Season 3 Episode 34

Losing is Not an Option!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 24, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • I swear I must be the only one that actually writes episode reviews instead of just summing up the episode.

    The first half of this episode was pretty good, Kidomaru exploited Neji's blind spot and was able to get the better of him for a while. What really made me facepalm myself was the deus ex mechanica. How can an arrow that destroyed the sound it was traveling against just slightly pierce through Neji without totally destroying his body? If an arrow that was capable of destroying trees would pierce me I'd expect myself to be in pieces. And then he sends his chakra through the web. I dunno, I guess it makes sense but something just screams out deus ex mechanica. And then the episode ended horribly melo. Neji is one of my favorite characters but damn, they're destroying his character with all of this melodrama.
  • The battle between Kidoumaru and Neji concludes.

    It seems that Kidoumaru has discovered Neji's blind spot. After several attacks he pinpoints it to be on Neji's back right below his neck. Kidoumaru fires an arrow at Neji's blind spot as Neji runs to find cover. The arrow strikes Neji's headband and knocks it off. Then Kidoumaru produces a special arrow that he can guide directly to Neji's blind spot. Neji realizes that he has used up almost all of his chakra and begins to falter when he flashes back to his fight with Naruto. Naruto's words give him the confidence that he will win because he has to. Just then Kidoumaru's arrow strikes...
  • The battle ends...

    This episode was most exciting. From the last episode, Kidoumaro was shooting a the Golden Arrow at Neji. Neji was able to dodge the arrow be only a few centimeters. It was really close. Carefully anilyzing the attacks he missed he planed a strategy to make the attack hit. He would attach a string controlled with chakra to hit Neji's blindspot. Meanwhile, Neji ran off into the treeand pulled off the arrows that hit him. Kidoumaru finally shoots another arrow with string. Neji ran farther away so the arrow wouldn't it him. Unfortunetly, he didn't know that there was a string attached to it. Fortunetly, the arrow hit a tree and making it missed. It was a close one for Neji, the arrow blew his headband. We et to see his curse mark once again. Kidoumaru was dissapointed, but pulled out another arrow from his mouth and it wasn't a regular arrow. There was a twist to it. Even if it hits a tree, it would still hit Neji. 3-2-1 and the arrow is off. Knowing that Neji can't dodge the arrow, he stayed calm and layed his body against a tree. Is he giving up? Finally, the arrow hit him and it went through. Is this the end of Neji? Fortunetly, Neji survived. He send the string back with Gentle fist. Kidoumau was careless and thought he won the battle. When the string gets back to Kidoumaru, it badly damaged him. He was able to move still. Thinking back about what Naruto told Neji, he was able to defeat Kidoumaru. Using his 128 palms, Kidou was finished. He was wondering why Neji didn't die yet. Neji told him that be using the last of his chakra, he send chakra though the string to avoid htting his vital points. Even though he is badly damaged, he is still alive. That was pretty amazing and smart. This was one of the best episodes. There were a lot of action, skill, and more. It was truly a great battle.
  • The conclusion to Neji and Kidomaru's battle!

    Neji, unable to move, makes it seems as Kidomaru has won the battle.... being in the second state, he creates a giant bow and arrow from the same sticky spider thread he used with the kunai. Luckily, the first shot fails, but still it hurt Neji. Neji tries to get away from the next arrow so it would avoid his weak point. The arrow hits Neji and he is not seriously injuried, and battle ends... until Neji uses his Gentle Fist on the thread to send his Chakra to Kidomaru, thus destroying Kidomaru's organs. Neji defeats an impressive opponent, and didn't let Naruto and the others down! HOORAY FOR NEJI!! 10 out of 10 as always!
  • The Battle Ends...

    What happens is after advancing his cursed seal to its second state and creating a bow and arrow with his webs, Kidomaru begins taking shots at Neji's blind spot. Neji is able to block the attacks enough to keep them from hitting vital areas, though is still left heavily damaged with each of Kidomaru's attacks. Ready to finish the battle, Kidomaru prepares his most deadly arrow for use, and fires it at Neji. Neji takes the arrow full force, though already knowing of his blind spot moves at the last second to keep the arrow from piercing his heart. With Kidomaru's arrow connected to him by a web, Neji sends his chakra into the web, paralyzing Kidomaru. As Kidomaru lies helpless, Neji approaches him and deals a finishing blow. His injuries too severe, Neji collapses, leaving the retrieval of Sasuke up to the others. Yay Neji won, but he might die and I hope he doesn't. It was awesome. Thunder was here!!!
  • The conclusion of Neji vs Kidomaru.................

