Season 3 Episode 36

Miscalculation: A New Enemy Appears!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 01, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Flashbacks? Check. Filler? Check. Useless dialogue? Check. Must be a Naruto episode!

    Just like the last couple episodes, a lot of clutter, filler, and dialogue that doesn't seem to go anywhere. This is the second episode in a row where they have played the third taking Orochimaru's soul away. Like I said before, I'd like to think that I have a good memory bank. Though some interesting things happened in this episode, Orochimaru gets desperate and uses the body transfer technique, Kimimaro shows up, and the final matches between team Shikamaru and the Sound Four are set in place, though it is odd how Kiba and Akamaru get the strongest fighter. Oh yeah, there is also Naruto coming out and releasing like a million shadow replications against Kimimaro.
  • Shikamaru and Naruto meet a new enemy.

    Shikamaru, Naruto, and Kiba have a slight lead on Sakon and Tayuya with Sasuke in the casket. Akamaru sets some explosive tags ahead to slow down the Sound Ninja, but gets caught by Sakon. Sakon wraps him to a branch and heads toward him. Kiba sees this and tries to intervene. Sakon and Kiba get there just as the tag explodes sending them down into a deep ravine.
    Just then Tayuya catches up to Shikamaru and Naruto. Just as they are devising a plan to take care of her, Kimimaru shows up and takes Sasuke from Naruto with ease. Things have just gotten more complicated for our heroes.
  • Wow, Sad

    Why do they keep killing everyone. Its so sad. I just can't believe it. it almost make me cry the last two episodes. I watch it a lot I've downloaded a lot of songs. its just so sad. you think one thing is going to happen then this happens. I can't wait to see the battle its going to be sweet. Go get them Naruto, For Neji, and Choji. They Died brave and will be remembered so. I will miss them. 2 lives for one. not for a mission but for a friend. They were the truest friends a man could have. May they rest in peace.
  • Kimimaro appears!

    What goes down in this episode is soon after the battle begins, Kiba and his dog, Akamaru, fall off a cliff with Sakon. Shikamaru engages Tayuya while Naruto goes after Kimimaro Kaguya, who is carrying Sasuke's coffin. Desperate to get Sasuke back, Naruto begins tapping into the demon fox's chakra to engage Kimimaro. As the battle between Shikamaru and Tayuya begins, Tayuya summons three creatures to help her in combat. With Kiba and Sakon's battle already underway elsewhere, Sakon's brother, Ukon reveals himself to help Sakon fight. Thunder was... oh sorry the review isn't over yet. It was awesome and I can't wait for next weeks exciting episodes. Thunder was here!!!
  • Kimimaro is CUTE! Even more so than Idate! :D

    OK, if you read my summary, I will say this. I AM A GIRL! So hah! Now you can't accuse me of being a guy and/or gay Just because I have a Pikachu icon and prefer Shonen anime/manga to Shojo anime/manga doesn't not make me a guy, despite most of you might think. It makes me a tomboy. Moving on. The Sasuke Retrieval Squad has just caught up to Sakon and Tayuya and recaptured Sasuke. It's a bit like capture the flag, isn't it? :P But Kimimaro shows up and knocks Sasuke's coffin out of Naruto's hands. And Sakon goes after Kiba and Akamaru and the three fall down a cliff together. Kimimaro takes the coffin and runs, leaving Tayuya to take on both Naruto AND Shikamaru. They tell Tayuya that they'll fight her together, but as Naruto comes after her with a punch, he flips over her and takes off after Kimimaro and Sasuke. T_T I can't believe she fell for that. She's not very bright, is she? Oh, and I forgot to say earlier in my previous review, Orochimaru couldn't wait for Sasuke anymore and had to take the body of a prisoner. Towards the end, Shikamaru is about to take on Tayuya when she summons three hairy scary monsters. In a few episodes, Temari will show up to help him.
  • After getting the barrel with Sasuke inside, they try to retreat.

    After getting the barrel, Sakon and Tayuya chase after them in a hurry. Akamaru set up traps for them, though, but after the first trap barely injures Sakon, Sakon traps Akamaru to the tree causing him to be in the explosion. Kiba tries to help, but it doesn't work and Kiba, Akamaru, and Sakon fall into a ditch. Tayuya deals with Shikamaru, while Naruto chases after Kimimaro. Tayuya summons these 3 weird zombie type things and says she will use her flute to kill Shikamaru. Naruto uses his Shadow Clone Jutsu to create many copies, all surrounding Kimimaro, but he doesn't look worried at all.
  • We finally see Kimimaro.

    After retrieving the barrel with Sasuke; Naruto, Shikamaru, and Kiba, race back to Konoha. Akamaru follows them while setting up traps, to slow down Sakon and Tayuya, but is caught by Sakon. Kiba goes back to help him and gets blown away by a paper bomb with Sakon down a cliff. Naruto and Shikamaru continue on but Tayuya catches and Shikamaru tells Naruto to keep going. However before Naruto can move Kimimaro takes the barrel and easily defeats Naruto. He leaves and Shikamaru and Naruto attack Tayuya but their real goal is for Naruto to get past Tayuya and go after Sasuke. Thus leaving Shikamaru to fight Tayuya. The battles begin as Kiba faces off against Sakon, Shikamaru against Tayuya, and Naruto versus Kimimaro.
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