Season 3 Episode 19

Mission: Help an Old Friend in the Land of Tea

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 17, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Mission: Help an Old Friend in the Land of Tea

Mission: Help an Old Friend in the Land of Tea from the popular anime series Naruto was episode 102 and aired on September 22, 2007. Team 7 has to work together to protect a young man named Idate as he races a member of a rival clan to settle the clan feud. Naruto finds the mission a challenge due to Idate's hatred of ninjas.


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  • Incredibly underwhelming.

    What this episode is lacking is energy and exciting storylines that Naruto is so famous for. There are a lot of minor things that really killed off the energy early on. First of the Country of Tea? Are you kidding me? And then the introduction of that one guy Idato that the three were sent to protect is such a generic character, I've already decided just by the first ten seconds of meeting him that I wasn't going to like him. And this whole story about the two clans battling each other for supremacy over rule of the city, very uninteresting so far. The episode did end on a sort of interesting note, but it isn't enough to make up for the lacklusterness of this entire episode as a whole.moreless
  • the first filler episode of the first filler arc.

    when i watched naruto i just skipped this arc. since it was filler it was no point in watching it. but some people said it was a good filler arc but i dont know. i dont know if i should watch it cuz its like 4 episodes long and it takes too long. i have nothing else to say right now but i kinda like fillers only if they are funny like gai lee impersinators ( if thats how you spell it ) and other ones. lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lolmoreless
  • A good filler.

    When ths episode starts we see Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura in Tsuande's office. Tsuande walks in and tell them that they have a B-ranked mission. She tells them that they will me going on their own as Kakashi and the other jounins are out on missions. They are to escort someone from the Tea Village for a race. By accident, they meet up with with a young man at a tea shop on the where there. He leave them with his bill and almost starts a fight with Naruto. They manage to catch up with him one time, but he out-runs them again. When they get to the Tea village and meet with with the Boss, they get to meet the person they are to escort-it is the boy, Idate, who ran away from them. The Boss is able to keep the peace between them till race day. As the race begins, Idate, look at the sky and sees something that changes him opinion on how to go and instead of getting on his ship like the other runner, Idate runs off towards the woods...moreless
  • New mission to the Land of Tea

    Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura learn from Tsunade (now the Fifth Hokage) that their next mission is going to be in the Land of Tea with out Kakashi sensei. They are to go and meet the clan leader to learn of their mission. On the way, Naruto suggests (actually insists) that they stop for lunch. While they are there they meet an annoying young man who flirts with Sakura and then leaves them with the bill. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura chase him and catch him once, but then he gets away. After they meet with the clan leader they find out that the annoying young man (Morino Idate) is the one they are going to protect.moreless
  • Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke have to escort Idate through an important race that determines which family will rule the village for 4 years. The race begins.

    Naruto Sakura and Sasuke have a mission to protect Idate Morino in a race that determines which family will rule the village for 4 years. Naruto as he does many times, doesn't get along with people and it is Idate this time. He and Idate fight trying to prove each other to be an idiot. Sasuke beats up 3 guys who bullied another guy into giving them stuff that he was selling. Sasuke is very strong and I am not surprised why he could bet up 3 guys in seconds. The race start but Idate runs in another direction then the competition is heading. Naruto gets confused and starts screaming at Idate and that is were the episode ends. It was a good episode and it surely leaves people wondering what will happen next.moreless
Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke

Aoi Rakusho

Guest Star

Roger Craig Smith

Roger Craig Smith

Idate Morino

Guest Star

Paul St. Peter

Paul St. Peter

Jirocho Wasabi

Guest Star

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    • Sakura: Can't we all just work together?
      Naruto and Idate: No way! Not with him!
      Sakura: (Thinking sarcastically) Off to a good start. This is going to be a long race.

    • Jirocho: Idate, the Wasabi family has complete faith in you, and I have faith in you. Isn't it time you had a little faith in yourself?

    • Idate: Boss Jirocho is a big man around here. He shouldn't have to bow and scrape to a bunch of shinobi wannabes.
      Naruto: He can bow and scrape all he wants. There's no way I'll escort a lousy cheapskate like you anywhere anyway.
      Idate: Fine. Believe me, if I wanted an escort, it certainly wouldn't be some snot nosed runt who barely comes up to my kneecaps.
      Naruto: Who are you calling a runt, you ignorant hick?!

    • Naruto: I bid you greeting and offer my services. I have come from the Village Hidden in the Leaves, which is also the place of my birth. I was raised on ramen and hard work, and given the family name of Uzumaki. But I'm known to everyone...
      Sasuke: As the knucklehead.
      Naruto: the knucklehead. Gah! Very funny.

    • Naruto Hey, quit hitting on her or I'm going to start hitting on you.

    • Sakura: Where's Kakashi-sensei?
      Naruto: Man, some teacher. He's always the last one here.
      Tsunade: (Walks in) Kakashi won't be here at all.
      Naruto: Grandma Tsunade! What's up?
      Tsunade: Stop calling me that, will you?

    • Idate: All the speed in the world won't help me if I don't watch where I'm going.

    • Naruto: They run over water?
      Sakura: Ah, no Naruto, the first leg of the race is done by boat, see?

    • Naruto: Do you want me to punch him, Sakura? Or are you going to?

    • Naruto: Listen up, listen up. I am from the Country of Fire, the Hidden Village of Konoha. I grew up with Ichiraku ramen. My surname is Uzumaki, and my name is Naruto. People call me...
      Sasuke: A dumbass.
      Naruto: "A dumbass...!" No, I'm not!

      ~Japanese version

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