Season 2 Episode 18

Long Time No See: Jiraiya Returns!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 30, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • A day in training with a legendary ninja.

    With Ebisu KO'd, Naruto demands that Jiraiya supervise his training. After long periods of push and pull between the two, Jiraiya is convinced after Naruto reveals his sexy technique, the same technique that defeated Ebisu as well. During the training, Jiraiya notices a seal that makes Naruto's chakra inconsistent. He removes it and Naruto is suddenly able to walk on water flawlessly. Ebisu approaches Jiraiya, who reveals him as one of the legendary Sannin.

    Like before there is nothing really special about this episode. There just wasn't that much excitement at all, kind of just adding to the lessons of chakra science, although there were some brief instances of interesting moments, overall it just felt pretty bland. Though how the episode ended added some excitement with the revealing of Jiraiya as a person who is considered on the same level as Orochimaru.
  • Naruto meets Jiraiya. One of the 3 legendary sanin.

    Naruto's training with Ebisu is interrupted by the appearance of a stranger. Ebisu spots him peeking into a women's bathhouse and goes to try and stop him. The stranger summons a large toad who uses its tongue to wrap around Ebisu and knock him to the ground. With Ebisu knocked out Naruto demands that the stranger, who we find out is Jiraiya, train him. Jiraiya refuses to do so because he wants to do research for his next book. Naruto calls him a "pervy sage" making Jiraiya dislike him more. Jiraiya takes off to do more research and Naruto follows him...
  • This episode was just too funny.

    I loved this episode because it was so funny and how Naruto mentions that he already had beaten Ebisu once already with Naruto's secret silly jutsu. I really liked the end of the episode how Jiraiya at the end takes Naruto from Ebisu and how he summoned the toad and how it knokced Ebisu out of the way. Earlier in the episode Naruto and Ebisu had a competition that he could run away from but Naruto looses the challenge and Ebisu must train and along the way I saw this episode a long time and there were alot of funny parts that I can't remember really well.
  • Rofl The Pervy Sage hahaha

    Eibsu has just been knocked out by an old man spying on the ladies' bath house. Now, poor Naruto is without a trainer. Naruto begs the old man to be his trainer who, by the way, is one of the Legendary Sanin, Jiraiya. Jiraiya refuses and runs away. Naruto eventually chases him down and makes him train him due to Naruto's Sexy Jutsu. Jiraiya realizes after a while that Naruto is the Demon Fox. He spots the seal Orochimaru put on Naruto during the Chunin Exam, and releases it. The block on Naruto's chakra is gone, and he finds that he can easily walk on water now. Then Jiraiya lectures Naruto on chakras.
  • The worst episode ever.

    This episode isnt nessesary but I hate it.Narutos jutsu makes me mad.They should not make more episodes like this.Pure ungenius.Naruto should not use his you know what jutsu more often.It makes him look so not alive.This episode is mostly about a pervert named jaraiyha who wants to look at women.But Naruto wants Jaraihya to train him.Jaraiyha dosent want to train Naruto turns into the you know what jutsu and peruades Jaraiyah to train him.Its good that narutos you know what jutsu has clouds.So now Jaraiyah will train naruto.Man Jaraiyah is so perverty .Naruto didnt like what he did but he had to do it.
  • Pervy old man!!!!!

    Eibsu has just been knocked out by an old man spying on the ladies' bath house. Now, poor Naruto is without a trainer. Naruto begs the old man to be his trainer who, by the way, is one of the Legendary Sanin, Jiraiya. Jiraiya refuses and runs away. Naruto eventually chases him down and makes him train him due to Naruto's Sexy Jutsu. Jiraiya realizes after a while that Naruto is the Demon Fox. He spots the seal Orochimaru put on Naruto during the Chunin Exam, and releases it. The block on Naruto's chakra is gone, and he finds that he can easily walk on water now. Then Jiraiya lectures Naruto on chakras.
  • Jiraiya joins the Naruto crew

    well first off i would like to say that Jirayias voice is somewhat good so that is a plus one anwa this episode was really perverted Naruto seduces Jiraa with the sexy jutsu and makes Jiraya train him but this new sensei is more interested in women then he is with training Naruto. This episode was also reall funn especiall when Naruto gave Jiraia the melon and he cuts it but naruto misunderstood boobies for melon I enjoed watching this episode and would not mind seeing it again for all I care.
  • can they show this on Cartoon Network?

