Season 8 Episode 8

Laughing Shino

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 09, 2008 on TV Tokyo



  • Quotes

    • Toubei: Forgive me for having to put you all through this. I came up with this little scheme, and Mai helped me pull it off. I knew the only way I could ever bring you all together was to stage my funeral.
      Futa: Is that really you, father? You're alive and well?
      Tsukiko: Why? I don't understand.
      Toubei: To remind you of what we used to be like before our lands made us rich. We were poor then, but how loudly we used to laugh. Once we learned how valuable the herbs were that grew on our mountains, everything changed. There was no more laughter, only cries of money, money, more money. None of us ever really smiled again after that. I wanted to remind the family of what we had forgotten, what's really important. I wanted to see a smile on our faces again. I knew if I wrote that ridiculous will, everyone would go crazy trying to make Futa laugh. Then perhaps the forced laughter would turn into real laughter, real joy. Happiness has nothing to do with wealth, it's about being a family, loving and caring and laughing.

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