Season 2 Episode 42

Light vs. Dark: The Two Faces of Gaara

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Gaara continues to talk about his past. When Gaara states that Naruto can't become stronger when he fights for everyone else, Naruto recalls that if he didn't meet his friends, he would be the same as Gaara. Realizing that he has to protect his friends, Naruto overcomes his fear and decides to take on Gaara. To defeat Gaara, Naruto must summon Gamabunta, but instead gets one of his children. Meanwhile, Sarutobi continues to try to pull out Orochimaru's soul. Can Naruto stand a second against Gaara?moreless

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  • Gaara had his share of flashbacks, Naruto wanted to take a stab at it too!

    There is absolutely no problem with having tragic characters. It gives a show drama and some emotional closeness to those characters, though sometimes a little, or perhaps big boost of testosterone is really needed in a show. It was pretty tiresome hearing Gaara crying all the time no matter how sad of a life he has led. I'm more of a fan of Naruto's past as the first episode completely took me by surprise and left me shocked and it was actually nice seeing him revisit some of those moments. What kind of really killed this episode though is that Orochimaru and Sarutobi are STILL having their tug of war match with almost no end to sight.moreless
  • Naruto begins his battle with Gaara.

    We learn that Gaara was created by his father implanting a demon called Shukaku in him before he was born. The result killed his mother when he was born. Yashamaru tries to kill Gaara not because he was ordered by Gaara's father, the Kazekage, but because he hated Gaara for killing his sister. Gaara's mother gave him his name and used his birth as a curse on the village. Back to the present Sakura is pinned against a tree and being slowly crushed to death by Gaara and Sasuke is down and has no more chakra and cannot move. It's now up to Naruto to save everyone from Gaara...moreless
  • Poor Gaara!

    Gaara slowly begins to transform into Shukaku. He slowly begins to have flashbacks of when he was younger and his uncle, Yashamaru. For a time, Yashamaru seemed to be the only person who cared about him. Because of the danger Gaara represented, the Kazekage asked Yashamaru to kill Gaara. Yashamaru complied though ultimately failed in the attempt. Although Gaara tried to dismiss this attack as an order of the Kazekage, Yashamaru corrected him by saying that he had willingly accepted the mission. Having never truly loved Gaara, Yashamaru hoped that killing him would avenge the death of his older sister. In a last effort to kill him, Yashamaru blew himself up in the hopes that it would kill Gaara too. Gaara survived the blast without injury and lost the only person he thought had cared for him.moreless
  • Garra remembers more about Yashamaru and how he died. Garra then, after the flashback, onto the present day captures Sakura and squeezes her.

    Garra remembers his Uncle who loved him and then he remembers that he had not loved Garra at all. Yashamaru, Garra's uncle, hated him. Yashamaru wanted Garra dead and his last mission was to kill Garra but his mission didn't succeed after Garra had killed him first. Garra remembered the pain that it brought him. I don't blame him because of the pain and him accidentally killing Yashamaru but Garra kept killing after then. Sakura was then captured by Garra with his claw and slowly is squeezed by Garra's sand. Overall, this episode went very well with knowing more about Garra, Sakura and danger and Sasuke can barely move so it is up to Naruto to then fight.moreless
  • really cool

    it's really nice i like watching naruto cuz it's really nicely made and my friends watch it too ^^ anyway i didn't watch this episode for a long time so i was gonna watch it again lol.

    so err i gotta hgave 100 words 'n stuff so i'll just kinda spam l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l lmoreless

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    • Orochimaru: It can't be?! Impossible! You must have used up almost all of your chakra by now!
      Sarutobi: That is not how you measure strength. True strength comes from more than chakra.

    • Gamakichi: Boy, are you pathetic.
      Naruto: Shut up!
      Gamakichi: So, uh, who's this freak anyway?

    • Yashamaru: I believe your mother's will is carried in every grain of that sand.

    • Yashamaru: Your name is the one your mother gave you. Your name is Gaara, the demon that loves only itself, as you must love no one else. Care for no one's existence but your own. Fight only for yourself. In that way, you will be sure to survive. This is the dying gift your mother left you, but not out of maternal affection. It was not from love she gave you your name. It was from her undying rage at this village. It was part of her curse that you should survive and grow. Her hate lives on in you. You were never loved Gaara, never.

    • Naruto: I've got to save my friends, it's all up to me!

    • (During flashback)
      Naruto: Its time to eat!
      Kakashi: (Hands hims a basket of vegetables) Naruto your seriously going to die if you eat ramen and red bean broth. Ninja's must eat more vegetables! (Pushes the basket closer) This is a gift.
      Naruto: No! I don't like vegetables!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: If it wasn't for them... If I had not found friends... If I hadn't found somebody to pull me out of the darkness...I would be no different from him, a cold-hearted killer.

      ~Japanese version

    • Yashamaru: You were born with the Shukaku of sand and observed like a guinea pig, but since you could not control the power of the living soul, Shukaku, and were unable to manipulate the sand on your own, your existence was deemed a danger to the village.

      ~Japanese version

    • Gamakichi: What the? I'm just a little squirt. If you want me to do something, give me a snack. Otherwise, I won't play with you.
      Naruto: You know something?! I hate you frogs!!!

      ~Japanese version

    • Young Gaara: So you did all this because father ordered you to?
      Yashamaru: No, I could have denied the mission. I did it on my own free will. You killed my sister when you were born. She was in so much pain. You killed the one person I truly cared for. Nobody loves you.

      ~Japanese version

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