Season 9 Episode 9

Memory of Flames

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo



  • Quotes

    • Gantetsu: I'm leaving the Ninja Dropouts. I can't stand it anymore. They're not people, they're animals and I can't be a part of it any longer.
      Akio: But, you know what they will do to you if you try to leave them.
      Gantetsu: What I'll do is rob them.
      Akio: Huh?
      Gantetsu: And then get myself arrested by the police.
      Akio: But why?
      Gantetsu: Because then the whole gang will do what they can to free me in order to get their loot back giving the police a chance to round them up.
      Akio: You're the bait to draw them out.
      Gantetsu: So that there will be no more victims like you, this is the path that I have to take.