Season 9 Episode 9

Memory of Flames

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo



  • Quotes

    • Todoroki: There's no one around. Here in the forest, no one would see.
      Naruto: Don't even think like that.
      Todoroki: No one would even need know what happened. (he picks up his sword)
      Naruto: Todoroki, stop! I'm around! I'll see!
      Todoroki: No one will ever know.
      Naruto: Don't do this.
      Todoroki: As long as you keep your mouth shut, better if you weren't here at all.
      Naruto: Now hold on a minute! What the hell are you thinking! You've got to calm down.
      Todoroki: I am perfectly calm. One way to be sure.
      Naruto: Well here we go again. Seems like half the time I end up fighting the guy I thought I could trust.