Season 2 Episode 42

Light vs. Dark: The Two Faces of Gaara

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Between flashbacks of his past and his fight with Naruto, we learn a little more about Gaara's past.
Gaara taunts Naruto, stating that if you aren't fighting for yourself then you are a pathetic weakling. Naruto sees the look in Gaara's eyes and recalls that same look he once had before meeting Iruka-sensei, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi-sensei. Like Gaara he was feared and hated by those around him, but once he realized that he wasn't alone and had friends, it made it better for him and gives him a reason to fight.
Try as he might, Naruto cannot overcome Gaara's Sand Shuriken jutsu and ends up getting seriously hurt. Realizing he needs more help, he tries his Summoning Jutsu to summon Gamabunta, but instead gets one of his kids, Gamakichi.
Meanwhile, back at the Leaf Village, The Third Hokage still works the Demon Reaper Seal Jutsu to finish off Orochimaru. Orochimaru taunts Hokage for being old, but Hokage reminds him that he is the pillar that supports the village, and defeating him won't be that easy.
As the episode ends, Naruto says he WILL defeat Gaara and save his friends, and explodes with his Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu.

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