Season 8 Episode 8

Laughing Shino

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 09, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • really great episode!!

    Man this episode was heck a funny! Naruto and Shino arrived at their mission so after a while Naruto wasabout to eat the rice but Shino said, " no wait stop let me taste it first." Shino ate it all up and he smiled and started laughing. I thought that he was just kidding to he can eat the rice by himself. Naruto had to not laugh at the funeral so e tried his best. No matter what joke was it he never did until the belly dance. The hair also so the Funeral guy started doing something but it was Shino after all. The old lady came and that was the funeral guy. At the very end Naruto said something to get Shino mad and Naruto is all like gezzz.