    Neji continually struggles to fight with Kidomaru, who is way stronger than he is, and Neji knows this. So he continues to try and play the defensive against 2nd state Kidomaru, who now has much better accuracy and new abilites. Kidomaru uses a custom bow to shoot an arrow that would of killed Neji. Luckily, Neji was able to get behind a tree and the arrow was set off course.

    Kidomaru gets upset, and declares to hit him next time no matter what. Kidomaru uses his best arrow, with 120% accuracy. He shoots it and it goes blazing all the way to Neji. But what's this? Neji isn't even trying to dodge it. Uh oh.............
  • The conclusion of the Neji vs. Spiderman battle!

    The tragic and exciting end to a great episode!!!!! After this one, we'll switch over to the Kiba/Kankuro vs. Sakon/Ukon, the Shikamaru/Temari vs. Tayuya, and the Lee/Gaara vs. Kimimaro battle. Well in any case, this episode was aired on the same night as the previous one, so if you've read my review for that one, I was pretty much in the same condition as I was when I was watching this one, so I don't know how much of it I can remember. I do remember though that the whole episode was about Kidomaru trying to pierce Neji's weak spot, and that at the end Neji beat the crap out them, and they both collapse; Kidomaru in death and Neji in extreme exhaution. I can't wait until Shippuuden, this stuff is just too great!
  • the conclusion of neji vs kidomaru

    Neji is losing the fight with kidomaru but kidomaru sees neji isn't dead yet so he goes into his curse seal level 2 to kill him with his bow but he doesn't kill him on his first shot so he shoots again with thread attach but he misses because of the tree so shoots again and this time he hit him but neji isn't dead yet he uses his gentle fits to shoot chakra on kidomauru string and he got him and neji jumps and hits kidomaru while in the air killing him but neji goes down aswell really good episode really sad it will make some people who haven't seee the japenese episode cry that neji died
  • Neji and Kidomaru's fight comes to an end.

    With Kidomaru's Spider friend out, tons of Spider's keep attacking Neji and he can't repel them with his Rotation move bc he gets tangled in their sticky web. Kidomaru goes into State 2 and uses his Sticky Web to create a bow and arrow and continues to fire at Neji's blindspot. Neji is already injurued from a kunai barrage Kidomaru attacking him with, and now he is getting attacked by basically a metal arrow. He tries to dodge, but its no point. Neji remembers what Naruto told him..that he is a genius and should never give up so when Kidomaru fires another arrow, he dodges it but it still hits him and goes through him. He then uses his Chakra to fire it back up at Kidomaru through the web which catches Kidomaru off guard. He then musters up the strength to hit Kidomaru which causes him to die, but Neji is seriously hurt! Good episode!
  • Is this the end for Neji?

    Kidomaru is getting impatient and decides to use his best weapon. He than makes a bow and arrow out of his webbing. He than shoots it at Neji and Neji barely dodges it. Neji than realizes Kidomaru has figured out the weakness of the Byakugan. That their is a blind spot behind the first vertebrae. Neji moves away from Kidomaru so he cant get a shot at the blind spot but it doesnt work on him because of his accuracy. Kidomaru shoots another arrow at Neji but misses him because Neji hid behind a tree at the last second. Neji doesnt know if he can win and has a flashback to his battle with Naruto. He than wonders what Naruto would do. Kidomaru sends another arrow at Neji and hits him. Neji than sends some chakra at Kidomaru through the web that was attached to the arrow hurting Kidomaru. Neji than hits Kidomaru with his 64 palm strike. Since Kidomaru cant use any chakra he loses his ability to use the curse seal. Neji than tells Kidomaru how he survived his last shot, about his fight with Naruto and how Naruto can save Sasuke form the darkness. Kidomaru than dies from his injuries. Neji than falls to the ground severely injured.
  • it is when Kidomaru finds a big advantage to Neji's 360 vision and then as the fight comes to an end Neji has images in the past

    :( this was sad but it was actually good because it showed a different side of neji and i liked that a lot and then it was awsome to see him take Kidomaru like that and when he shot his arrows neji somehow knew how to miss them but had to take a big price to wait for the right opportunity to kill him. i was soo sad because he was just getting beaten up like a rag doll and then again he :D had his hair out of his hair band that was soo hot and plus what made me sad again was that he was dead??? i dont know but i hope he will be back soon. and then it kinda surprised me that he thought of naruto like that! ^_^ and that was when he showed his nice was a very good episode..this is my fav one ^-^
  • Kidomaru can't hit Neji at all, so he brings out his secret weapon. With this weapon, now Neji can't dodge any attacks. So now Neji must devise a well thought out plan in order to stop Kidomaru and help stop the sound four from delivering Sasuke.

