Episode 30

Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 19, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village!
It's summer and Naruto and gang are doing missions. Their newest mission is to escort the leader of the Hidden Waterfall Village. But when Kakashi is called back to Konoha for an emergency jounin meeting, he leaves Naruto and gang behind. At the same time, an attack is initiated on the Hidden Waterfall Village, led by a missing-nin, and its former strongest jounin is executed. All of this is an attempt to get the "hero water", which multiplies your chakra tenfold in exchange for your life. Naruto and the gang are forced to do battle with the enemy in order to rid the Hidden Waterfall Village of its menace.moreless

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  • Good special

    i really liked this special. There were great action scenes, actually exciting moments that kind of made you want to scream, and more blood than in a usual episode. I'm not saying a lot of blood, but at least they actually showed it when a sword goes through someone's body. It was really awesome and everything. The reason it didn't get a perfect score for me though, is that almost all the fighting revolved around Naruto and Sasuke, and basically not any other of the main characters. I thought Sakura was a little pathetic in this episode even though she is my second favorite character, because if Sasuke could break through some rope, why couldn't she? But other than that, I thought this was a superb Naruto movie with some great action scenes involving few people.moreless
  • i thought it was going to be awsome

    the commerical made this movie look good but when i saw this i was dissepoitned this looked more of an episode then a movie. this was not like the land of snow movie still some parts of this movie was funny and i like funny parts :) though the action sceans were not that cool and exciting but i do like the ending the ending was the best part of the movie but like i said before the commerical made this movie look REAL good im not saying that i hate this movie but im saying it could have been better so its like an average i give this movie a 6.5/10moreless
  • Probably the best Naruto OVA/OAV thusfar. Also better than any of the filler arcs. Unless you go into this one expecting canon material you won't be dissapointed.

    Team 7 goes to the hidden waterfall village to escort their leader back home. However Kakashi must report back to Konoha for a special jounin meeting just before the team is attacked by several rogue nins seeking to invade the village and steal its greatest treasure.

    Overall a very well done filler. It can fit the anime timeline afte ep 80 and before 81 (in fact if you place it anywhere you must place it here given Sakura's hair cut, Naruto's non use of the Rasengan (sure Sasuke doesnt use chidori here either but Naruto spams that technique every filler), and itd even work despite the hokage's death as naruto only mentions the title, and when Kakashi talks about the Jounin meeting he makes no mention of the 3rd (would make sense for them to have called a special meeting after his death anyway). It's been a good 3 or 4 years since I first saw it but I dont remember it having an intro, which is nice of the dub folks to have put together (not talking about the konohamaru naruto scene but the Rise intro), and I don't even like Rise!, but they put together the scenes well to make it and I wouldnt have minded it being on the japanese version of this special. The dubbing is very well done and they don't make any effort to tone down the villains talk of killing the children of the village. Only problem I noticed was naruto saying he came up through the hollow tree when he attacks the main villain after Sasuke's windmill shuriken.

    I could be wrong but it sounds like the dub staff just made that up because unless Sasuke knew naruto was coming up through the tree and Sasuke used the shuriken as a distraction he wouldnt have missed with the windmill. I thought the implication was they were doing the same shadow windmill attack they used to free kakashi from zabuza's prison.

    At any rate the voice acting is very well done here and never really gets annoying. The music (which was in the original as well) ussually fits the mood and all. Kyuubi Naruto on the other hand doesn't have the red eyes or any of his usual features, just the huge red chakra, which could be a continuity error, or it could be Naruto was keeping it in check somewhat so as not to scare his teammates (as Sasuke was fighting with him and doesn't know of Naruto's true power though he saw a bit in the Gaara fight). It would also explain a bit of why he didnt appear kyuubified at the end of the 2nd movie.

    The hidden waterfall village presents a possible continuity problem regardless, as a figure who hasn't even shown up in the japanese anime yet is from this village and even wears the same headband, but his techniques and description of the villages practices are soo far different from anything seen here, its hard to beleive they could be from the same place. (skip this sentence to avoid a name spoiler) Then again I doubt anyone alive could use half of Kakuzu's techniques and its been some time since he left, seriously.(end of small spoiler)

    Anyway as long as you're not expecting manga material and you know its going to be a filler going into the special you'll be pleasantly surprised. It has more action than the first OVA and a better story than the third.moreless
  • commerical made it look good

    this was one boring Naruto speical i didnt really like it. it had a bad storyline it was just bad. it was also boring. it also felt very slow like the action it wasnt good at all it was just boring i hope they never show another speical like that again

    AWSOME!! OAV just what I exspected of Naruto I loved the fight scenes I exspecially love the beggining of the episode when Naruto was announcing the OAV then there was the part where Naruto stepped in the dog p**p LOL. And the part when Naruto was swinging on the vine then it snapped Naruto always makes me laugh Sakura as usual didn't help much Sasuke also as usual being the cool guy he is. Kakashi of course was reading his Icha Icha paradise book in the beggining. I can't wait to see more naruto OAV's CHA! bring on the OAV's.moreless

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