Season 3 Episode 34

Losing is Not an Option!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 24, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • The battle ends...

    This episode was most exciting. From the last episode, Kidoumaro was shooting a the Golden Arrow at Neji. Neji was able to dodge the arrow be only a few centimeters. It was really close. Carefully anilyzing the attacks he missed he planed a strategy to make the attack hit. He would attach a string controlled with chakra to hit Neji's blindspot. Meanwhile, Neji ran off into the treeand pulled off the arrows that hit him. Kidoumaru finally shoots another arrow with string. Neji ran farther away so the arrow wouldn't it him. Unfortunetly, he didn't know that there was a string attached to it. Fortunetly, the arrow hit a tree and making it missed. It was a close one for Neji, the arrow blew his headband. We et to see his curse mark once again. Kidoumaru was dissapointed, but pulled out another arrow from his mouth and it wasn't a regular arrow. There was a twist to it. Even if it hits a tree, it would still hit Neji. 3-2-1 and the arrow is off. Knowing that Neji can't dodge the arrow, he stayed calm and layed his body against a tree. Is he giving up? Finally, the arrow hit him and it went through. Is this the end of Neji? Fortunetly, Neji survived. He send the string back with Gentle fist. Kidoumau was careless and thought he won the battle. When the string gets back to Kidoumaru, it badly damaged him. He was able to move still. Thinking back about what Naruto told Neji, he was able to defeat Kidoumaru. Using his 128 palms, Kidou was finished. He was wondering why Neji didn't die yet. Neji told him that be using the last of his chakra, he send chakra though the string to avoid htting his vital points. Even though he is badly damaged, he is still alive. That was pretty amazing and smart. This was one of the best episodes. There were a lot of action, skill, and more. It was truly a great battle.