Season 9 Episode 9

Memory of Flames

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • Yet another filler episode, and not much happens.

    This episode is not too fun, and there is virtually no action. Probably one of the most boring in the series.

    All that happens is the kids explain some things about Gantetsu, and reveal more of his character. Also, this episode fills in all the blanks about Gantetsu.

    Other than that, nothing happens. Naruto makes a not so facinating escape from a jutsu, and he's still fighting with the captain. Sheesh, these fillers are getting worse and worse. They finally decided to stop fillers cause they knew that they won't satisfy the audience much more. Good thing, too, because people know when the next part comes out.
  • wow this episode i would have to say is the best episode in season 9....

    because you know season 9 has been ok not good i really like this episode it was about gantetsu showing that he is really a good guy and he been saving kids from attcks and this episode ends with the bad guy attcking i really enjoy flash back episodes so i like it guess what now this is just a rumor i heard mabey i got it wrong but they end the show in feb. now i will tell you in the next review the full story but that just for heads ups over all tell me if you agree or not and naruto rocks
  • They continue their journey through the forest, but Todoski (how do you spell it?) tried to kill the ex-shinobazu.the Ex-shinobazu gets captured and then the two try to save him. We also see Todoski's little brother and the rest of the saved children.

    This episode was okay. Lee and sakura did abolutly nothing than talk with the kids and throw one attack and give up. The when naruto comes, they cry, "NARUTO!!". All sakura did was throw kunai and then lee tried to kick the black thing. not a very productive episode for them. It was also funny when they were running away from kids. It made me laugh for some reason. Naruto, on the other hand, pretty much dominated the episode. Of course he was able to get through the ropes, because he doesnt give up. if lee and sakura were tied up in those strings, I bet they would've gaven up. And isnt lee's motto like, don't give up?