    I found this show to contain the best battle in the entire series. It contained a lot of action and gave proof that Neji Hyuga is a true genius. It doesn't contain many flashbacks, like the other battles, or like my second favorite battle Rock Lee vs. Gaara. So for any action lovers of the show, this whole battle sequence is a great few episodes to watch. I enjoyed this, and I hope other people will enjoy watching it as well. However I prefer the actual Japanese version, only baceause you don't have to wait to see it in english and they use a bit more violence that the F.C.C. will eventually block out.
  • As I thought. Neji was not dead, but he was in a very critical state.

    After discovering Neji's Byakugan blind spot, Kidoumaru was certain that he would win. He fired an arrow which barely missed Neji's vital spot but went right through his shoulder, since Neji used his chakra to make the arrow go off course. Thus Kidoumaru tried again, this time attaching a string to the arrow, thus he could guide the arrow into Neji's blind spot, but this time Neji hid behind a tree. The arrow grazed his head and his forehead protector fell off with bloodstains. Finally, Kidoumaru used an arrow with a spiraling tip that will never miss no matter what. It hit neji and went right through him, and everyone was absolutely certain that he would die. But Neji will not die without killing his enemy first, so with a smirk he sent the last of his chakra through the string attached to the arrow and it destroyed most of Kidoumaru's vital organs. Neji remembered Naruto's words, and he did not want to die right there like a loser, but will he?
  • oh my god !!!!!!!!1 ! WHY WHY WHY I love this episode so much -- mainly because of neji ^.~ -- he came so close to death i am releaved he is o k .

    NARUTO an the others go off to get sasuke and neji stay s back to hold off the creepy spider dude ................. and becaise of his blindspot he is hit numerous times ........... in the end he end s up winning the fight -- duh -- and kills spider dude -- sto p looking at me strangly -- although still goes down because of his injurie s -- in a hot smexay way s -- and later get s save d by m edical ninja from honoha . don ' t worry he doesn ' t die -- later we get to see him with his shirt off -- XD YES
  • Is Neji unconcious? Or is he really dead....I may be just trying to have false hope that he is still alive but I need to know... Also on another question how many genin died? I don\'t remember any actually dying..

    I was an amazing episode and showed the amazing and valiant side of Neji...though the ending of the episode really made me cry. The whole music and feath falling into Nejis hand and the sunlight on his face really added to the mood of the ending. I also liked how he clasped his ninja forehead protector in his hand. The part with the last bird flying away was good too...but in the recap that the site has Neji isn\'t a genin is he? I thought he was a Chuunin...and even so when Naruto lost his headband fighting Zabuza he didn\'t die... but overall it was an amazing and tear wretching episode.
  • The battle between Neji and Kidomaru come to an end. It's hard to tell who wins, but it was a very close battle. It made me cry at the end T_T

    The episode i've been waiting for the final battle of Kidomaru and Neji comes to an end. Because Neji is now out of the darkness thanks to Naruto. The part that's painful to watch is at the very end, it made me cry . Neji can barely stay in the game any longer, struggling on the floor, while Kidomaru is high above him targeting his blind spot. With Kidomaru controlling deadly arrows with his chakra strings, he has a garrantee hit on him, and it works. But before Neji gets hit, he turns around so it doesn't hit his vital spot, then sends his chakra through the string causing Kidomaru to collapse. And though he is almost out of chakra, Neji, being the genius he is, cuts the string, and throws attacks at Kidomaru as he falls. When he hits the ground, Neji tells him how he can't lose by quoting Naruto "You are different from me, you are not a loser" and for living up to being a genius. But they are both out of chakra, and fall to the ground. Kidomaru knows they will both die, though Neji dennies it. But Kidomaru thinks to himself, he's never been this beat up since he faced Kimimaro, then his heartbeat slowly fades away.
    Painful Part:
    And then Neji's life flashes before his eyes. When he met Hinata, his father's suffering, the chuunin exams, learning the truth about his father, coming out of the darkness, Hokage's funeral, and everyone from the beggining of the mission. Then his last thoughts were, "Everyone.... I leave the rest to you guys." Then he layed there, headband in his hand, sad music playing, a bird's feather, slowly falling on his palm, and hair falling in his face. The sun shining brightly on his tired face, as a bird flys away into the sky. T_T sorry if i wrote a lot, i just love this episode.
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