    can they really show this on Cartoon Network? Jaraiya has to be the most bmost perverted person Ever! He even tried to grope Naruto just cause he looked like a girl! And can they show a naked girl on CN? You see how careful Zatch Bell is when it comes to pervertedness, but this, this is just reckless! Cartoon Network is getting dirty to me and thats a good thing! Its wierd! espesially the part when Jaraiya described the size of breast her wanted. This episode is jaw-dropping. I had my jaw hanging to the floor this whole episode. Wierd!
  • Jirya come to the village to do a battle with the \orochimaru\" person i fogot his name but i don\'t think he was here to fight either. but while he was there he was peeking at women for his so called book, any way he helps naruto with his chakura co

    This epsiode was HILARIOUS. I was laughing through the hole epsidoe. and then jirya and ebisu, OHH MY GODNESS. i thinkn jirya is a bigger perv than ebisu. And then naruto was sticking his fingers in ebisu but. hahahahahahah. thats so funny. this was the best epsiode ever of nartuo that i\'ve seen. i love this show. omg
  • New opening credits and music. A new stage of training. Naruto meets Jiraiya, the Toad Mountain Sage aka the Pervy Sage.

    The new opening credits and music fit well as we begin the new stage of the Chunin Exam and the Naruto anime series. Naruto's training within Ebisu is interrupted by the Toad Mountain Sage, or rather Ebisu is knocked cold when he tries to disrupt Jiraiya's research on his next novel. Nartuo chases Jiraiya all around town, trying to convince him to train him since he is clearly better than the out cold Ebisu.

    We see the turn pervy nature of Jiraiya; peeking into bathhouses, hallucinating that clouds are women, fawning over and following ladies all around Konoha. When Naruto uses his “Sexy Jitsu”, Jiraiya foams at the mouth as he proclaims how lovely a perfect 10 she is. Anybody else would have passed out.

    We also see the skill and genius of Jiraiya. He is able to analyze the seals created by the Fourth Hokage to imprison the Nine Tail Fox in Naruto. He then releases Orochimaru’s five prong seal which disrupts. He can also talk to Naruto about his two chakras in a plain manner without yelling or getting Naruto upset. This is a great episode; it builds Jiraiya’s character and shows the beginnings of the bond between the Naruto and one of the three legendary Sannin.
  • awsome episode

    This episode was funny. It started out as Naruto asking This strange pervert about why he knocked out his trainer Ebisu, so then the man introduces himself and says his name is Jiraiya. So then Naruto's mission is to find a hot woman but instead he brings a watermelon lol :) So then the go to the hotspring and Jiraiya removes the 5 prong seal around naruto's Kyuubi chakra. then they talk about the orange chakra and the blue chakra and how the orage chakra makes naruto stronger and the blue is normal chakra. WeaselMaiden the maiden that is a ... weasel
  • While Ebisu trains Naruto on how to walk on water in a hotspring, he spies somebody trying to peep on women. Ebisu attacks and is defeated quickly. Since Naruto's teacher has been knocked out, Naruto demands that the stranger become his teacher instead.

    This was a pretty funny episode. Naruto is just a crazy character that you have to love. He is demanding and very loud speaking, making sure he gets the attention he wants. Although, he is not my favorite charcter, I still did enjoy this episode. I feel sorry for him when he gets stuck with someone who is a pervert only to get stuck with another one. Though his new perverted trainer seems to be a better fighter and trainer than the last one that he had. Maybe Naruto can actually win this tornament. Maybe, We'll see how he does.
  • Naruto meets the writer of Make Out Paradise, Jiraiya.

    Jiraiya is one of the most perverted characters I seen. He is the reason why this is one of the funniest episodes in Naruto. What interesting about him other than he is a super pervert, is that he removes Orochimaru's seal and he is one of the legendary three Leaf Ninjas. I glad that the seal is removed so Naruto can perform his Jutsu better. Maybe it was fate that Naruto ended up with a better teacher.
  • this was a funny episode of naruto

    this episode made me laugh you know this must be the best filler episode ever no episode has ever been funny but this is the funniest episode ever it was about this old guy who was seeking woman how funny so overall i give this episode a 10 out of 10
  • I will strongly recomend you don't read...A review from an Artist.

