly will end. :)
  • There they go again. They\'ve just ruined another good character...

    Before anyone possibly gets annoyed by my review, I'm gonna make it absolutely clear; I know what fillers are, and I completely understand why they are neccessary.

    This in my eyes has been one of the very worse individual episodes of filler that Naruto has had since the filler started, and that's saying a lot because there hasn't been a single episode I can say I honestly enjoyed. I really can't begin to understand why the Naruto writing staff would want to ruin Shino's character to this extent. I know everything that happened was forced on him, but this is just something that Kishimoto himself would never reduce one of his characters to, especially a moody, mysterious character such as Shino.

    All the attempts to make Naruto laugh during the episode were also more than just pathetic. I don't know if they were aiming to make the viewer laugh or not, but nothing affected me. Overall, a terrible episode, yet still more enjoyable than some of the filler story arcs they try to produce.

    And in response to singswell's review, there are many better shows than Naruto on at the moment, pretty much every anime at the moment is better than Naruto.
  • Yes it's a filler episode, but so what?

    I understand the necessity of the filler episodes, it's essential to ensuring that the anime won't catch up to the manga, which could prove to be destructive to the entire series. By the time these episodes make it to the english version, they may be omitted altogether because the manga will be so far ahead by that time. Regardless Naruto is still the best show on right about now.
  • I suppose the animation of Narutos multiplicity of different facial poses is interesting and sometimes amusing to watch; however, when that is subtracted from the overall episode, little remains that is worth the 20 minutes of your time. IMHO

    On the other hand, we learn that Shino is capable of laughing (though by force) and we are given a valuable insight into shino's internal conflict brought on by his condition (I am in awe at the depth that the writers delve into the human psyche). The story even imparts a vague moral lesson about not being true to your feelings-in that you may act like you enjoy something and put on the coresponding visage, but deep inside your heart knows you are not being true to who you are. Ya, cliche but don't most of naruto episodes involve hideous cliches?

    Anyways, I am biased, and I don't look forward to next episode because all I want to see is Sasuke and Itachi and that weird guy who appeared at the end of 135? yknow...with the face...and those people...from that group...with the know...

  • Another filler episode, they should stop it !! because it's Annoying already !!

    Another filler episode Could they just stop it?? Naruto use to be one of my favorite anime, but I stop watching becuase it is starting to get annoying, and I know, it is not only me, there is a lot of fans are annoyed, due to too much filler episode.

    They should stop this, anotherwise the rating is goig down and down, and I am tired of looking at naruto and the ninjas never grows up, and as if the filler series is going forever. so give yourself a favor and stop watching filler episodes anymore, and go read mangga instead !! The producer thought it is funny that they annoy their fans.!! yeah right!

  • This was a fuuny episode!

    Of all people, They picked Shino to do this. I would've love it if they had Kakashi. I was fuuny how Shino laughed. It was also funny seeing Naruto to hold back his laugher. I loved the ending though. How Shino asked Naruto to forget the song and dance Shino did.
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