    I can't belive you decided to read it!!! JK just kidding. I knew you would read this :). Naruto is always going to call him Perverted Hermit and Pervy sage. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Naruto also just leaves Ebisu - Sensi laying on the floor. WHY?! While Naruto tries to make him become his trainer. HINT- - It's a lost cause... Or is it. - - HINT. I geuss Naruto's "special" - jutus will come in handy. OH - MY - GOSH I never thought it would happen!!! Now Ebisu - Sensi is tring to find - out who he is. This is my masterpiece.
  • Jiraiya returns!

    After watching the mysterous old guy amazing move on Ebisu.He demends that he becomes his new trainer.Altough the mysterous guy declines and tells him he hates kids.So he ended chasing the mysterous old guy (Jiraya) through town.And ruining his plans to find cute girls.In the end Naruto gives him the sexy jutsu.So this guy agree that he will train Naruto.In the end Ebisu is talking to Jiraya,about his reasons to come back to town.If it was to go after Orchimaru.But Jiraya reason is to do more research.

    This is an very funny episode of course.But I am surprise that C.N used the japanase opening.
  • super perverted hermits unite!

    this episode is about naruto knocking ebisu out and asking the super pervert (jiryai) to be his sensei. Super pervert agrees but naruto must show him his sexy jutsu everytime jiryai asks to see it. Super perv shows naruto how to walk on water and he also pushes naruto of a cliff because naruto was channiling his kyubi chakra and manafesting himself and Super perv pushed naruto of the cliff to revent naruto from turning into kyubi! and jiryai says "forgive me 4th" meaning the 4th hokage *wink* tell's you anything i do. *wink* this episode is a masterpeice in the making!
  • This episode is VERY silly and funny!

    Perverted Sennin is a new character. Hes actully a pevert. No, a super pevert!

    At the beginning, we saw Ebisu (Naruto's former sensi) lying down on the ground. Naruto did one thousand of years of pain into Ebisu's bottom. (It was in the Japanese version I think.)
    After his teacher being knocked out, he demands the pevert hermit to be his teacher because he quite have alot of cool moves!

    After attempted tries he finally succeed to be his teacher! Pervert Hermit taught Naruto how to walk on the water! (wow I want to do that too!) I think this show is QUITE hilarous. In fact its the best! You should all watch it too!
  • ... ok

    Werid episode but still cool. Naruto tells the pervert from the last episode to train him but he refuses and runs away. Naruto follows him al over town and finally finds him when he does uses the sexy justu to uh... well convince him to train him. It works and Naruto resumes his training to walk on water but keeps on failing. He then takes off his clothes and The perv. notices the seal of the nine tailed-fox and then notices Orochimaru's seal and destroys it and Naruto can now control his chakra more and learns to walk on water.
  • What a weird episode super-pervs everywhere! An Anime King review.

    This is truly unexpected. Two pervets training Naruto. But I only like frog dude. He may be a perv but he is still cool. Remember when Orochimaru gave Naruto that seal on his stomach? Well turns out that was making it hard for Naruto to control his chakra. But the guy with the frog canceled it out though. He seems to be an important person. This has been an Anime King review.
  • Jiraiya teaches naruto how to walk on water. More stuff to say at my review.

    Ths episode was so funny!! I want to watch it again because of all the humor! Ths episode made me laugh a couple of times. This episode would have to be one of the most funniest episode I have ever seen of all the Naruto episodes that I have seen before.
    In the beginning of the episode, Ebisu was on the floor and he was fainted. Naruto tried to get him up but he could not wake Ebisu up. Jiraiya said that he was a frog hermit and Naruto called him a perverted hermit. Jiraiya said that he was no ordinary pervert but he is a super pervert. That part was really funny. Later we find Jiraiya going to a woman and the woman was screaming telling Jiraiya to get away. The lady got out and punched or slapped Jiraiya and called him a pervert.
    Later, Jiraiya was all alone in the woods and he was looking at the clouds. He imagined that the clouds were ladies. Jiraiya saw some girls walking by and he wanted to get them. That was so funny. He was going to tell the girls a story. Naruto came yelling perverted hermit. The ladies started to laugh. Jiraiya said that all he wanted was a babe. Naruto did the sexy no jutsu and Jiraiya's eyes were popping out and he was turining crazy. That part would have to be the funniest. Jiraiya was drooling!!!!
    Naruto tried to do the walking on water technique later and he couldnt do it. He took off his clothes and all he had was boxers. Then he tried it again and Jiraiya said that he looks sexy without clothes.
    I would have to give this episode a nine point seven.